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  1. This is something that may be done during the summer. Usually when the school is open the maps would reflect the trippers
  2. Roof A/C, backup camera, sliding rear doors, different seats, and different seating layout to name a few cosmetic changes.
  3. For what? That's what the 61xx/6xxx and 54/5xx are for.
  4. Some of the MCI CTs and the Prevosts have the counters.
  5. Had a M7 driver get mad at me for the same thing
  6. 8852 and company were running around also
  7. It happens but not as much as the local bus. Some drivers just don't want to be bothered. I had a kid try to board a BM1 using the old school "can I can a ride", and the driver wasn't having it.
  8. Let's not get crazy here. Those cameras on the buses are not some facial recognition cameras. Those are primarily there for security and transit only pulls footage in case of an incident.
  9. But unlike LIRR and MNRR, the average subway rider doesn't have the luxury of working from home.
  10. 2021 you may start seeing them get scrapped. The oldest bus is from 2008.
  11. A true shame for us in the East Flatbush, Flatbush area considering the B46 and B41 are Zoo's on wheels...
  12. Cause now the money spent running the train is running the bus.
  13. The reason for the route being almost 100 percent New Flyer might have something to do with back then some time ago when a guy smashed the drivers window on a bus. They kept buses with cameras on the route for this reason and it seems to this day it continues.
  14. Because it is a hybrid depot (atleast for now)
  15. Pretty soon you won't see SBS schemed buses entirely lol
  16. It's the same screens all the 2018-2019 XD40s and current XDE40s have.
  17. Queens village just got the 2019 LFS though..
  18. It looks like the new XDE40s come with the doors similar to 5311 (can't tell though)
  19. In no way directed towards you, but this is the biggest crock of shit regarding the B15 I've ever read. The route is still garbage lol
  20. And here lies one of the many things wrong with the MTA. They like to bombard people with information instead of keeping it concise.
  21. That may be so, but metrocards tend to get screwed up after heavy use or even the wrong farebox may damage the card.
  22. Sounds like the machine read the card as an invalid card.

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