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Staten Island roads of yesteryear

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I have a treat for you fellow Staten Islanders here on the forums. Below, is a set of photographs that I have of certain roads on the island. These range from the late 1930s to the late 1970s. Enjoy them.


The first photograph shows the intersection of Forest Avenue and Richmond Avenue. Was a rather quiet intersection back in the day, and only one traffic signal was suspended at the intersection. 1940s.




This second photograph is rather a close-up of the same intersection. Just from a different view, though. The two-section traffic signal is more visible in this photograph as well. Circa 1938.





Hylan Boulevard and Old Town Rd./Quintard Street. Late 1950s. Completely unrecognizable nowadays.





Page Avenue and Amboy Road. Late 1950s. If you were to stay on Page Avenue, the road would soon take you to the Outerbridge Crossing.




An old article from the Staten Island Advance. From January of 1976. The photograph shows South Avenue back in the day, which was mainly a quiet road at the time. The article discusses its future, not to mention the mention of the newly constructed (then) West Shore Expressway.




This is Richmond Avenue near Victory Blvd. A lot of road construction was present at the time. Late 1970s.




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Damn judging from those photos, I much rather have those roads then our current roads in SI.


That is understandable. Prior to the construction of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, most of Staten Island's roads (including major roads) were like rural roads. Consider Richmond Avenue as an example. Richmond Avenue was mainly a two-lane road for a long period of time. It wasn't until the early 1970s, though, that one section (that travels through the mall and shopping plazas) was widened.

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The picture of Hylan Boulevard and Quintard Street (Old Town Road) has on the left the Academy of St. Dorothy and the trees still have the buildings obscured today. On the right there is a building that is almost with a v type roof and I think that it is still there.


Thanks, the pictures are great and if my memory serves me correctly, the Flxible in the picture of Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard was a 5700 that was transferred from the Flushing depot (Casey Stengel today) along with 4456-4463 new look about the same time in the mid 1970's. I remember riding them on the Q/44VP and the S/7 even though they were not supposed to be used on the bridge.

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There was going to be an amusement park in SI, interesting


That was like the NASCAR proposal on Staten Island of its day.


Interestingly enough, though, Staten Island was once home to numerous attractions in Midland Beach. Midland Beach was once like Seaside Heights in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I wasn't born to see them, but everything is long gone nowadays. There are numerous photographs of Midland Beach from that particular era on the internet, and one would be surprised how everything once appeared as. 

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Thanks for sharing these. I'm always interested in seeing the old Staten Island. Keep posting more, please!

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River Road in the Bloomfield section of Staten Island. With the former Con Edison railroad (now used by the city's Sanitation department) and 230 K.V. Goethals-Linden line. Staten Island, New York. May, 1973. The background is the general area of where the West Shore Expressway would be located in later years.




At the corner of Fairbanks Avenue and Brook Avenue. May, 1973. In the Oakwood section of Staten Island. Near Hylan Boulevard. This new neighborhood was just constructed at the time this photograph was taken, so everything was brand new here. Note that Fairbanks Avenue and Brook Avenue no longer meet each other as of present day.



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Below, is an older set that I have. 1930s to 1960s.


At Victory Blvd. and Clove Rd. Mid 1950s.




Not exactly a clear photograph, but this is the intersection of Bay Street and Stuyvesant Place in the St. George section of Staten Island. 1940s. Borough Hall is in the background.




The original St. George ferry terminal. Circa 1966.




At the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Amboy Road. Eltingeville, Staten Island. 1930s. Quite unrecognizable today.




At Port Richmond Avenue and Richmond Terrace. Late 1930s.




At Amboy Road/Brown Avenue/Giffords Lane. 1930s.




At the corner of Richmond Avenue and Arthur Kill Road. Once again, quite unrecognizable as of present day. Here's a little interesting fact: N.Y. 440 originally began right after this intersection on Staten Island before it was relocated in the 1970s.




Forest Avenue. Near the Goethals Bridge. 1950s. This is the general area of where the movie theatre and Home Depot are today.




At the corner of Post Avenue and Jewett Avenue. With a lovely Ruleta traffic signal at the corner. 1955.



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