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R46 G Via Brighton

Brighton Local

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Pulling into Stillwell tonight on the Q; noticing 1 track is cleared and with green over green signal being displayed... I knew that wasnt for an N train , bc the N obviously arrives into Stillwell from the North. I figured something was coming through via Brighton over to 1 track....

Sure enough, look what came out of it :






Extremely surprised to catch this....


and I was just at Brighton Beach 5 mins prior to that, i wouldve caught an extremely rare moment for the Brighton line... Last time there was an R46 On Brighton was I belive after 9-11 when the Q was using R train equipment, bc the Q Local was extended from 57 St / 7 Av to Forest Hills-71 AV via Queens Blvd Lcl.

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haha yah man! lol... I have no idea if it was in service tho... If it wasnt , i Assume it came from Jamaica Yard, and ran light via Queens Blvd / 63rd St ( 60th St is closed off to Queens Blvd), Bdwy and / or 6 Av , via North side of Manny B then Brighton if via 6 Av, OR went via Bdwy to South Side Manny B, or via Montague... Right after it left Stillwell it proceeded right for coney island yard...


Prob just a yard move to make it an F for the AM Rush...

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