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D Train via Culver Line


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I was shooting photos on the Brooklyn Bridge at night and ended up at Jay Street – MetroTech patiently waiting for an (F) when the (D) pulled into view on my camera.


(D) Train Arriving at Jay Street – MetroTech by Kevin Li



(D) Train at Church Avenue by Kevin Li



This train ended up skipping all the local stops from 7 Avenue to Kings Highway and then shlept all the way to Avenue X where it went into the yard, pissing everyone off (including MTA employees on board the train).

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I bet there was an F right behind!

Indeed there was since the (D) dwelled at each station for so long to make announcements for — excuse me — stupid customers there was always an (F) on our tail even though we skipped so many local stations. I could see the conductor was losing her patience, because at once station she quipped, "did you not hear what I just said?" to a confused passenger with a foot in the door and a foot on the platform. I told him, "if you don't know, get off the train and wait for one you're familiar with. This train is late and can't answer everyone's questions."

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