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Commuting photos from Sept.6,'08


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Backwards RFW of Main Street



7 train @ Willets Pt



See if you can spot the R62A in this pic



F train was running local since the Ridiculous R took too long to come and the MTA does something about it for once...


That is all, enjoy your day everyone!

i might be goin down to city hall today so if i feel like bringing my camera i might get more lol

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Nice pics, why would the (F) be running on the (R)?


Looks like woodhaven Blvd station. I guess since there was a dely between, Roosevelt ave and 71st street, they had to have the (F) make the local stops, to prevent more delays, just like every train in the system


nice shots btw

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thanks everyone!


and curake is right bout the GO, but that particular F train did not switch over to the express track @ roosevelt ave, the R train was taking too long to come so they made that F local to provide local service that F train ran local to continental i would assume (i got off @ woodhaven has the pic shows)

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