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George Zimmerman Calls President Obama An 'Ignorant Baboon'

BM5 via Woodhaven

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George Zimmerman, the Florida man who shot and killed an unarmed black teen in 2012 but was acquitted of second-degree murder charges, took to social media this week to call President Barack Obama an "ignorant baboon. Zimmerman made the comment in a series of tweets posted on Wednesday and Thursday while referencing the shooting deaths of two journalists on live television. In one, Zimmerman quoted the president's remarks on gun violence while also insulting him:


Earlier this year, Zimmerman complained that Obama had turned Americans against him, referring specifically to when the president said in 2012, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

Obama was referring to Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old slain by Zimmerman earlier that year.  

On Thursday, Zimmerman tweeted an image purported to be of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old whose shooting by police in 2014 triggered unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, along with a photo of Vester Lee Flanagan, who shot and killed the two journalists on Wednesday: 


Zimmerman, who most recently made headlines by selling prints of a Confederate Flag painting to benefit a "Muslim-free" gun store, even posted what appeared to be a not-so-veiled reference to Martin, calling the deceased teen a "moron." And just to top it off, Zimmerman tweeted an image of himself at a pool with a cigar in his mouth:


Zimmerman has been arrested a number of times since his acquittal. Earlier this year, he was charged with aggravated assault, but the case was later dropped when his ex-girlfriend stopped cooperating with authorities.

Zimmerman's acquittal in the Martin case helped spawn the Black Lives Matter movement, a call for social justice and racial equality marked by demonstrations around the country



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If he was truly "white", he would've been convicted, I can assure you of that because the only racism that exists is white on black. I thought it was cute how Zimmerman's father went out on a limb to proclaim that George was a minority since he was Latino even though the father was a white Jew and there were even reports that Zimmerman's Latino (Peruvian) side of the family has black in them, but that all went out of the window once he got off.  He did all of that to say hey my son is Latino and even has black in him so how in the world could he hate black people? lol This is clearly an example of how ethnicity and race was used in this case to get him off and how the media played on the whole thing to make it out to be a "white on black crime" by yelling that guy is a "white Latino" or omitting Latino entirely from reports since his last name is Jewish LOL. 


For a while there was even a discussion about how Latinos were "moving up the ladder" being considered as "white", even though a sizable portion of Latinos can be of ANY RACE or mixture of races since Latino is just an ethnicity. Couldn't be any further from the truth.  Now that the Zimmerman trial is over, Latinos are still grouped together with blacks as minorities, so it's still the "blacks" and the "browns" just like the old days.  :lol: It made for good press though that's for sure.




Zimmerman showed his true colors as the disgusting human being he truly is the second he wrote that racist slur about Obama.

lol... He showed it wayyy before that.  Having been a juror, I can tell you that he got away with murder and he knew it, and there wasn't a thing that the jury could do about it since the prosecution didn't want to convict him and the evidence was iffy at best.  The case I was on had a guy that likely committed insurance fraud, but the prosecution did such a HORRIBLE job presenting their case that there was no way that I was going to vote to convict the guy solely on hearsay or circumstantial evidence.

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