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N53 Bus Timetable

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File Name: N53 Bus Timetable

File Submitter: BM5 via Woodhaven

File Submitted: 06 Feb 2016

File Category: Times tables





This is a former N53 bus timetable, before being discontinued on June 27, 2010. It ran during AM and PM peak hours.




Click here to download this file

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That's true, but the support topic automatically is posted to the NYC Bus forum I believe, depending if it's a subway, rail, or bus file.


There is actually a specific forum for NICE, which is seperate from the MTA forums.


I'd leave it here anyway since the schedule is from Long Island Bus times and Long Island Bus was ran by the MTA. Same for the other thread.



I agree that anything pre-2012 can be posted in this forum, but anything else should be posted in the NICE forum.

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The n53.is like the n14 the probability of it to be revived is 5% chance since these routes (as well as the n62) were LIRR feeder routes to the specific epicentre of the station and village it serves


As for it to be in nice forums, ..since the n53 existed before the succession of NICE from the MTA it would clearly be at the level of MTA Long Island Bus Therefore part of the MTA area threads

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