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Were you on the (6) at 2:45 PM [14TH STREET - UNION SQ]

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A sick customer held up another (6) train ahead of us for over 15 minutes and they even refused to eject us at the above station, displacing those who intended to Xfer to the (L) or Gramercy Park above.


Sick customers seem to dominate the manifest of preventable delay symptoms, and largely the rider exhibits poor judgment until it compromises their health more severely, which also compromises commutes.


The position of our train made us incapable of being rerouted to the EXP track like the several (6) trains behind us were. I suggested jokingly we dock to the disabled train like a space station to provide egress to distressed customers, and when they heard that they were not able to disembark, some became livid.


Of course, I needed to Xfer to the (N) or (Q), so I left the Astor Place (6) station and walked behind Walgreen's to the entrance of nearby 8th Street - NYU (N)(R) station [DOWNTOWN & BKLYN]. I made it to Pacific Street by 3:15 PM.


Having an unlimited may be costly, but you can add ingenuity to your commute when you need it most.


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The point of the topic I assume was to tell his experience of what happen during his/her delays. I could have sworn we had threads regarding these types of stories somewhere.

This is the appropriate thread for such things.


From now on, use this thread(click here), instead of making unnecessary topics.


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