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A bus that wasnt expected to been seen in the Bronx....


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For a minute i though it was A Gun Hill Depot Orion OBI Bus. untill it had a Castleton Depot running under by Staten Island



The renew Nova bus i dont know what depot is from?



This one is straight from Casey Steingel Depot in Queens. It must run under by Q44 till the driver lost his way and wind up at Southern Boulevard and going straight to West Farms Road back to Carona in Queens.


Oh and forgive me cuz the sidekick 3 pixel suck ass even on the cloudy day. opefully i get back my sidekick lx so i can get the ball rolling.

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i guess since the new orions are on SI, these buses are being transfered to west farms, was that a Bx19? and did it had passangers, i cant see well


Oh my bad. That Orion bus in the 1st pic doeant have any passenger and says "NOT IN SERVICE". But since is seen that

Staten Island Bus that's says Castleton Depot I though it will say "Training Bus". But it didn't.

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