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Might go On Railfan Trip Tomrrow the 11/8/2008

Daniel The Cool

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Thats right I might go on a railfan trip on the (D),(N) and (Q) trains. Does anyone knows what stations I can do on those lines and I'm trying to get photos of the R68/R68As on the (N) and (Q) until they are completly gone so does anyone have any stations suggestions?

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I've never been on the West End except once when I was 5, and I've only been on the Sea Beach line three times. So here's my best shot...


Ocean Parkway

West 8th

Coney Island

Any Brighton Express station

9th Avenue

The station where you transfer from the (D) to the (N)


EDIT - I just realized you're probably back from the trip but I guess these would be good stations for future trips.

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