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Ending the Year in The Bahamas (Serious 56K Warning)

R62A 1991

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Hello all. I'm still here in the Bahamas as I write. I'll be returning on Thursday, but in the meantime, I took LOADS of photos here. For all who long for warm weather, come and buy an island here; my family tells me there are still at least 500 that aren't inhabited. In the meantime, how about those photos?


A key element to the Bahamas is the sea. And, where I was staying, it was a 1 minute walk away.


This is the house I visited, my grandmother & grandfather still live here after quite a lot of decades.


This is the public dock on site, the angle is from a bicycle.


This is the police marching band, the 2nd night I came. This was the biggest Christmas celebration the island (named Abaco) has ever seen. It was AMAZING!


This is the only traffic light on the island, located in the busiest settlement, named Marsh Harbour.


Gas station, locally owned.


Welcome to the Southside, located behind the house I stayed in. This public road leads to a small dock, and is perfect for cross-country running or biking training.


A lone boat in the sea @ the Southside.


Welcome to the harbor of Treasure Cay, where another of my family works on the Marina. This leads to great pictures of the resort for FREE!




Sand! I couldn't stay, because they wanted me to buy food.


That's me, next to the Bed, Bath & Between store...that's funny...


I took a LONG trip about 30 miles to this place, named Cherokee Sound. It had a beautiful dock and beach here. Beautiful.



This next place was an expensive beach, but we managed to get photos:


Here's the sea from 20 feet up:



And finally, more boats @ Marsh Harbour:




And yours truly:


Hope you enjoyed this photo essay. Come visit us sometime! See you guys in New York in two days!!


Aliandro Brathwaite

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Yup, it's snowing in NYC, while you're away at a nice warm place.



Wonderful Shots! Hope you enjoy your trip!


I saw the weather...you guys did get some snow while I was gone. Thanks! I sure did, and I'm ready to come back.


Nice photos!




Great pix, and I'd buy an Island and get the R-44 and R-46 to operate there as local transportation, :P!


Thanks! Sure, just make sure people will use it over here!


Excellent picture.

I saw few places on Global Trekker I think. Not sure if it was Bahama or some city/village in Central America.

One of Japanese who teaches school in Bahama told me you could use US Money in Bahama and bus are worst.


Thanks! And, yes, you can use American Money over here and have it on par. No buses where I was staying though, had to get around by car.


Excellent pics Ali....glad you had fun!

Thanks! I'm taking some of you guys next time.


Lucky you, it is nice and warm where you are, but it is freezing where I am!


I'm about to find out as soon as I get in today.


Thanks everyone, and Happy New Year.

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