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I feel great!


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Well, yesterday (Saturday), I went rail fanning, as I do every Saturdays as a special.


So I'm at Queens, IRT (7) Main street, taking shots, when I took a shot of the C/R cab. A worker comes behind me, and tells me:


"You cant take shots of the cab". People were looking


And I said, " Its allowed" . He says: As a matter a fact you cant take any pictures of any part of the train, we dont want people knowing how to use the controls (Im like wtf?)


I stay quiet and take out my SPECIAL "MTA RULES OF CONDUCT"


he says: Whats this?


I says: Its the rules, just in case im stopped by a T/A worker or NYPD.


I fire up the page [1050.9]


he reads. Like 10 times lol


I say to him: I know its cuz of terrorism, but its allowed, im also becomding a conductor as well as i took the test..


He says: Hmm 1050.9 while taking a pen out.


He says, its ok go right a head, Thanks tho for showing me , didnt know tho.


I say your welcome :)


man i felt good, cuz hes the FIRST T/A worker to not t disrespect me, unlike most T/A / NYPD personals


Thats why if you are Rail fanning with pictures! TAKE THE CONDUCT WITH YOU!!!



# Photography, filming or video recording in any facility or conveyance is permitted except that ancillary equipment such as lights, reflectors or tripods may not be used. Members of the press holding valid identification issued by the New York City Police Department are hereby authorized to use necessary ancillary equipment. All photographic activity must be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Part.


Otherwise a copper/TA Worker may force you to remove pictures, get arrested, or something worst..




All information i said was almost accurate, cant remember much.


BTW the worker was very calm, and i respect that!


Also comment on My LATEST IRT Shots for Jan 17:




MaBSTOA/B46 in Bronx shot, JAN 17:



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Good job showing the conduct, I can't believe some transit personnel don't even know that's allowed. Two big thumbs up to you!


yeah, some denied, like the last time with an NYPD at BMTS west end 9th ave, he denied seeing the conduct and just left me alone...



btw thanks guys!

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Good job showing the conduct, I can't believe some transit personnel don't even know that's allowed. Two big thumbs up to you!


I liked the way how he used persuasion to get around that block. What I mean is, he said that he wanted to become a C/R and he wanted to learn the controls. That was pretty effective.

But showing the conduct book is the greatest thing.

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The conduct page prints out as a page branded only by the NYCT logo and (MTA) website.


Or, should I print this?





I would print the (MTA) Version, seeing it contains a URL and the logo


printing a diffrent one with same thing will most lily wont work


and dont ONLY print 1050.9 print everything, for a offical proof~

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Great job Mark, you did an A++ job of showing the Rules of Conduct and using more effective words, sometimes I just hope I was in the last car's full-width cab so I can do as much as I want if the T/O, C/R doesn't end up finding out, need just few though.

"Nobody's autorized to be in that cab except the lousy motorman"


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There are those who work for TA that don't want any outsiders interracting with TA equipment in any fashion. Can you imagine a porter yelling at a kid for picking up a mop that fell down? Or a contractor tellng someone not to hold the subway door open even if it's for someone with you? A few people seem to get possessive of the system. But Mark had the Bible with him. "Thou Shall allow me to take pics!"


Good one Mark B)

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