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Some FSX Screenshots at KMIA with an Orbit Airlines Boeing 737-800 3/1/2009

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Well, over the weekend I finally purchased a simulator that I've been dying to get for the longest now, but because my old computer didn't meet the proper specs (disk drives were shot too), so since I got me a new toy abit ago (gotz me a new laptop y0), I can play the game now.


I know this is abit off topic because its neither a train nor bus simulator, but since it is a simulator it is close enough.


Anyways, I was actually trying to do a flight to SJU (San Juan, PR), but because I had to go do something I had to cut it short. I did take these screenshots from Miami International Airport on my take off. The plane I used was a Boeing 737-800 for Orbit Airlines (not a real airline, it is a Flight Simulator X default airline).





Pushback from Gate A8



On My Way to the Runway for Takeoff (forgot which runway)



Passing by one of the Terminals at MIA



Cleared for Takeoff



I know I know, I should've had the landing gear up by now but instructions from Tower come first :) (yeah, thats no excuse either)





For all you aviation fans, this game is a MUST GET!

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You'll become addicted to FS sooner or later. Too bad its no longer in development. ;)


Once you get a hang of flying around, try putting some add-ons in the game and/or flying online. Here's some tips:


-When you rotate the plane (that's when the plane goes up and leaves the runway), you want to retract those gears as soon as you know your plane is going up. In RL, too much speed can destroy those gears. Also, you want to retract the flaps to 1. (I do it, until I reach 2000ft above ground level or the speed reaches a point in which I should retract it to 0.)


-The runway # is on the runway itself you know. It's also the heading you are pointing to when you're taking off. (So 03L would mean that you're facing 030 and on the left runway out of the set. There's center and right runways at some airports)


But you'll get used to it. Nice shots!

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