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Original Assignments


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On what lines did the R38, the R40S, R40M, R42, and R68 first operate?


R-38's First Day August 23, 1966 on both the (E) and (F).


R-40 Slants: March 23, 1968 on the (F).


R-40M : March 6, 1969 on the (F).


R-42: May 9, 1969 on the (N) in a mixed train with R-32's and R-40M's


R-68: April 13, 1986 on the (D).


The first sets of R68 cars I remember, were on the (D) line in 1986, just before the first Manny-B closure. They kept adding R68 cars to the Brooklyn portion on the (D) line, then later on the (Q6) line.


The Slant R40's were on the (F) line first, then went all over the place, in particular the (A) line in the late 70's and early 80's, then the (:) line before and after the 1988 GOH program, then some on the (L) line from 1993/94 to 2001, and again on the (B) line from Feb. 2004 to Feb. 2009, and now on the (A) line.


The R38's AFAIK were on the old (AA) line in their early days then some went to CI on the (B) line, but I don't know what line exclusively when they first appeared in 1966.



Old R42 assignments:

4550-4593: (N)

4594-4693: (A),(AA),(B)

4694:4807: (D) (also had a (CC) sign)

4808:4849: (RR)

4850-4879: (QJ) (also had (QB) sign)

4880-4923: (KK),(LL),(M)

4924-4949: (E),(F) (eventually transferred to Eastern Div)


No R42 on the "EE" or "GG", they used R40M there.



AFAIK the R-38s were supposed to be initially assigned to the (D), but when R-1/9s at Jamaica Yard began dropping like flies that summer, the R-38s were pressed into service on the (E) and (F) lines. They would remain there until the slants began to appear.


R-38's then on the property being placed in service ahead of time. It was the summer of the Great IND Equiptment Meltdown at Jamaica Yard. There were 20 R-38's available and they were pressed into service. 32 R-16's were sent over to the (GG) and lo and behold the Mighty Standards were pulled from teh scrapline and returned to service.


I rode the R-38's the very next day that they were in service.

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Wonderful Info! Did the R38s perform better both aesthetically and technically than the R32s back then?


honestly, i think every subway car in the system sucked back then. remember, during the 1970s and 80s, you would avoid the subway all together if you did not wanted to die.

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I wish I was born or became so interested in trains when these cars were in service.


My mom said that the older trains were very loud (up to a point where you would have a headache) and smelled awful (a little similar to today's trains).

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I actually meant the 60s when system was completely clean. Also, the last of the 60' ft SMEEs came out in the 60s, not the 70s.


St. Louis really sucked at building stainless steel cars, so i am pretty sure the R38s-R42s were not as successful and people wanted. the R32s were well-liked by everyone


how come they dont use the r68's on the a lines?


R68/68As may go on the (A)(C) when the R160 order is fully completed and all R32s-R42s retire.

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