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  1. Nah probably just someone that cant write properly and obsesses over one thing (remember depotofrelax?)
  2. Might want to work on punctuation, sentence structure, and facts there bud.
  3. Al Putre did a press conference today. He confirmed that the Brooklyn IRT rollout would finish and QBL "begins" this month. No new info was provided.
  4. This is a good time to do the work with lower ridership
  5. You mean places like yards/layup tracks? Or for diverging moves over switches?
  6. The thread has been dormant for a few months. Any news or observations on timer adjustments/speed increases from anyone who is still using the trains?
  7. The Queens Blvd line indicator on the map doesnt go all the way to Forest Hills. More like Grand Ave or Woodhaven Blvd Though that could be an error.
  8. I think the speed over the W4 switches is slower than the 47-50 switch to the 63rd st line. So it makes more sense to merge/diverge with the F there instead of W4, one less diverging move.
  9. Not that it can be called a true Fastrack with the nightly system shutdowns, bu there is a 4th Ave Fastrack south of 36th St for the next 3 weeks. After 1130 PM no trains running and trains run via West End with a 8 Ave-Coney Island shuttle. Also the weekends of 7/18 and 7/25 the is running via 6 Ave Express between Dekalb and 47/50 then via the to Lex/63rd.
  10. Dont remember the cause, I dont think it got stuck like the true diesel work trains do because it moved to the yard under its own power
  11. Sometimes a work train is just an OOS passenger train. There was an incident earlier this year where a broken down "work train" in the 60th st tube caused extensive delays on Broadway. When my train was held to allow the train to enter city hall lower level yard, I saw the "work train" was an OOS R46 train.
  12. There will be a physical OMNY card available. No one will be forced to use a contactless bank card or smartphone. Such card could be loaded online or with cash/debit/credit when rplacement vending machines and retail networks are rolled out. It will not be necessary to have an online account either. Look at how London's Oyster network is set up, ours will be almost exactly the same, but with no exit fare or capping. That's how I read it too at first but your point makes more sense. Some other transit agencies currently allow for their card to be set up in Google and/or Apple pay.
  13. Edit: found the answer to my original question. New question: But how do external doors stop people from leaning on them? When I was riding London's Central Line on vacation, their 1992 stock has external doors (all trains produced since then do). The doors on that specific stock are hooked up to a sensor and when people lean on them, the train jerks and cuts traction power while leaving a station until the person stops leaning. Judging by how often this happened, I wouldnt say that people lean less on exterior doors.
  14. Good thing CBTC allows for bidirectional running on the HPA to QBP segment. But isnt there a crossover before QBP that will allow trains to not have to run express from 74th? Unless the incident is fouling the crossover or the power is cut I guess.
  15. I think the use case was going to be those who wanted a digital only card. Again given that contactless credit and debit cards will later be able to be linked to an OMNY account, the digital only card doesnt make sense Speaking from experience, the digital card wouldnt offer any advantage to transit benefit users like myself. The future accomodations for transit benefits will probably be some combination of the following, based on other transit agencies' setups (in my opinion) 1. Direct administrator load to OMNY account, with the user possibly having to get an OMNY card if they want one. Remember that registered users will have balances and products in an account, not (just) a card. (Like PATH, DC Metro, Chicago) 2. Use of existing TB debit cards to load accounts online (like Easypay Metrocard but better) or at a vending machine 3. Contactless TB debit cards that can be associated with an OMNY account or used for pay per ride, both scenarios the card is used directly at OMNY readers 4. (Unlikely) distribution of OMNY cards by the administrator that come loaded with value or time, much like today's metrocards.
  16. The potential overlap is limited to potential sharing of the 8 car 160s between the and . Does the currently have any ENY based 160s?
  17. There is a good amount of info in this month's capital program committee book One tidbit is that there will no longer be a virtual OMNY card (one that can be loaded into Apple or Google Pay and used in lieu of a physical OMNY card or other payment card). I wonder if that feature would have been used much anyway given contactless and mobile wallet (credit/debit) capabilities. Also the fact that a time based pass will be able to be accessed with any payment instrument linked to an OMNY account https://new.mta.info/document/17896
  18. For those of you that follow the NYCT Twitter and know about their follower CLINTON, he's getting more famous lol
  19. Part of solving Roosevelt is not just the dwell times, but the STs (or CBTC equivalent). Those are still a problem, even after the interlocking/station was resignalled a few years ago
  20. Since when has Jackson Heights Roosevelt Ave had OMNY? Smart move to install it there IMO with the hospital nearby. On a side note the rollout suspension note appears to have been removed from the OMNY site. With service and construction slowly coming back, I wonder if/when/how installation will resume.
  21. June 6-7, the is single tracking across the Williamsburg bridge and runs every 24 mins. Usually work on the bridge results in buses.
  22. I've been on those S stock trains and they are great on the inside. Their traction motors are very loud but thats about it. They even have selective door operation for short platforms.
  23. Trial terminal closures to kick off the homeless?
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