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  1. The rollout page layout has been updated so that each line has a line map with an icon showing where OMNY is active. I have a feeling the next batch of stations will be announced in the next couple of days https://omny.info/system-rollout
  2. Not sure tbh. They currently dont take metrocard, only train tickets IINM
  3. Looking back at a Jan 7 press release, Airtrain and PATH ("affiliates") will be supported by the end of 2022
  4. The also has announcements out of sync when running on QBL local.
  5. @RR503 have any of the STs at Roosevelt been fixed or modified? and trains seem to be moving better in that area during the AM rush recently.
  6. Caught 4828 on the at Canal this morning. Same set I got 2 days ago on the (J). Pic taken 10 minutes ago toward Broad
  7. One guy on twitter constantly asks them about where the R179s are at certain times of the day, I dont blame them for ignoring questions about certain car types
  8. The queens blvd transponders are bigger and bulkier than those on the 7. They appear to be covered by default, as they were installed a couple of years ago already.
  9. I just got off at Broad. The train should be currently heading back uptown. If i get an r42 tomorrow i will report back
  10. Can confirm, I am currently on 4826 on the there was also a service alert sent this morning, despite the appearing to run There is reduced J train service during the morning rush while we evaluate a mechanical issue that may affect J and Z trains. J trains will make all local stops and run approximately every 7 minutes, compared to every 5 minutes in the standard schedule. Z trains are not running. Expect longer wait times and crowding.
  11. @RR503 your posts on here are pure gold. Thanks for the additional info, it adds a lot of needed context to the report.
  12. Today I was at 2 separate stations where the turnstile bank had at least one reader with a malfunctioning screen. Very unlikely due to vandalism. I purposely tried them to see what would happen Fortunately the NFC and blue/green/red corner lights still worked properly and the taps worked the first time. I wonder why a screen was chosen as opposed to a dot matrix like we have now, especially considering the screen only shows reader status and a go no go tap result. Its just another point of failure to account for
  13. CBTC testing is currently going on as I write this post on the QBL express between Forest Hills and presumably Jackson Heights. Both directions I saw test trains running at full speed, employees were at the front with laptops and other equipment. One was a 10 car train the other a 5 car train IIRC. This testing is what is causing the full local service GO.
  14. That will be an improvement, the Q58 has been bunching more than usual after the move to Grand Ave. On a different note, how well are B/Os trained on queue jump signals? The Q53 ops dont always go on a white bar light while thru traffic has a red, even when it is safe to do so (which is most of the time).
  15. The got stuck in the 60th st tube behind the delayed and trains, I was on one at the start of this. Lawrence st is right, the train was only affected due to workers on the track and wasnt having CBTC problems. Did any or trains get rerouted to Forest Hills?
  16. I saw a reader being troubleshooted at Whitehall a few minutes ago. The brains look like they are located in the skinny side parts of the turnstiles that separate each lane , above gate arm level.
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