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  1. I don't think it'll look as good if I resize it. I'll try though Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app I gotchu Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  2. They will have to be shortened, so instead of Marine Park-Kings Plaza, it'll just say Kings Plaza Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  3. It's not a rude comment, but once again, we don't just do this. We have other things to do in life. Javier should get to those when he gets the time to do it
  4. They will be done in due time. I just got back into sign making
  5. Update: The and has been completed to Coney Island and 95 St respectively This is my last post on here due to lack of posts. All posts from here on out will be on bdcprojects.com
  6. Well sorry if we don't work on your schedule. We have lives outside of this you know. If things don't get done when you want them, be patient, or request it elsewhere. Just saying
  7. SureI can help take the NTT exterior request load off of you
  8. It's been a while! Operating the and using the R32 GE
  9. It'll be best that Javier does the signs for now. School is back in session, so I can't be more focused on signs right now.
  10. Accepted. Now that Javier is back making signs, if it's cool with him, him and I will work together in getting your signs done. Reason being: I need to redo some of my R142/A signs. I will be doing R143/160 signs and most R142/A signs for now

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