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  1. Yeah, back in the day, they had like 500 or so RTS's. There are about 300 MCIs on SI as well.
  2. You know, I don't know much about this story, but it seems to me that this guy is serial killer.
  3. That is kinda starting to happen now. Look at all the former TA RTS's and Orion Vs at bus company.
  4. Not sure, but this bus sure don't have it under the hood.
  5. Damn, to think 5 years ago, that was like all they had. Just like Nassau county.
  6. How many Orion Vs remain on the island?
  7. Maybe the MTA is finally deciding to get rid of the 9/11/2001 flags? I believe NICE is doing this as well.
  8. Actually, back in 2002-2003, JG also had 1993 TMC RTS's #8513-8566 and 1994-1995 Orion V CNGs # 317, and #581-610.
  9. Yep, they don't want a repeat of this....

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