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  1. to make 11-car sets for IND stations that are long enough...
  2. Has anyone noticed the new construction near the SBS Machines at B82 SBS stop locations between Flatbush and Remens Aves?
  3. Dam it is too late for the MTA to add more B-cars to this order to make the 's fleet of R179 5 car sets instead of 4 cars sets we have now?
  4. But its not..... this is... Honestly that may be true... however, most of the recent replies to this thread is more about CBTC than R179 car related information so much so anyone reviewing the thread can easily think they were in the CBTC thread which funny enough.. don't get as much replies as this thread... Maybe someone needs to make a new Thread MTA Subway Operations: Fleet & Depots to discuss current and possible car assignments and fleet swaps... Although that might not be a solution given certain members just post replies anywhere...
  5. It doesn't matter how much XD40s UP gets the B6 still run like s***😬 right now at 11:30 pm there are four buses at Ashford and Livonia smfh...
  6. I don't believe everything I see on Youtube but can someone confirm this information... "UPDATE: Fleet numbers just changed. The XE60s (ALL 15 expected to arrive soon) will now be numbered 1110-1124 and no longer 4950-4964." found in the comment section of this video...
  7. "MTA vows to scrap all of its old diesel buses by early May" https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-buses-brooklyn-rts-scrap-diesel-20190322-gnicunimtndgxiwnpjyrrzkxhy-story.html Yea IDK about all that but, when will get there we all see...
  8. I only have one question " Where is the letter Z? "...🤔
  9. But one line tho... "Ben Kabak, of Second Avenue Sagas, said it would be much more fruitful to explore adding R service during rush hours or extending the J train down from lower Manhattan." Anyways, since Cuomo worked his magic...I don't think the MTA is in any rush to extend or improve anything right now... we just got wait and see...
  10. Really?🤔the article had more to do with cutting the in two than exploring any possiblity of extending the because the have a surplus of 8car R179.... Side note: The MTA has been upgrading the Switches between Ditmas Ave and 18 Ave...Could be one of the reasons they ain't ready to out right push additional cars to the
  11. I found this via Subchat's Buschat...https://new.mta.info/sites/default/files/2019-02/Bronx Bus Network Redesign Presentation_02.06.19.pdf I got to say after the redesign of the Staten Island Express Bus Network, I was skeptical about all the other future redesign. However, after reviewing this Document, it seems as if they're putting more effort into correctly implementing changes of this magnitude... I'm somewhat eager to see what they come with...🤔
  12. C. Get more B cars to make the current 4-car sets on the 5-car sets...😎 pipe dreams in the sky... Nah..just observing the chaotic decision making of the MTA , they're more likely to chose D. Just wait until the no longer needs them and then give them to because they have no other choice if and only if the don't need them for some reason in the future...🙄
  13. I'm surprised this got by you this long... I did ask way back when the B35 was just started using artics but never got an answer...😞 plus my comment got thumbs downed for even asking...

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