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  1. JG and FLA have school trips on the B1. #454 and #458 are just regular Gleason trippers on the B1. I'm not sure what route you saw 4240 on, but if that was also on the B1 then it's another school trip and those buses are still at their respective depots.
  2. Just for confirmation purposes, 7550 is on the Bx36 right now. It's still at West Farms.
  3. Kingsbridge to Union Square takes 40-45 mins on average during the height of the AM rush hour (from around 7 to 8 AM). I do know that sometimes past 8:30 trains can end up taking 10-20 minutes between Grand Central and Union Square. I distinctly remember transferring to the from Grand Central one time and we passed 5 trains on the express track down to Union Square.
  4. Adding to that list, 8481 on the Bx33, 6891 on the Bx35, 8056 on the Bx36, and 6862 on the Bx46
  5. Orion VII CNG #145 (ex-#7685) is showing up as #145 now on BusTime
  6. Yeah, it's been done several times before, usually on late nights and sometimes Sunday mornings before 10 AM
  7. I know this is slightly off topic, but I wanted to point out that on the link you shared there's a map of the line and it's one of the maps from after Hurricane Sandy. They also show the to Jamaica Center and no one thought for a second to say, "Wait a minute... doesn't the MTA run trains downtown?"
  8. The XN60s weren't supposed to push out the diesel artics, just retire the Orion CNGs
  9. The LFSA is pretty much on all the other artic routes regularly or will most likely head out to another depot, and #1072 is supposed to go to Jackie Gleason

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