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  1. For anyone who happens to see it on BusTime, 1066 is “running on the Bx32”, but it’s actually 689 making the trip.
  2. On the S89 it's very common, other route it'll happen occasionally. Especially on the school trips
  3. So there's a water main break at Sedgwick and 195th in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx, and Bx3 buses are being rerouted. The MTA website states the reroute as follows: However, lots of drivers aren't following this and are instead just continuing up University Avenue to Reservoir until they get back onto Sedgwick, which is a lot simpler and more direct than whatever the hell the website says.
  4. If not reported, 6097 has been making a few runs on the M15-SBS. Is it a move from MJQ to MCH?
  5. 3258-3267 is currently burn-in testing, we’re close to 4 sets of R179s on the (A)
  6. Just to follow up, 8663 is currently tracking on the Q46. Guess they fixed the GPS issue.
  7. Someone earlier asked for a pic of one of the new updated signs on the 2015 LFS'. Here's a clip of one of the updated signs on LFS #8483 on the Q36 Limited (Timestamp is 2:50 in the video). The LFS' have started getting this update since at least early April.
  8. 8663 is currently doing a run on the M100 so I'm guessing that one went to KB instead

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