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  1. There’s a little indicator near the wheel and the internal turn signals that lights up when someone hits the stop request sign. I’ve spotted it a few times when I’d stand near the front door.
  2. The bulk of the swap occurred at the beginning of the year, before the pandemic started. IIRC, Jamaica had roughly 5 sets of R46s left when the city started shutting down for COVID-19.
  3. You sure about that? #5784 is on the 39 right now, and that's a GH bus.
  4. To whoever was asking before, the Bx99 seems to be an artic route. #1001 and #1050 are the first buses on the route from Woodlawn and SoHo, respectively.
  5. Apparently, in all the confusion, a ended up on the Fulton Street Line bound for Queens. Video by “Metro Railfan” on YT:
  6. 5493 was a loan. It’s back at MJQ and currently running on the M34A SBS.
  7. Not to mention there was something a while back about how they didn’t want to keep those MTABC buses in the SBS scheme just for the Q52/53, and they wanted to put them in the local scheme so they could run on any route if needed (i.e. the buses at JFK showing up on the Q10 and Q7, or the LGA buses showing up on routes like the Q33 and Q49 which have had an artic from the Q53 pop on due to some delays in Jackson Heights on several occasions)
  8. What really intrigues me is that according to Tripplanner the Bx99 starts running on Sunday, August 2nd, since I can plan a trip from Fordham to Houston Street on that date using the Bx99...
  9. They’re doing work along the Line, my guess is that the work is happening between Lex-63rd and 57th Street, which is why they can’t sent trains up there anyway. If that weren’t the case, then there wouldn’t have been a reason to send the to 6th Avenue in the first place...
  10. I’ve been seeing shots of 0023 at Yonkers. Is it currently there or did it go back to the facility in New Jersey again? Also, whats the status on those M99 and Bx99 routes that were mentioned a while back? Just curious, not being pushy.
  11. It’s already on KB’s roster. If I’m not mistake, it’s been at KB for a very long time. Edit: 4369 and a couple other KB buses were in storage for a bit, but they’re still at KB.
  12. It’s on all boroughs: some of the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens routes have them as well. As mentioned earlier, it works with every single bus that has the passenger counters, and every borough has a few buses with those features.
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