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  1. On the S89 it's very common, other route it'll happen occasionally. Especially on the school trips
  2. So there's a water main break at Sedgwick and 195th in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx, and Bx3 buses are being rerouted. The MTA website states the reroute as follows: However, lots of drivers aren't following this and are instead just continuing up University Avenue to Reservoir until they get back onto Sedgwick, which is a lot simpler and more direct than whatever the hell the website says.
  3. If not reported, 6097 has been making a few runs on the M15-SBS. Is it a move from MJQ to MCH?
  4. 3258-3267 is currently burn-in testing, we’re close to 4 sets of R179s on the (A)
  5. Just to follow up, 8663 is currently tracking on the Q46. Guess they fixed the GPS issue.
  6. Someone earlier asked for a pic of one of the new updated signs on the 2015 LFS'. Here's a clip of one of the updated signs on LFS #8483 on the Q36 Limited (Timestamp is 2:50 in the video). The LFS' have started getting this update since at least early April.
  7. 8663 is currently doing a run on the M100 so I'm guessing that one went to KB instead

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