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  1. I got a call, but no link to a survey. Any help? I have to respond by May 26.
  2. Sorry, didn't mean to get anyone's hopes up. My hopes certainly are not up. But I took both exams and mistakenly posted a question here. But I'm not sure where I misinformed anyone. I said that the list won't be established until OPA's are over with. Sounds like a good heads-up to me. I don't expect to be selected for C/R, but I do expect to get in with T/O. I'm a former transit worker who left with a bad record and I've taken enough exams since then to know I may not get back in with C/R, but I should get back in with T/O. Any information I might have could be useful, in my opinion. I'm sure as well that OPAs procedures won't change because of differences in titles... Sorry for bothering you guys...
  3. After some perusing of this forum, I get the impression that the list won't be established until the OPAs are complete. I'm hoping that the OPA is a pass or fail situation, as I would not want the OPA results to affect my position on the list...
  4. Should I expect a drug screening at my OPA appointment?
  5. Sorry. Wrong thread. This is for C/R. But the question still stands. And I have to pay another $25 to even take the assessment or I'm disqualified from the application process... By the way, I still don't know my list number for C/R exam #6601. I do know I passed and went down to protest three answers.
  6. I've been sent an appointment for an oral proficiency assessment for next week. What should I expect to happen on that visit?
  7. The question asked which train runs local late nights in Brooklyn. Even if the question asked which trains run local late night in all the boroughs they run in, the J and R would have also been correct.
  8. I got to the protest late and I was there maybe 15 minutes the most and there seemed to be more than 8 people in the room. 5/22 am question #47 deals with the two local trains operating local in Brooklyn during late nights. Based on the question, there are two correct answers. The J and R trains. Local in Brooklyn is the key.
  9. Transit says that the conductor should advise the lost and heavily accented passenger that he get on the train and take further instruction from there. I contended that the conductor can't assume the lost passenger actually wants the train on which the conductor is working on. I chose the answer that advises the passenger to look for the transit map on the platform. I don't know if I'll get that one.
  10. The key shows two trains that travel local in Brooklyn late nights. That one was easy and I expect to get that back.
  11. I doesn't even make logical sense to only adjust the grade of the protesters. The question will be thrown out for all testers. Now all I need is for someone to tell me when the protest session for the 5/22 am exam will take place so I can get 'our' scores adjusted.
  12. So when is the protest session for 5/22 am exam?
  13. When is the protest session for the 5/22 am exam please? Seems like I'm running out of time.
  14. How do we find out when our respective protest sessions take place? I get the impression that there are different dates for protesting based on when you took the exam. No protest schedule was written on my answer key.
  15. So far, I'm looking to protest #6 and #47 from 5/22 am's exam. Need more help though. Meaning, not only should we have the same question wrong, we should have also picked the same incorrect answer. I do recall going back to look over question #6 after I had gone through the entire test. Wishing I had a photographic memory right now.
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