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  1. TRACK MAINTENANCE May 24 - 27, 11:30 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon Service between Chambers St, Manhattan and Flatbush Av, Brooklyn is replaced by trains and nearby stations Trains replace the in the Bronx and Brooklyn trains run via the to/from Dyre Av and then normal between E 180 St and Chambers St and via the to/from South Ferry, the last stop. trains run between Flatbush Av and E 180 St and via the to/from 241 St. • Trains run express along Lexington Av in Manhattan. Free out-of-system subway transfer will be available with MetroCard between South Ferry and Bowling Green . Note: trains are not running during this time.
  2. They managed to send a to 96th St
  3. 6128 has been in service already. Was spotted today on the M15 SBS
  4. 7275 also has version 3...these signs aren't hard to install 233, 384, 407, 409 and a couple other C40LFs have Version 2 from JG
  5. 127 and 5659 are both currently on the Bx2 right now
  6. Since the Bx12 started, i've only seen the eagle team twice in my life: On February 24th, 2019 on the B46 at Utica and Fulton On March 3rd, 2019 on the Q53 at Woodhaven and Jamaica Avenue maybe i just don't go outside a lot
  7. Seems like all the XN40's out of JG have the version 3 signs.
  8. Specifically the numbers are: 8190-8191, 8193-8195, 8200, 8204-8205, 8208, 8210-8216, 8218, 8243 CA -> TU 8132, 8143, 8160, 8164, 8181 CH -> TU 8262, 8265-8267, 8270-8271, 8274, 8285, 8289, 8299, 8307, 8312 YU -> TU
  9. Do the 53xx XD60s have the blinking SBS signs or is it only the 6000 series? Also the Q52 has 3 NGs and 2 53xx XD60s rn
  10. So I guess the drivers WEREN'T lying when they said the dispatcher can see when they change the sign :=|

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