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  1. Since the Bx12 started, i've only seen the eagle team twice in my life: On February 24th, 2019 on the B46 at Utica and Fulton On March 3rd, 2019 on the Q53 at Woodhaven and Jamaica Avenue maybe i just don't go outside a lot
  2. Seems like all the XN40's out of JG have the version 3 signs.
  3. Specifically the numbers are: 8190-8191, 8193-8195, 8200, 8204-8205, 8208, 8210-8216, 8218, 8243 CA -> TU 8132, 8143, 8160, 8164, 8181 CH -> TU 8262, 8265-8267, 8270-8271, 8274, 8285, 8289, 8299, 8307, 8312 YU -> TU
  4. Do the 53xx XD60s have the blinking SBS signs or is it only the 6000 series? Also the Q52 has 3 NGs and 2 53xx XD60s rn
  5. So I guess the drivers WEREN'T lying when they said the dispatcher can see when they change the sign :=|
  6. Are these in the local scheme or in the SBS scheme?
  7. I actually think i have a solution to the "Where's the 179 ". I will make a messenger groupchat where we can track the progress! (yea idk just a suggestion)
  8. Well can the rest of us see a document or paper confirming this?
  9. 2 things im noticing: a) You seem to focus on one word instead of the bigger picture 2) this is what @Coney Island Av said, as you can in the quote. Im not going to respond to this anymore. You need to grow up my friend, Its a train, you are acting like its the end of the world. Everything is done for a reason.
  10. Wasn't an attack, its just that out of the whole paragraph that @Coney Island Av wrote, you chose to out him on a word, instead of, oh I don't know, the whole sentence before hand? "And does it really matter? I really miss the R62A , but the R142A is something many youngsters around here have a hard-on for. It's okay to miss it and/or like it, but not to the point of obsessing over it. And before you criticize me, there's a difference between simply liking it and foaming/obsessing over it."
  11. Out of the whole paragraph, thats the only thing that went through your mind?
  12. Honestly i believe this is a matter of opinion...I actually like the 62A . Runs much better then the R142A with less breakdowns. R188s (and converted R142As) are running as much as they did on Pelham and they are still holding up
  13. Wouldn't it be easier to send the rest of the 8 cars to CI instead of Piktin? Move would be as so: 179 to CI -> 's R68 moves to / / -> R160 from CI moves to Jamaica -> R46 moves to the / -> R32 to CI for . Cycle repeats with R32.
  14. Not on the MTA website, but 6th and 8th Avenue corridors are messed up because of a power outage at 42nd Street. Currently sitting at Broadway Lafayette Street on the (F) train. I will edit this post when i get more information

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