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  1. This was postponed from the April pick, however the Q70 SBS now runs on Woodside Avenue instead of Roosevelt Avenue in the southbound direction. It is also an official articulated route now. There is no code for the B99 also, all buses say "H" rn 4790 is on the B1 rn
  2. TUNNEL/TRACK BUILDING In effect from Friday, July 31st, 10:30PM to Monday, September 6th, 5:00AM To prepare for the anticipated "Queensway" project, we must build new tunnels and tracks, and we cant do that while service is running. To minimize your disruption, we have prepared special alternatives to provide you with service trains are running in 2 sections: from World Trade Center to Queens Plaza, then running local to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, the last stop, and between Forest Hills and Jamaica Center trains are running from Coney Island to Jackson Heights, and between Forest Hills and Jamaica-179th St trains are running between Bay Ridge-95th Street and Lexington Avenue-59th Street, and via the line to/from Ditmars Blvd service is suspended trains are running between Metropolitan Avenue and Essex St, and via the line to/from Chambers St Free Shuttle buses are running between Jackson Heights and Forest Hills LIRR will cross honor between Jamaica and Penn Station Please allow Additional travel time
  3. 6619 reactivated. It is currently on the B12.
  4. the isn't running over the weekend. Work is being done on 8th Avenue
  5. 0 There will also be 0 R179s on the also The however, will most likely have a set or 2 of R32s, with the remaining sets being R46s or R179s
  6. 8868-8872 and 8922-8918 moved to the
  7. Jumping the gun a little bit. 8728-8732 is still on the today.
  8. There was a R68 this morning at around 7:50am. Saw it and was pretty shocked. Just gonna say this now if you want 160 shots at CI GET THEM ASAP.
  9. I can confirm that the swap is also being done with layups in CI Yard 5644-5642/5788-5786 operated a to Kings Highway in the morning (i saw and recorded this train), then same say afternoon another person caught this set on the at 57th St during the PM rush. Crazy how quick this swap is moving now huh?
  10. 8653-8657 and another 86xx on the , should be at Parsons rn
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