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  1. Some of the 72xxs out of GA are getting Version 3s. Can confirm 7229 has them
  2. #444 has the screens now, currently riding the vehicle on the B43
  3. 6615 is not scrapped. Bus is currently a swing bus at ENY and is at Broadway and Marcus Garvey Blvd rn
  4. They moved the B38 stop up for artic layovers. Personally what i think they should have done was move the B25 and B103 stop across the street and have the 38 stop by itself
  5. Can confirm 4105 is not a loan to WF, has official stickers
  6. 6678 is NOT scrap. Saw it as a training bus rolling around White Plains Road and Randalls Avenue. Would upload the picture but im not near a computer yet 😕
  7. 1032 to WF from JG. Looks like WF will have 1000-1072 and JG will have 1073-1109
  8. Actually.... Articulation of routes usually mean service cuts, so there will be less buses running on the line WF losing 40 footers means bad news during the winter season, which means they're gonna have to borrow more buses around that time So its more like a lose-lose scenario
  9. Out of the 7 trains i took this week, only 2 that i was on had the M14 annoucement
  10. 1063 is currently doing a run on the Bx39 to Clason Point for...reasons. Looks like a huge gap in service. EDIT: its back on the Bx36

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