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  1. As of Monday, the 1 now has Ironbound and Big Tree trippers. 5750 (BT) and 5763 and 93 (IB) are on the 1 currently
  2. 9536 transferred to Fairview, Hilton officially has 0 Neoplans left.
  3. The train shuttle bus is "EBUS" on bustime and MyMTA
  4. I dont know who told you this but thats incorrect. The info was cropped out the screenshot. It was getting repaired at the vendor (judging by the ads, earlier this year) and they probably had to take the tank off.
  5. It looks like 20803, 20804(?), 20809 and 20811(?) are at Hilton Garage now. 20803 was on the 13 a couple of days ago and 20809 was on the 39.
  6. "On August 5, we're launching two new overnight interborough bus routes: the Bx99, between Woodlawn in the Bronx and the West Village in Manhattan, and the M99 between East New York in Brooklyn and Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. These two routes, along with the previously launched B99, will operate every 20 minutes from approximately 1-6 a.m." https://new.mta.info/coronavirus/overnight
  7. 8003-8004 have Version 2. If im not mistaken most (if not all) 2011 LFSes have Version 2.
  8. 0023 is NOT in New Jersey, it is still sitting in Yonkers depot as of today. 3 of my friends went throughout the week, and one of them went today
  9. This was postponed from the April pick, however the Q70 SBS now runs on Woodside Avenue instead of Roosevelt Avenue in the southbound direction. It is also an official articulated route now. There is no code for the B99 also, all buses say "H" rn 4790 is on the B1 rn

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