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  1. Statty

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    MHV, 2nd FL
  2. Statty

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Does this qualify for that thumbs up?
  3. Has anyone heard of anything as of lately? I've seen this poster posted, perhaps this means Manhattanville is good to stay till 2020 at least?
  4. Statty

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    What about elderly folks who can't really go up or down the steps for the subway. Folks with walkers and wheelchairs. Probably be alright if every station was wheelchair accessible with elevators. But it seems to be a hassle rather than just riding a bus or two
  5. M4 does have limited. But I agree with having some opposition this matter. Ever since that 34th st cut and then now 37th st cut, it really sucks for the ridership. I think having it terminate at the bus stop between 35th/36th and 7th, the first stop making the left onto 7th, wouldve been a better idea. Passengers can still walk to Penn station and still get the uptown bus from 34th st. Bus then would have to make a left onto 34th from terminal on 7th and left at Madison for uptown service.
  6. Statty

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    All this talk about MHV depot and it's possible closure, I'm curious as to if we hear any news about new buses anytime soon for MHV. Fingers crossed tho.
  7. Statty

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I believe the cut for the M104 is finalized for April. Not sure about the M10.
  8. Oh man this sucks. Has anyone passed by Manhattanville depot recently? They had exterior work done to it. All the bricks and panels were replaced. Not sure if it was Columbia having to do it because of lease related reasons but it wouldn't make sense to me for them to fork the money to do the entire exterior work, if they plan to remove the depot.
  9. Statty

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes, correct somewhat. In terms of MTA rules, yellow is treated the same as red. Yellow = stop. Bus operators can get a violation for crossing yellows. When a bus crosses a yellow, the front would make it, but the rear end might not clear it in time and cross on red.
  10. Statty

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Saw m18 bus sign at a stop. Anyone have any info on it? Is it making a come back? http://imgur.com/zuIGsOR Photo was taken infront of amsterdam depot.
  11. Statty

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yep, new pick started on the 7th
  12. This is actually a pretty good idea. So rather than ending at 129 and Amsterdam, it'll continue straight to 145 and make that right to St. Nicholas? If so, perhaps the S/B trip would go down st nicholas all the way down to 125, make a right and regular route. I can see a lot more ridership being picked up, than the current situation over on convent.
  13. Statty

    MTA will add bike racks to Bx23, Q50 buses

    Thanks for the info, just found this video via youtube. Seems pretty simple actually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdypg1tC-TE
  14. Statty

    MTA will add bike racks to Bx23, Q50 buses

    Anyone know how the bikes get on and off the rack? Is it just a simple lock? Would there be any chance for the bike rack to have an issue when taking the bike off? Let's say someone is trying to get their bike off the rack, but it's stuck for whatever reason. Or lets say the bike isn't properly placed onto the rack and falls while in-motion.This would cause a headache for both the driver and other passengers IMO.
  15. The MTA way is to turn the bus off from the inside. I barely see any operators turn the bus off from the inside. The air valve next to the driver seat is what controls it. I understand the method your saying, but the bus operator would have to turn the air valve to get back in via the front window anyways. Most operators turn the engine off first, after applying the parking brake. Then release the air of the front door via the valve. Exit the bus, and to put the air back into the door, they would have to go around the front to the driver window and put the air back in by sticking their hand within the window.


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