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  1. I've seen all the M4/M98 buses deadhead using Henry Hudson Pkwy in the mornings to get to cabrini via cloisters for morning service. Sometimes the M5s for the quick exit to W178 at GW.
  2. Thank you for your photo. It makes me absolutely sad inside as I love these buses. As an operator over at MHV, I would always prefer a 6 series bus over a 3 series just because of how good of a drive theyre. Most of those buses run pretty damn good still. But it was a day we all knew it was going to happen soon.
  3. Photo of 6375 leaving MHV today. Feel a little sad.
  4. Not sure if artics can be put on the current M10 route, due to the terminal at 159. The buses make a U-turn for their southbound trip coming from north. Itll be pretty tight turn. I agree with you on the M104 terminal. At times, that 41st block is jammed up with cars because they couldn't turn right on 42nd or for whatever other reason.
  5. 3939 bus has the announcements turned on. It's on M10 right now. Announcements are pretty spot on. Only front screen works, rear is blank. Only grip I have about it is that it says 'underscore' inbetween transfer buses.
  6. Assaults happen more often than you think. Bus can not move with an open stroller. Regardless of confronting the women or not.
  7. FYI. Service Change Posted: 10/16/2018 10:18AM B68 buses are detoured because of construction on Neptune Av and Stillwell Av. Detour is as follows: Stillwell Terminal-bound: Via Brighton Beach Av, left on W 5 St, right on Surf Av, right on Stillwell Av, right on Mermaid Av and then resume their regular route. Corresponding stops will be made along detour route. It's probably all jammed up in that area.
  8. 3841 from MV seems to have clever devices screen installed. Pilot for MV?
  9. Now that's one sexy new flyer.
  10. Most of the time, console would rather keep the bus in service with a broken farebox than to take the bus OOS and mess up service. Buses would get swapped mid-route usually.
  11. Yes. I've done M3 my last pick, which is my favorite line. No concerns particularly with the turn around point. Only thing the buses have to do is a U-turn to layover going S/B. To do this U-turn without having to reverse the bus, most bus operators hop the sidewalk - which if you ever see that sidewalk, it's all cracked and damaged lol.
  12. Couldn't agree anymore. Poor kid just wants to be like any other kid and go to school with his friends. These so called 'fans' should mind their business, especially when it comes down to personal matters.
  13. Heh.. wouldn't be the first time - i'll say. *facepalm

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