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  1. People with Medicare cards, access-a-ride and senior citizen metrocards are able to ride them too! My grandma does it all the time. Flashes her senior citizen metrocard and hops on.
  2. I'll probably have a better chance with the B62 since it's more frequent on sat nights. From 125th and Amsterdam, 3 PM. School is out. What's faster to 66th and Broadway? M104 or M11
  3. Not sure if this has been answered yet. But this is the supplement train shuttle for the 1 train between 181-191. Elevators at 191 st nicholas are being worked on
  4. Interesting, out of all the redesigns, Queens would definitely be most needed.
  5. Taken from MTA.info 'Until further notice Q113 LTD and Q114 LTD buses are rerouted from Liberty Av at 160 St in both directions due to construction - No stops are missed Various Queens local and select buses are running with delays in both directions because of traffic in Jamaica. See mta.info'
  6. Confirmed. B48, B57 and B60 are scheduled on Grand Ave's pick.
  7. So he was suppose to leave at 9:40 but left at 9:41 instead. What's the issue again? I'm also confused lol Unless he left earlier on previous times
  8. I've seen 2 myself as well over at MTV. M104 and M96. both hawks. I believe the M2 hawk has it as well.
  9. Just drove 4674 today. Was on the M4 today and had a few tourist stuck at the MET without a metrocard. I asked if they had a credit card, and it all worked out. Tap system is very instantaneous, no delay, very fast and responsive. I believe 4012 has OMNY still on it as well, just not working(?).
  10. From https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2019/08/09/armed-commuter-chases-after-mta-bus-to-confront-driver-who-left-him-behind/amp/
  11. I've seen all the M4/M98 buses deadhead using Henry Hudson Pkwy in the mornings to get to cabrini via cloisters for morning service. Sometimes the M5s for the quick exit to W178 at GW.
  12. Thank you for your photo. It makes me absolutely sad inside as I love these buses. As an operator over at MHV, I would always prefer a 6 series bus over a 3 series just because of how good of a drive theyre. Most of those buses run pretty damn good still. But it was a day we all knew it was going to happen soon.
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