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  1. ABOGbrooklyn

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Can someone tell me why Spring Creek Depot is a Queens Depot even though it has only Brooklyn buses and is located in Brooklyn?
  2. ABOGbrooklyn

    Plans move forward for LaGuardia AirTrain

    Can you tell me how to make lines like you did with MyMaps? I use this app on mobile and it's complete s**t
  3. ABOGbrooklyn

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Whenever I check this website http://ttmg.org/transitwiki/Insider's_Guide:_Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_Bus_Operations_-_Depot_Summary#JFK_Depot_.28JK.29 It still shows 3 at JFK and 7 at LGA
  4. ABOGbrooklyn

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    When will that be?
  5. ABOGbrooklyn

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    When are the 1996 RTS buses from JFK and LaGuardia going to be scrapped?
  6. ABOGbrooklyn

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    MTA just posted on their website that 145 stop is being fixed. Will that mean they will be extending the platforms to fit more cars?
  7. ABOGbrooklyn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I would like to see the difference if there was a R160 vs the current R160 and see if there is any difference cause like you said, when I take the on 6th Avenue and see and express (D). The R160 is always neck to neck or sometimes outruns a R68
  8. ABOGbrooklyn

    Plans move forward for LaGuardia AirTrain

    Why can't the MTA just extend the north to 19th Ave turn all the way to 81st Street and then go underground and use Runway Dr underground to connect to LaGuardia? It will only cross some Con Ed property at 19th Ave and Hertz property at LaGuardia merging into Runway Dr.
  9. ABOGbrooklyn

    List of closed New York City Subway entrances

    Was the south end of 86th Street on the BMT Sea Beach ever an entrance? It looks like an exit near the stairway overpass?
  10. ABOGbrooklyn

    New Site and App to be released.

    You should try again. Would love to see the MTA move forward with someone who actually has a passion for what they're doing.
  11. ABOGbrooklyn

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    All of you guys are wrong, neighborhood names only exist for terminals you can't put 36th Street - Sunset Park etc..
  12. ABOGbrooklyn

    New Site and App to be released.

    With your expertise in website design, your resume being a New Yorker and your love for trains. You should email the MTA and design their website. All seriousness.
  13. ABOGbrooklyn

    New Site and App to be released.

    I love the new site! It's finally mobile friendly and not that old 2005 mobile look. (I would always use desktop mode) I also gave my feedback for the MTA to include their top 5 news stories onto the mobile site, hope some people here agree with me and do the same. Andy Byford is putting in work!!
  14. ABOGbrooklyn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    This is a random thought question. So today I watched the MTAs new YouTube video about redesigning the Staten Island express bus service. After reading all the comments of people complaining that they want a subway service with connections via 4th Avenue which I think at this point would be too cost worthy. I thought why doesn't the MTA or PATH think of possibly extending the SIR beyond St. George to the Ball Park station (Not using the rest of the North Shore corridor) and then crossing into Bayonne NJ using it's existing corridor and getting rid of the light rail. Then have the SIR or PATH turn down Grand St in Jersey City and either end at the river or create a new tunnel into lower Manhattan. This could even be an extension of the SAS instead of SIR or PATH.. What do you guys think?
  15. ABOGbrooklyn

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    The should be extended crosstown via 125 to connect with CPW and terminate there while the should be extended to the Bronx via 3rd Avenue to Fordham Plaza, this will give both Harlem a crosstown line and the central portion of the Bronx a line so neighborhoods like Belmont, Claremont, Morrisania and Tremont can finally have a subway.


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