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  1. ABOGbrooklyn

    Ads are popping up in the middle of a paragraph

    In your second point, will that work for mobile? I mostly use this site on mobile.
  2. ABOGbrooklyn

    Ads are popping up in the middle of a paragraph

    How do you upload images to this forum?
  3. ABOGbrooklyn

    Ads are popping up in the middle of a paragraph

    I have the same issue in mobile
  4. ABOGbrooklyn

    Ads are popping up in the middle of a paragraph

  5. ABOGbrooklyn

    Ads are popping up in the middle of a paragraph

    There is no [X] button or a close button. It is an ad directly on top of someone's paragraph.
  6. Everytime for the past couple of days, I've been reading people's responses throughout this forum and I have ads popping up directly over someones paragraph. Can you guys please fix this issue. I am using Chrome Mobile for Android.
  7. ABOGbrooklyn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yeah but my point was that you don't think the community boards of Bensonhurst and Gravesend weren't complaining about how crappy those stations looked? I bet they were and the MTA still did nothing.
  8. ABOGbrooklyn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    If that was the case the Sea Beach line stations would have been fixed ages ago they were one of the worst stations in the city. And none of the Bronx stations would have been fixed at all then? Although I partly agree with you on people not speaking up and elected officials not doing crap.
  9. ABOGbrooklyn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Random: I was thinking about above ground Subway stations that are not planned to be fixed. On the 1. Eastchester Dyre Ave 2. Baychester 3. Gunhill Rd 4. Morris Park On the 5. Aqueduct North Conduit On the 6. New Lots Ave On the 7. Church Ave I'm not counting Intervale Ave because I still feel the will abandon it one day in the future. Do you think these stations will be planned on getting fixed in the next Capital Plan? Especially the stations on the and Church Ave are an eye sore..
  10. ABOGbrooklyn

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Can someone tell me the purpose of the getting R160s for the shut down? Why give the new cars when they can just give them any old car to fill up to 8 or 10 cars and use the good R160s for more mainline lines?
  11. ABOGbrooklyn

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I would extend the by having it be elevated from before Rockaway Parkway and similar curve to the Myrtle/Wycoff curve to Ave L. The would connect into Bedford/Nostrand station inside. Your alternative to the train sounds like a good idea, I would try to add it to my map later Can you explain to me the bypass and what is it/where is it? And can you elaborate on your suggestion, I can't picture it? What about the (X) in the Bronx would you rather have it terminate with the ?
  12. ABOGbrooklyn

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Thanks, I just posted my screenshots, if you have the time critique them is you want.
  13. ABOGbrooklyn

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Okay, I made my own version of the "future MTA map" Besides the obvious Triboro Rx in Brooklyn and Queens, It will go to the Bronx via Lafayette Ave to Castle Hill and have one connection to the at Longwood Ave Also other obvious will be the to Fordham Plaza via 3rd Ave, the to Voorhies the to Kings Plaza, and the to 125 and St Nicholas. New lines would be the (X) which would start at Throggs Neck Bronx at Randall Ave via East Tremont and then Boston Rd and will connect with the at Boston/3rd Ave split and then run until Houston/2nd Ave then run in a new tube to Metropolitan Ave and run via Metro until Flushing Ave and then go via Horace Harding Expwy/LIE until Peck Ave/Francis Lewis Blvd. A new Shuttle connecting the the Mets/Willets PT station will run to via Willets Point to College pt Blvd and then down 20th Ave until Francis Lewis Blvd. New extensions will be the to Co-op City via Gun Hill Rd. The to LGA will cross some Con Ed property and go via 19th Ave then turn on 81st to run under Runway Dr to LGA. It will be elevated thru 19th Ave and then tunnel from 81st to LGA. The will be extended to Bell Blvd via Crocheron Ave/35th Ave The would run on Union Tpke to Utopia Pkwy ot 188 street. The obvious extension to Braddock Ave And the will run via Jamaica Ave to Belmont Racetrack The will go down LIRR ROW until North Conduit Ave The will be extended via Loring Street in ENY/Lindenwood and then cross the at Aqueduct and then go via Linden Blve until Springfield Blvd. Express service will be put back on Livonia to alleviate time. My reason for the to Cambria Heights is because even with the and expansion there is still a huge transit desert in between and the would serve a good purpose. The would be extended to connect with the at Bedford/Nostrand The would have a proper terminal at Ave L while making a new station for Rockaway Parkway (elevated) and then Ave L (elevated). This will also serve the transit desert of inner Canarsie. The would run via Utica to KP but will first turn at Rochester Ave then ENY Ave to go back on Utica. Lastly the will be extended to Voorhies Ave with a possible storage area if there is enough space. I also extended the to Bay Ridge 95th What are your opinions?
  14. ABOGbrooklyn

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I know of this site but you're unable to make new Subway lines except for 3 extra Shuttle lines
  15. ABOGbrooklyn

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I would be so pissed if the ran local again in Manhattan..


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