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  1. Where's the proof of like I said, the Bronx gets new buses and Flatbush got new buses before Ulmer Park, though that was in 2009. But still it was 2 years before Ulmer got new buses.
  2. Ever since the change of the train project, I kept thinking to myself "WHY CAN'T CUOMO JUST LET BYFORD DO HIS JOB, DAMNIT!"
  3. What exactly is the difference between the two?
  4. Damn did I start a war in these comments 😂
  5. I don't think that's entirely true. Flatbush got new buses years before Ulmer Park. Also you forget that most of the Bronx gets newer buses. I don't think it's about Affluent neighborhoods.
  6. How come the Bronx gets new buses while Brooklyn gets their hand me downs?
  7. So now that the MTA will have to install an elevator at every station they fix, will the rest of the stations be fixed or is that over now?
  8. So this means Ulmer will be next to get rid of RTS. Idk why MJQ likes the RTS so much, would have expected Manhattan to get rid of the RTS before all of the other boroughs..
  9. The MTA just updated their website on The Sea Beach construction completion from Spring 2019 to Summer 2019. Next thing we know they'll change it to Fall 2019 then Winter...
  10. With the example of Miami and San Juan metro, I wouldn't see Nostrand being much of an argument then.
  11. Also aren't modern elevated structures built to be much more quieter now, including the tracks?
  12. Nostrand only has a small stretch of people living between Kings Hwy and Ave U, basically only 4 blocks, with only one block that actually has houses as opposed to apartment buildings. The positives will outweigh the negatives. I'm sure the people in Eastern Sheepshead will be thankful they don't have to hike to the and people in Marine Park won't have to take the B2/3 to the anymore. It will also spark more development in Marine Park, which means good for business.
  13. NY doesn't want or need a light rail, heavy rail only for NYC just because of capacity and density itself. I don't get why can't the MTA just build basic train stations just for transportation, that's all NYers want! Why do they have to go all extravagant like SAS? Just build basic looking stations and extend the to KP. Also extend the to Ave Z, making stops at Ave J or L, Kings Hwy, Gerristen Ave, and Ave U... Also the person who made this map is definitely not from NYC, why would you extend the west instead towards LaGuardia and the ends abruptly instead of going to Bayside? Very dumb map.

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