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  1. What’s the point of grounding artics when there is no chance of snow? I think whoever is calling the shots are making a bad call.
  2. So it looks like ENY would be getting some LFSAs instead of New Flyers.
  3. And the feds aren’t doing anything because they don’t want to.
  4. This just shows how messed up our politicians are. I feel that in a time of a pandemic we actually need our government to work. I don’t believe there aren’t any republicans who won’t support bills to help people but their leaders are the issue. We’ve seen it for months now and it’s getting tiring. They like to say “NYC is gone forever!” But yet you are helping it make it that way. I hope our politicians can get their heads out of their egos.
  5. I sort of wish that route would head on down further to King Hwy or Avenue N. It would be such a great help for people in the flatlands, marine park, and mill basin area. Also since NYC is opening up in faster phases do we know if the subways would open up over night again?
  6. That would be a good question if there wasn’t a pandemic and a lot of people aren’t riding transit at this moment. I think the MTA should keep buses free but that’s just my opinion.
  7. Its getting to the point I don't think anyone makes sense anymore.
  8. Some of these bus drivers lately have been doing this crap more and more and it’s sad. I would report that bus and time.
  9. What the bus driver did was horrible but from the picture that was shown in the video had the lady actually blocking the exit with the stroller and her leg. To me I think she was asked to collapse the stroller, couldn’t, and was mouthing off at the driver. The driver should’ve just asked someone to give her a seat at the rear, if she was mouthing off she should have gotten kicked off the bus.
  10. Does anyone know when we will get an update on the 2020 capital plan?
  11. Wouldn’t had made more sense for the B1 to be split with FB I.e. to send. Few artics during rush hours instead of converting it? It sounds like the B1 should have been converted along with the B38 last summer if that was the case instead of the Q12.
  12. My question is where on earth are they going to get these articulated buses from? They already got rid of those old new flyer artics last year so everything else is for sbs use. Converting the B41? Why would they convert it before there were any other procurements for future artics to be delivered? I know they want to cut costs and so on but where on earth are they going to get the equipment for this?
  13. "65 St. Stopping every other avenue as I proposed is exactly what the MTA is proposing for all its routes, so how am I losing down a bus route that dies t e en exist? What I am protesting is that their route probably will stop at every fourth avenue missing vital transfers and cause extra walking. The only reason I proposed every other avenue on this street only rather than every avenue is because the B9 is on 60 Street stopping every avenue, but they will change that to every other Avenue if they follow what they did in Queens." If the whole point of a bus is to be faster than walking then why on earth should there be a bus stop every two blocks? I'm sure they're not going to miss transfer points. Queens isn't a good way to compare to BK because queens was unique out of all the boroughs, they had to redraw every bus route. BK will most likely be handled the same way the Bronx was. "B12. Yes the B12 on Empire is worse because everyone now going to the hospital using it will require a transfer. Under my proposal some B12 riders would require a transfer but just as many now requiring two buses will be able to make the trip with one bus." But yet you want to get rid of it instead of keeping it. If its main purpose is to serve the hospital then it needs to stay, discontinuing it like you want isn't going to help. I don't get why you expect the MTA to have it go down empire while your own proposal is to have a very long bus route to replace it that doesn't even reflect the travel patterns of the customers who take the B12 or B16. "B36. Never said anything about the B36 not serving Coney Island Hospital. I was only proposing to return direct service to the station in one direction without a one block walk. Until several years ago, it had two directional access that everyone was happy with for forty years. The traffic congestion at the station was a myth created by DOT and I ave a video proving there was none during the height I felt the evening rush hour taken one week before they changed the route. Because of roadway reconstruction, it isn’t possible to restore westbound service to the station without ripping out the unneeded cement they put in." Reading your proposal made it seem like you and your prediction to the MTA was it was going to replace the B4 which would avoid the hospital all together. "Bergen Beach. the B41 Branch is needed during rush hours." There needs to be a branch for it at all times that provides connection to the 2 and 5 train, also that will serve the demographics of that area. Having the B9 serve that area is going to be a waste because no one needs the B9 on that end to go anywhere in midwood because there's other reliable options in the area. "B44 to Kingsborough. I already discussed this many times here and readers are already tired of me repeating myself with my reasons. They are clearly stated in my proposal. Having an L shaped B49 is not circuitous. It is a very direct route from East Flatbush which many residents would appreciate. I lived there for 25 years and wished many times that such a route existed. And I am not eliminating the Limited service which only runs in the AM peak anyway just to reroute the B44. I just said it would no longer be needed if the B44 proposal were accepted." There's really no need for that. All what needs to happen is for that route to have better ways to connect people to KBCC. Rerouting the B44 isn't going to solve, its going to actually hurt people. "B83. Yes I proposed to straighten the B83 as I believe the MTA will propose along with a new route on Van Siclen to replace the existing B83 there and to fill a service gap north of that, but I don’t believe the MTA proposal will include that part because it is extra service." But you wanted to replace the B20 with the B83 and put another 80ish bus to replace its service while it was straightened along penn avenue. "B84. Yes it is the same in this case." My whole point is that you can't say the MTA has a worse idea if your ideas fall inline with there. The only major draw back you claim the MTA will do is cut service such as headways. Which is understandable, but if your routes are going to be the same or a little different by an avenue or two then its not fair to claim your ideas are less disastrous than the MTA. This is what I mean people on here don't care whats being done but who is delivering it.
  14. Brooklyn already has a grid like bus system so I don't get what the grand scheme of things. Your predictions Your proposal "B2 - Bay Ridge Ave/Shore Rd to Kings Plaza via 65 St and Aves P/R to Kings Plz. • Stops at even numbered avenues only along 65 St.' " Rather half mile than every two blocks which will slow down the bus like crazy. "B6 and B6 LTD - Cropsey/25 Ave to Seaview/ E 108 St via Bay Pkwy, Ave J, Glenwood Rd, E 80 St and Ave L. • Flatlands Ave and New Lots subway service provided by B82, B80, or B84." You proposed to cut the B6 from the new lots station as well. "B9 - Shore Rd/101 St to Veterans Ave/ E71 St via Shore Rd, 60 St, Aves N, M, L and N. • Replaces B41 Bergen Beach branch during non-rush hours except overnight." I've argued this with you in the past and told you this wouldn't work for the Bergen Beach area because people don't need the B9 to get anywhere, especially to the B and Q trains. It would be a waste. "B12 – Discontinued." Hmmm? "B16 - 4 Ave/86 St to Saratoga/Broadway via Ft. Hamilton Pkwy, Caton, Clarkson and Saratoga. • Provides through Ft. Hamilton Parkway service, also filling service gap on Clarkson Ave. • Replaces western end of B12 and northern end of B7. Rest of B7 is eliminated. New B23 provides 13/14 Ave service." So you will discontinue the B12 and replace it with the B16? But the prediction that you have for the MTA which the B12 will still be utilized on empire blvd is worse? Your proposal will be unreliable because 1) its too courteous and 2) its doesn't really meet the needs of the people who actually use the B12 bus. "B36 – Eastbound service rerouted to Sheepshead Bay Station via Sheepshead Bay Rd and E 17 St." So either way its your proposal or a prediction on the MTA behalf the B36 won't serve people to Coney Island hospital. "B41 and B41 LTD- Bergen Beach branch replaced with a B9 extension and a B10 shuttle to Flatbush/Nostrand during rush hours and overnight hours." Either way the B41 Bergen Beach branch will be in question. "B49 - Utica Ave/Empire Blvd to Kingsborough College via Empire Blvd and Ocean Ave. • Service north of Empire Blvd and Rogers/Bedford service provided by a rerouted B44 local and B44 SBS. • B49 Limited is eliminated and replaced by a B44 SBS to Kingsborough Community College." Why would you make the B49 more courteous as it is? Plus why would you even eliminate its limited service just to reroute the B44? It doesn't make sense to have the B44 run to KBCC. "B83 - Extended from Broadway Junction to Putnam/Forest via existing B20 route which is discontinued." Which isn't too far off from your MTA prediction. You want the B83 going straight on penn ave just like the MTA "B84 – Extended north to Cleveland Avenue Station to provide new north south East NY service to fill a service gap, and better serves Gateway Center Mall." Again this is just the same exact thing you want. What you had on your proposal isn't very off from what you predicted. Its literally almost the exact same thing. You can't sit here and act like the MTA is doing a disservice when you would be committing the exact same disservice if you were put in the same position. Everyone in the borough can't be satisfied with everything. If everyone's argument which I am gathering are the headway and wait times let it be that.
  15. The fact of the matter is that if they go through what you’re saying it some of these routes wouldn’t be very off from what you proposed. So I mean you’re basically saying that you’re idea is way better even though it would be the same. I took a look at your bus proposal. then knowing this sub everyone will circle jerk around your idea. This really proves my point no one on here cares what’s being done only who is delivering it.

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