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  1. Canal street is plagued with traffic. It’s directly connected to the Manhattan bridge and the tunnel so having a bus on that street is asking for it to just be a sitting duck.
  2. Very, very, very, unlikely. This B1 artic thing came out of left field. What should have happened was that there have been trippers on the B1 during the weekdays from JG or FB depot.
  3. Maybe since the Bronx redesign is happening some artic routes is going to go back to being standards? Just my theory.
  4. This thread went from the B1 becoming artic to school trippers.
  5. From what I gathered was that people were more so upset with the wait times instead of the routes themselves. The only place in queens that I saw that needed a lot of work was the Howard beach and far rockaway side of things such as the Q53 being axed.
  6. I understand, I thought revamping service like routes would help other boroughs as well. I'm curious how they would handle brooklyn, maybe in the same manner as the bronx?
  7. I see that too. Even yesterday I saw like 4 46 local bunched and some rarely going back the other direction.
  8. Shouldn’t this make the local much more run more closely with the sbs? I hear a lot of complaints that the local 46 was just hit badly when the 46 became sbs. I think in a way it just balances things out more so people don’t have to resort to taking the sbs when they really need the local.
  9. I liked their idea of having a new form of bus routes like new limited, local, and select buses. I think it would help a lot throughout the city.
  10. I think someone who works at FB says there's discussions on FB being all artic because they have two routes that are short and would use standards. If anything I could see the B49 going to UP and at some point within the next 10 years FB will be all artic just like Tuskegee Airmen depot with the exception of two standard routes. FB deal with heavy routes within the borough already and they often are very crowded during rush hour too.
  11. People waiting an extra minute isnt gonna kill folks. It’s not like they’re going to have people out there waiting like sitting ducks, mind you there’s a lot more bus routes within BK that have crappy wait times and they’re standard buses. They have to accommodate people for KBCC and those who travel to bay ridge. Having tons on top of tons of standard buses is most likely going to put a strain on UP since the B6 is a heavy used route. The only logical solution it seems was to turn the B1 into artics while still having the B6 at UP. Turning the B6 into artics would have been disastrous Because the line hasn’t been really studied yet and there really isn’t any sort of supply for it to have artics yet. I would assume in the Brooklyn bus redesign they will do something with the B6 in future. Now if FB gets the B1 it would most likely help push out some standards to other depots. But something in me says they’re gonna have to give up a route to UP (just my speculation) I would presume the B49 would move to UP in exchange for the B1. If JG gets it I would presume one of its routes would go to UP to make up for the lose if the route.
  12. Probably for the Kingsbridge traffic. What I don’t understand and see is where is these artics are going to come from? The rest of the XD60S from the Bronx? The MTA batch? Owhen MJQ gets their XE60S to transfer 15 of the other XD60s to that route?
  13. All door boarding isn’t really about having people pay their fare but keeping buses from dwelling at stops. When everyone is paying through one door it only makes the bus slow because the more time it takes for people to pay upfront one by one. If transit agencies are going to get people to pay their fares their going to have to enforce it. You can’t really expect bus drivers to have people pay when everyone in NYC is all about getting to where they gotta go. A bus operator holds a bus up for a non paying passenger it’s gonna put them at risk of being harmed. People here are crazy enough to take their frustrations out on others so the only logical thing is to have policemen do it but then peopel would say it’s profiling if they do. if the MTA does want to get people to pay they should introduce a point or reward system where people will earn free rides or monthly passes if they pay. Like Uber or Lyft where people spend money on rides they get discounts and so on.
  14. I was on one today! So nice to see them on one of my home routes. Can’t wait till they have them on the B82sbs.
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