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  1. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I understand construction can affect travel times but I had issues with this route showing lack of performance on being on time.
  2. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I don’t know why the b68 bus is showing a 20 to 30 mintue wait time. It’s really unacceptable.
  3. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Oh okay. I wonder what is the safety defect is? The glass?
  4. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Are they redoing the bus stops? I’ve seen some bus stops along the B11 and B68 wrapped in caution taping.
  5. Brillant93

    Bx6 SBS articulated but no USBs or CNG

    Probably need extra buses for service.
  6. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    Overrall my experience with the B82 sbs has been okay for this week so far. It comes when it says its supposed to come and the locals are more frequent. More options on kings hwy for passengers to get where they're supposed to be going. There are things that could be worked out on the route but so far its steadily going.
  7. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    @East New York mentioned that LGA needs a lot of help with their maintenance.
  8. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    Day 4 of B82 sbs Things seems like they're evening more out with service. SBS this morning was about 9 minutes wait time but it seemed less than that. Looks like more people are packing on sbs now instead of the local. The locals again seem more frequent. Got home this afternoon very fast. Lets see how tomorrow is.
  9. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    Day 3 of 82sbs So I didn't take it going to work today but I did end up taking it coming home. Since after the religious holidays and traffic is back to its usual the sbs seems to be the same as the limited. Dwell times at bus stops are significantly shorter and getting to the bus stops on the big part of kings hwy are much faster. But as I said before they need to put more sbs buses. Waiting for 10 minutes off peak is bad but on the flip side the local buses are more frequent. On my way home I decided to wait for the sbs but when I got to the bus stop the local was there. The crowding is picking up on the sbs buses now. I think if you're in a hurry to get home wait and see which bus is coming first local or sbs before you pay. I believe if you get on whatever comes first your travel time is cut down but if you're waiting for sbs and its a few minutes behind the local and you're not going far its going to take you a while.
  10. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    I know I’m just saying there won’t be any need for straphangers to go all the way to gateway mall when they have better options via bus.
  11. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    No point. Kings plaza has most of the same stores that gateway has now. They’re opening a target in midwood soon. People who want to go to gateway don’t really have to anymore because they have options now.
  12. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    As I said in my post earlier there’s more buses for the 82 than when it was just the local and rush hour limited. For every two sbs there’s two locals. It’s amazing to me because literally last week every local would be jammed packed because it would be a long wait but now since there’s two versions of the 82 you have more buses for people. Today when I was waiting for the 82 midday/off peak the sbs was sort of late but right after a few minutes a local showed up. Last week it would have taken that local 15 minutes to get there. Basically more frequent 82 buses and I feel that’s a plus. Could there be better improvements with 82 sbs? Yes but even still it’s an improvement from what we had.
  13. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    I think its 4 to 6 minutes in the rush hour and 10 minutes off peak. But yeah I do feel that it is way too long to wait. The only benefit from this is that the local 82 can just focus on itself while sbs is its own and not interlined. So to from what I see is that there's more buses for people. The crowds on the 82 are more spread out though which is also beneficial.
  14. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    Day 2 of B82 sbs So this morning taking the 82 sbs the bus was about 10 to 11 minutes to get to flatlands and avenue k. I'm assuming its off peak around by 8am so if it is the bus came as the schedule said it would come. There were about two locals that passed by. Since I travel for my job I took the 82 sbs three times today. So the second time the bus was on schedule to arrive in half and hour. I told the guys who were helping passengers with the tickets if it was right and they said a local is on its way so I got on that. As soon as I got to where I was going I checked the transit app and the bus was supposed to get to kings hwy and east 16th street in 14 minutes this was around 1pm. So i'm assuming another bus was starting up while I took the bus to my destination. On my way home which was the third time the bus came around a few minutes. It was around 4pm so I guess thats rush hour. There were two buses that came and It was a nice ride home. Got home shaving off 4 to 6 minutes like yesterday. My thoughts so far is this. Being how sbs is now live it seems that the 82 has a lot more buses on its route than before. Usually in the past I would wait for like 10-20 minutes for a bus and if it was off peak hours it would be a local and it would always be crowded. But now theres more options and if the sbs isn't there you could hop on the local. The crowd is more evened out for now being how some people may not know how to pay for sbs. Being how its a religious holiday I can't judge so much on time because about half of the people have taken sbs since yesterday than usual. So I guess tomorrow we'll see how sbs fairs out with regular traffic. What I think they can do better in this case is put more buses for sbs and have more frequent service during off peak hours. For instance I think waiting 10 minutes off peak is absurd because some people may be looking to get where they're going faster. If the local comes before sbs then why wait for sbs if the local is going to get there before? Also If I pay for sbs and a local comes up there's no guarantee the bus driver is going to accept my ticket. To add on the DOT and NYPD needs to enforce bus lanes and truck loading zones more. Too many personal vehicles are disregarding the laws as I have seen way too many people parked in the bus lanes on 16th street and loading zones. Also that new intersection on avenue K needs work. The buses are making tight turns and its a close call.
  15. Brillant93

    General SBS Discussion

    Which is also probably why traffic was so great today. But even still a lot of people in that area have to become familiar with sbs. The local B82 was packed but I guess over time those same people who want a faster service will hop on the sbs realizing they now have an all day limited service. Even when the B82 had limited service a lot of people just hopped whatever came first and it often lead to a lot of people becoming confused on to why they missed their local stop.


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