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  1. Some of these routes are ridiculous and don’t reflect the current demographics nor travel patterns of today. Cutting the B82 at Coney Island Avenue? People use it way past that point, cutting the B7? People use that route to get to the B and Q train. Routes along the belt? It won’t work. cutting the B100? You’re asking for a mob with pitchforks.
  2. Then what next? The judge will rule that the busway will be okay to go through and someone else will threaten to sue again?
  3. You mean a month? Glad to hear, the M14 sbs would be very effective now.
  4. No more Cng buses. The MTA is going electric after the XDE40 bus order.
  5. Makes me wonder what if the actual L train shutdown had happened, what would the original shuttle bus plan outcome have been?
  6. People will utilize the subway over a bus any day. I think the mta thought that since in the original plan many riders were going to displaced due to a full shutdown that they thought they were going to need the same bus treatments for the new plan. Fall is coming so I guess they’ll cut back on it.
  7. I know that, I was just thinking, also I was answering a question. You see that’s why I said they got them for the sbs launch. I literally said what you just said.
  8. I guess, MJQ was just lumped into there for the sbs launch of the M14. I'm not sure whats going to happen when the TA get their buses from bus company.
  9. I could see 6127-6145 will be quills, 6146-6195 will be Hales, 6196-6233 will be Flatbush, along with some older XD60s. Just a prediction.
  10. I think one of the main reasons why buses are slow is because how long it spends at a bus stop because everyone pays at the front and also the spacing of stops.
  11. I have a feeling FB is going to give up their new XD60s to Mother Clara Hale and end up getting the latter third of the XD60 order. Just a thought.
  12. The B35 and B82 overtook the B41?!
  13. Farebeating is s thing and it affects stats.
  14. Farebeating may play an issue. You don't pay but walk in the back of the bus then ridership is going to look down.

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