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  1. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Oh okay that makes sense. So I guess when they did a story on the electric buses and the cng artics were mentioned I guess they started to roll out the production buses.
  2. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    More than one XN60s are in?
  3. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Thank you.
  4. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I’m going through the roster and it seems like the delievery is finished for the XD60s if I’m correct. So that leaves me with the question with what buses are they going to be supplying for the B82 sbs this summer? I know the XD buses from grand are going to be transferred but is12 enough for the route?
  5. R211 Discussion Thread

    You have to be really misguided to think our signaling system shouldn’t be upgraded. We really on 80 year technology which right now is causing our delays more and more. Upgrading our system to the rest of the world is the answer. Now if the process of doing is a bit too long I can agree. It shouldn’t take 30 years to update signaling, at all. If other cities can do it in a short amount of time why can’t we? They are testing other systems but we know the state of our system is a result of neglect and power struggle on all fronts. We have all these workers but yet work is slow? Something isn’t right.
  6. I hope he could speed up the signal upgrades. Something isn't right when it would take nearly 30 years to have our system updated.
  7. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Damn a route that short and that can’t dven run it on time? Like what is going on?
  8. Hearing from those who can confirm moves and transfers of buses can be stressted out with questions about future assignments of buses and transfers so I thought it would be best to start a thread about predictions and speculations of bus transfers. It could work like fantasy football where we can predict or speculate where buses might go to the future or what buses might leave to be scrapped to make way for new orders, that way we can keep facts from redundant questions they have been already answered.
  9. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Must of been snowing up there.
  10. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I thought it was going to FB. And isn’t JA planned to be rehabilitated this year?
  11. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I wonder what streets are the worst for transit. With congestion, double parking, street size, and just plain out just being ripe with confusion. I think the worst street that I have seen or rode on was avenue J in brooklyn. Double parked cars, trucks, just blocks traffic for blocks on end and the buses can't even move.
  12. I was raised around here so to me it’s all the same. I could walk 5 blocks across and be in Bergen beach and walk a few more blocks down I’m in mill basin. Nothing is really different. The same people, businesses, and routes. It’s hard to define where you live because so many people call it old mill basin but yet on the map it’s flatlands.
  13. I don’t live right at the end of the route but close to it and people take the bus to the junction. If the bus is late or if it’s early enough it’s nearly packed by the time it hits east 55th street on avenue N. And it’s us who want more frequent service, maybe not so for those who take the BM1 or live further down but those who live closer up need the service. On top of that the B3 did run into Bergen Beach but it was cut back about a few years ago due to budget cuts. I assume those people who lived deep to where the B3 traveled to just ended up getting a car or driving just to not walk blocks to catch the bus.
  14. that’s what we need a dedicated route not a branch.
  15. We’ve been wanted more service to Bergen beach for the longest. Have the mta got up and listen to us? No. Even as a teen I called and complained about the service. People got feed up and took alternatives. Walk long blocks to the B100 to the Q or B, take the B46 to crown heights and take the 4 or 3 train, or just take Uber or the dollar vans to the junction and call it a day. The issue more so is the commute home. By the time a Bergen beach bus get to the junction it becomes so packed and people bum rush on it. Even to this day nothing was done about it and I doubt it ever will. Even if the B41 is going to be SBS they’ll service Kings Plaza and leave us with a part time service which is just wrong. The MTA doesn’t care. The B3 is just for if you need it to go to the other side of Brooklyn Not really for the Q train transfer because the B100 can get you there faster. But in all ridership goes down when you piss off the people who are giving you money. Now we have alternatives and really the mta needs to listen to its customers more.


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