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  1. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I believe when they roll out the new tap cards people will be able to buy them in retail spaces like places where they sell gift cards. That would be helpful for those of us who live far from train stations but near big named pharmacies and supermarkets where those are a plenty.
  2. Brillant93

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    No that wasn’t the case. The B82 sbs was delayed because of community opposition and Andy Byford held it back so they could work on it that wouldn’t affect the narrow part of kings hwy. they were always slated to get 22 XD40s but being how it was delayed their buses were sent to FB a head of time while they got theirs later. They’ll have their buses before it launches. The XD40 bus delieveries were revised due to the delay. As I said up top FB has the buses originally slated for ENY and ENY got FB buses.
  3. Brillant93

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    According to DOT twitter page the B82 sbs is starting october 1st!!!
  4. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It might still be around they're just changing the way how we pay for transit such as tap cards. So there will still be cards but they're phasing out swiping.
  5. Brillant93

    The new era begins

    That’s the thing people won’t know because a numbering system wouldn’t do much to help. Most people who take the bus in nyc do it locally within their bourough. A numbering system would work if nyc wasn’t 5 different bouroughs and people would generically traveling to the same areas but in nyc they don’t. For example if buses 1-100 were going to Manhattan how many routes in the outer bouroughs would people need to take to Manhattan? Not much because most people arrive there by train. On top of that Manhattan isn’t the only major destination for New Yorkers to get to work. Now a numbering scheme for each bourough might work. For instance in Brooklyn most of the 40 numbered bus routes go from south of the bourough to the north. Some routes from 1-11 goes from east to west of the bourough and some 50 numbered buses goes from the north east of the bourough to downtown Brooklyn.
  6. Brillant93

    The new era begins

    Thats confusing and would be for a lot of people. A numbering scheme would work for a city that is within a central area. NYC is unlike many other cities where each borough is like its own city. Why would you have 100-199 to start and end somewhere when many borough have its own downtown area and other hubs? We have prefixes to help separate routes within other boroughs as well. Someone else said we should use number schemes as well but again NYC isn't like a Los Angelos or where ever. That would be just as confusing as getting rid of letters and numbers for our subway and replacing it with destinations signs.
  7. The new map is live now http://web.mta.info/nyct/maps/bussiExpress.pdf
  8. Brillant93

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    We've been knew about the Bx36 for a while now it was just the Bx6 local that was annoucned recently. But sbs is being put on hold until the bus network redesign. So the Bx19 might be called something else and maybe some routes are switching depots. With the bronx being the first borough to have its network redesigned I could see why there's talk about buses being moved.
  9. Brillant93

    Breaking News: Will M'ville Depot be forced closed?

    So the mta is re branding itself?
  10. Brillant93

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Part of the reason why they are halting sbs is because of the bus network redesign. So let’s say a bus route is a potential route for sbs and it gets redesigned for the network that would be a waste of money and outreach for that route as the redesigned network will include outreach for each bourough and community. But I agree that them cutting fare beating patrols is stupid. So many people especially young kids fare best because they don’t care. But when the fare raise they want to complain.
  11. Brillant93

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    That area isn’t meant for that kind of traffic or even buses to terminate. I said it before that terminal was made for trolleys not buses. I wonder if they would be finish before the B82 sbs launches.
  12. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    the wording had me confused as well. I guess if its driving up costs then yeah get rid of it.
  13. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I believe on page II-26 through page II-28. On page II-28 it says "MTA Bus: expenses increase on average by $1 million annually from 2018 to 2021. These changes mostly reflect costs associated with the articulated bus loan program with NYCT used to service SBS routes, and inflationary adjustments."
  14. Brillant93

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    According the the preliminary budget for 2019-2022 it says "The projected 2020 decrease is mainly driven by the following: NYCT ($35 million), reflecting lower Subway and Bus Action Plans requirements; MTA Bus ($10 million), mostly due to the end of the Articulated Bus program" Within the document of this http://web.mta.info/news/pdf/MTA-2019-Prelim-Budget-July-Financial-Plan-2019-2022-Vol2.pdf I looked into further and found out there were terminating the loan program. Maybe because MTA bus and NYCT are merging and thats why.
  15. Brillant93

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    They started painting bus lanes on the big part of kings hwy.


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