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  1. Some people are just too much in a rush to even try and learn what to do. You would think having a machine at a bus stop would signify something? But no it doesn’t. But rumor is once OMNY goes into full effect people would be paying on the bus instead of paying before hand.
  2. ??? integration is one thing but still sbs is still a program for the MTA that is still fairly recent enough. We all knew about the B35 already but we’ve been hearing conflicting stories about sbs being scrapped and not. No need to take it seriously at this point.
  3. I think we should all wait until we get an exact confirmation from any of the mods or the MTA themselves.
  4. Why not just start an SBS study? I mean this is obviously an SBS presentation lol.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised. Most people are taking the M train for an alternative than buses.
  6. Was just saying it makes more sense for it to be M125.
  7. I think when the Manhattan redesign comes along, a lot of the uptown and downtown routes probably will be gutted out.
  8. If people in their communties actually were more involved in transit I’m pretty sure the MTA wouldn’t be how it is today. You don’t know how many times people just say “the MTA sucks!” and yet what do these people do to try and not make it suck? They don’t go to meetings, they don’t call and complain, not to their reps or anything. But yet these open houses are therefor them. If people were loud enough we can see change.
  9. They have open houses, and maybe if people would stop being cynical and negative over the things the MTA does they could figure out open houses exist for community input.
  10. No, not really. Police need to enforce bus lanes, too many people don’t respect the hours the lanes are in effect.
  11. I think the mta should have left two routes on the loop in Co-op city. If this actually goes through I can see the Bx-23 seeing a spike in ridership.
  12. It would be a shorter route so it probably would run less frequently compared to the other two. But keep in mind Manhattan still has to get their redesign as well, so 125 may not have as many routes on it now.
  13. I don’t think M25 would work with how Manhattan bus routes are numbered. Majority of their routes are numbered based off the streets they run on like M14, M23, M34, M42, and so on. M125 makes much more sense.
  14. I don't really think its my place to say anything on the Bronx redesign, I don't live there so I can't speak on how service will affect people or not, but I will say its interesting how they managed to keep some of the integrity of the original map for this one.

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