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  1. The M96 was supposed to have started this year but was held back until next. Unless something has changed by now?
  2. I believe they’re also getting new xde40s next year but they hasn’t been confirmed yet. ENY is supposed to get 54 new xd40s that’s including the 22 they got last year. So they have 30 buses now plus the 22 they got for the B82 sbs do their order is almost complete. As I said on top they most likely are going to get newer XDE40s next year or so and since the MTA wants all RTS retired they have to send the NGs to Brooklyn especially FB. They got 48 buses for the B46 sbs but 15 of those would go into local service in future when the B46 sbs goes artic part time. Keep in mind the 2017 XD60S aren’t where they’re supposed to be so what Quill has or is even getting isn’t theirs. On top of that as well the XE60S are going to Quill so that may push the newer XD60S somewhere else or not. So FB will most likely end up having a young fleet age within a year or two. Some depots have a young fleet age and this may happen to FB eventually. NGs are still somewhat new. I remember when FB was completely RTS and they ended up going with the NGs. Just be patient because to me FB has one of the most clean buses in Brooklyn.
  3. Sbs machines are finally being put up along 14th street.
  4. I was talking about the 48 xd40s Flatbush has. In which was said a lot of times some of those were going to be put into local service.
  5. Some of those xd40s (newer ones) should be unwrapped and put into local service. Hence the word should.
  6. All the boroughs are getting a redesign for their bus network so something may happen with that route.
  7. Well looks like they're gonna get ready to gentrify this area of Brooklyn in 20 years.
  8. They should have finished scrapping those RTS by summer when people weren’t traveling as much. But hey I guess the LFS order is being expedited now.
  9. Just saw XE60 on the B44 route testing. I don’t think it’s in revenue service.
  10. Yeah but even still when I even brought up the 4700s a while ago some people said the plan was scrapped and it wasn’t happening. Now long and behold it was “always” “supposed” to happen even though it was “scrapped”. Even though things change constantly no one can really blame anyone for just going back and saying what was said on here in the first place.
  11. Same here. I said the XD60s Quill has will go to FB and people were like “that doesn’t make any sense!” And now look. I feel like one thing is said here, one person recites it, someone bash what was said, and eventually what was said ends up happening.
  12. Well for one the depots that do have the 2011-2013 XD60s would need to get the LFSAs in return to make up for the buses if they were all transferred to BK. Right now we have 90 lfsa in other depots such as Quill, FB, and Mother Clara. So I would believe once this new XD60 order is near completion the XD60s from the Bronx should be in bk all together if not all of them.
  13. The B38 and Q58 are going artic so I guess since grand is artic ready they can do so easily than the other depots here, I would presume.
  14. So BK is going to stay majority new flyer as planned. Also looks like the 4700s to bk is looking like it’s back on the table.

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