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  1. Is it late at night? I’ve noticed some routes do run 40 footers when ridership starts night is very low.
  2. The busway was supposed to go live back in August but was postponed. They didn’t adjust the Schedule because the pick started well before the busway went into effect.
  3. Why does the nypd allow those dollar vans to park on eastern parkway along Utica? I’m on the B46 sbs from an appointment and passing by the vans are parked along side the Utica Avenue side and even blocking the service road.
  4. Cities weren’t made for the traffic we have today, especially cities like NYC. All this traffic is bottle necked and it needs to be addressed. Even with freight train travel being obsolete in urban cities made traffic worse.
  5. Traffic slows down buses, cars, trucks, and buses that compete for the same space slows down traffic. How can any of you want better bus service but yet complain when they do a major change to our streets to ensure that?
  6. You can be stuck in the same traffic as a bus in nyc nowadays. Of course it’s about comfort, but convenience, to me is subjective. For others alike spending money on ridesharing would be a financial burden unlike those who have money to burn like that. One of the reasons why I don’t go out at night often is because the money I have to spend on an Uber is creeping up to what I used to spend on regular taxis. Why I also brought up the Amazon example in an urban city was that in an urban city you can get almost anything where everything is within a few block radius. Some people think it’s a convenience to shop online and wait for something they could have gotten the same day if they would have just went to the store and got it. But to them being home and not leaving their chairs is comfort that I understand but in the end you’ll end up paying more.
  7. Why would you go to kings plaza when you have the gateway mall, like, literally, right, there? convenience? You do realize that parking in KP isn’t free? Opposed to Gateway? Again you’re spending money on things you don’t have to. On top of that I live by KP and I personally don’t need to go to gateway because KP is a better option because I haven several bus lines that go directly there, even coming home from work. Now if you used an example such as someone going to work during rush hour, explain to me why would a person always take a Lyft or Uber when they literally charge more during those times? Even going to another borough such as manhattan or to an airport they charged very high. I can get to the city or another borough for $2.75 opposed to paying $6-60.
  8. I don’t know how ride sharing is that much attractive when itself is expensive? On top of that waiting for one takes the same amount of time as a bus almost if you’re sharing it, never the less some divers will cancel your ride based off of how much your ride cost. Its like people who prefer amazon when they live in a city where shopping for things are blocks away compared to people who live in rural places. You spend more for what is advertised as “efficient”
  9. My thought was to combine traffic made for transit into use via a lane to take away from regular single use traffic.
  10. They should allow taxis, Uber’s, and Lyfts drive along bus lanes, it can help ease up traffic from regular passenger traffic.
  11. I don't think its the MTA that doesn't know how to spend money properly but we do know we have crooks who always prevents money from being spent wisely. Some people need to be locked up, ASAP!
  12. Well i've been saying for years some routes need them over certain routes. Like some of the bronx routes didn't need artics, but BK needed them on their routes for a long time. We're finally seeing it, but unfortunatley our ridership is going down. The B82 overtook the B41 which was a quite surprise to me, guess which one is going artic first?
  13. I understand what you're saying but at the same time you're not taking into account the amount of space artic buses has over standard buses. People would pack into another bus if it were standard, but articulation accommodates space over time. Now if this were cuts given to a standard route, it would be very, very bad. The B44 sbs got its runs cut during april for the M14 sbs and its articulated and one of Brooklyns highest bus route. On top of that you have lots of other routes that are standard that have modest to high ridership that got cut back in spring. Off peak is different, and I know that but lets take it like this. If a depot has to put more buses onto a route that means they'll have to eventually cut another route in the same depot or another to make more buses run on that route itself.

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