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  1. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    That's a nice idea, but how would the S93 turn around at 8th Avenue under your proposal? Also, I would extend it to 60th Street for an easier connection to the B9 as well.
  2. JeremiahC99

    Routes that should have never moved or stayed

    Even if they built upward (adding another floor) or expanded onto the empty lot to the west of it?
  3. JeremiahC99

    Routes that should have never moved or stayed

    A traffic light at the bridge would be nice (make it a transit signal priority controlled one please), but wouldn't a better option be to replace the bridge with a modern and wider one. From what I see on the map (I've never been to the area due to lack of time and interest), at 47th Street, Grand narrows from one very wide lane in each direction with parking on both sides, to two very narrow lanes on the bridge. During the week, it is typically a bottleneck that slows travel down on the entire corridor. Maybe they can build a new bridge that is the same width as the road on either side of it , and would eliminate the bottleneck caused by the narrowing of the road on either side of the bridge. New modern walkways would also be added as well. The bridge should also have the NYS mandated clearance height of 14 feet. Also, why did they build a new depot in Maspeth Queens, when all they could've done was rebuild the old Crosstown Depot in Greenpoint to modern standards for bus engineering instead? Its much closer to the Brooklyn routes that serve the area and it would improve the deadhead times of some routes (the B43's north terminal is one block away from the depot).
  4. JeremiahC99

    Select Bus Service Planning

    The thing is that the M14 SBS is a long way from happening, but it will happen. The 36 LFSAs will go straight to SBS, and the 15 XE60s will be for local service, with the local fleet ending up with 55 buses. That way, there's more than enough buses for all of the Quill to cover service.
  5. JeremiahC99

    Select Bus Service Planning

    The MQ SBS routes will be 100% LFSAs when all said and done. 113 buses (77 2017-18s and 36 2019s) will be enough to provide enough service for the current SBS routes. Quill is getting the 15 XE60s for the M14. 40 2011-13 LFSAs and 15 XE60s would be enough for the M14 and M35 routes. All XD60s at Quill will be going to other depots in Manhattan and Brooklyn to retire older buses and expand articulation.
  6. JeremiahC99

    Select Bus Service Planning

    This is going to be interesting. I'm wondering how Manhattan Community Boards 4, 5, and 6 are going to react to this? What will they propose for the 14th Street corridor? Will they proposed the traditional curbside or offset bus lanes? Or will advocate for the full 14th Street closure or a median busway? So many questions to be asked here about this M14 SBS plan. Also keep in mind that they are the EXACT three community boards who asked for median busways along 23rd Street M23 SBS back in 2016, so they could ask for something similar to that.
  7. Welcome to the ninth circle of , and FYI, that is what one commenter on the Gothamist article wrote. More specifically, he said:
  8. Manhattanville an all-Diesel-Electric hybrid Depot. Diesel fuel is dead to them, so it would not make sense for them to get new diesel buses. However, with SI set to have the new LFS buses displace the Orion VII NG hybrids, it would make sense for some of those buses to be sent directly to Manhattanville so that way the hybrids can live out the rest of their lives in stop-and-go Manhattan traffic instead of creating a potential for those buses to crap out on the Verrazano Bridge and other high speed areas. Staten Island will be more reliable with diesels vs the older BAE Series-E HybriDrive system so that should solve their bus problems. SI will not be getting that 275 bus Diesel-Electric Hybrid order, either XDEs or the pending LFS HEVs.
  9. In the Fleets and Depots page, I did mention a potential bus assignment for Staten Island Division following the change in the order from Castleton and Charleston receiving 30 of the new LFS buses each and Yukon getting 47 LFS buses to Yukon getting all 77 LFS buses. In case you missed it, here was my suggested fleet assignment for the LFS: 8184-8251, 10 new LFS (78) Castleton 8252-8317, 67 new LFS (133) Yukon (around 36 of the new LFS buses would be used for S79+ Duty). That would've provided enough service for Staten Island by removing the older Orion VII Hybrids with the old BAE Series-E HybriDrive from high speed routes. What do you think of my assignments? Also, SI will have to wait for new artic buses since the ones on the mainland need to be replaced first, and Quill needs LFS buses 5567-5602 to complete their SBS fleet, and push out the oddball XD60s. Not only that, but an extra 2 buses for the S79 SBS would help with service reliability.
  10. That’s wired. I thought all of the NTTs have provisions for CBTC, since the R142/As were delivered in 1999, after the MTA decided to install CBTC in the Canarsie Line. After all, CBTC is a new technology for signaling systems so I am not sure on how it made sense for the NTT R142/As to not come with provisions with CBTC.
  11. All NTT cars are capable of being equipped with CBTC, including the R142/A. That contract that was issued was to install the CBTC equipment for Lexington Avenue and replace the doors and HVACs with new components similar to the R188.
  12. That 77 LFS bus order for Yukon is replacing every Orion VII Hybrid in that depot, including the S79 SBS fleet (4245-4278). At least 34-36 of those LFS buses will be for S79 SBS.
  13. It feels like they are too impatient to wait another few weeks or days for the LFS Yukon delivery to commence. Also, why does it feel like Staten Island needs to jump in front of the line for new buses when they are getting new ones in a few weeks? Like hello, new ones are arriving in a few weeks. It’s not that long.
  14. JeremiahC99

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Well there’s also another problem: the Depot is sandwiched by the Fresh Pond Road station to the south, the Fresh Pond subway Yard behind the Depot, and several homes to the north, with a few shops in front of it. As a result, building outward may not be ideal without disrupting / and service for some signicant amount of time, or permanently acquiring property for expansion, or even worse, giving up all or part of the Fresh Pond Subway yard entirely. Looks like for renovation, they got nowhere to go but up, as in, build another floor of the Depot to accommodate articulated buses. Have they ever considered doing that?
  15. JeremiahC99

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    That's just a theory on what can happen with the EN depot. Also, you don't have to quote posts twice in a single response. Quoting it once would do just fine here.


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