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  1. At Union Sq, there is an entrance on the SW side of the park that leads to the mezzanine serving the and platforms. As I often use that entrance when returning home from shopping in Union Square, I did see OMNY readers there. I also noticed OMNY readers at the turnstiles at the entrance to the northern end of the park. So it looks like all turnstiles in the station complex have the OMNY readers.
  2. I hope his potential successor is any of you guys on here (i.e, you, RR503, R68onBroadway, LaGuardia Link N Train, etc).
  3. From the , past West 4th Street, they can transfer to the or as well as the M20 bus on 7th Avenue S. Or the M55 on Broadway. However, the latter two options would suck another fare for those who have already used the transfer prior to getting to West 4th Street.
  4. Will this resolve all overpower and overweight issues on the buses?
  5. Exactly my point. I have proposed something similar in my grand plan (at least for the Astoria bit), and am including the deinterlining the QBL for my revised plan, which will encompass more plans than I initially encountered. However, on the note of deinterline the QBL, if you want to do the express to 53rd and Local to 63rd Street plan, you should also extend the as well, otherwise riders from the local stops lose access to Queens Plaza and Court Sq. With CBTC, I also recommend running all three trains at 12 trains per hour, for a total of 36 trains per hour on the local track. This would allow for decent service on all branches.
  6. I would’ve just removed Broadway service from QBL in its entirety, due to the being a sh*t show with its route on QBL and the 60th Street Tunnel connection being a bottleneck on the entire Broadway Line. My plans for the RBB go in tandem with the revisions for my grand master plan I posted last month in the proposals thread. The new plan would include the feedback from users who suggested some improvements, notably reworking the SAS and deinterlining QBL. While this is still a work in progress, one is the points here is that the RBB connection will NOT involve the Broadway Line in ANY capacity.
  7. I live a few blocks from Utica Avenue, more specially on the southern part of the corridor south of the Bay Ridge Branch. Here is what they have: -A few fast food restaurants -single or double story commercial and light industrial buildings -a parking lot -PS 326 (At Avenue J) -9 residential buildings (At Avenue M) All of these are located on the West Side of Utica Avenue, where the new line would be located (I have personally frequented a few of those commercial buildings), and can be easily be replaced with much better development (with a great payoff). Between Avenue O and Fillmore Avenue is the NYCT Flatbush Depot, housing nearly 250 buses serving Southeast Brooklyn routes. The depot would remain, but would be modified to house a small yard on the roof. Well with a good payoff, they should be able to relocate the businesses somewhere and accept a modern elevated on the west side of the street. Vanshnookenraggen also proposed an elevated on the West Side of the Street. http://www.vanshnookenraggen.com/_index/2018/03/the-future-of-the-utica-ave-subway/ And this should be done to the Rockaway Beach Branch. As a pre-existing outdoor rail structure surrounded by light commercial activity, reactivating the rail line would make the area near the line ripe for redevelopment. Perhaps an apartment near Liberty Avenue would be great.
  8. The chop shops would sue the to redevelop a neighborhood with a new modern elevated subway and new residential and commercial development so more people can come live in Flatlands? What are they smoking?
  9. How about instead of calling them elevated line, we call them Street viaducts. Paint the structure into pretty colors as well and that should do? After all, who wouldn’t like a concrete viaduct that is colored blue and yellow blending into the cityscape lol. On a more serious note, if we are to do more outdoor Subway, the one option we can do is an embankment in between the block rather than over the Street. Vanshnookenraggen proposed that for a modern plan for the Utica Avenue a Subway, having an elevated line on the west Side of Utica Avenue through Flatlands, and having development built around it to replace Chop shops.
  10. I heard. They gave a pamphlet in Downtown Brooklyn last week. The open houses will be starting in two weeks.
  11. I don’t know, but they would look great on routes in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island
  12. The revised list was done due to feedback concerning closely spaced stops and redundant connection issues. IN addition, I forgot to mention that one of my local bus plans for the RBB line was to extend the Q64 Jewel Avenue Bus via Austin Street and Yellowstone Blvd to Glendale at the Atlas Park Mall, providing local bus service along Yellowstone Blvd. This is why I decided to add a stop there, but a Q64 extension would have to be evaluated. However, because of additional feedback from you, I am further revising the stop list a bit. The Yellowstone stop would be eliminated and instead of stops at 101st Avenue and at Liberty Avenue, there would be a single station between Liberty and 103rd Avenue, and it would be called Liberty-103rd Avenues. The Q8 bus could then be rerouted to serve the station's 103rd Avenue entrance, but this would force the bus to deal with a somewhat narrow street. This would also be evaluated. New Stops (from south to north): Liberty-103rd Avenues Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn Manor-Jamaica Avenues Myrtle Avenue Metropolitan Avenue-Union Turnpike From Metropolitan Avenue-Union Turnpike, the trains would then enter the QBL, stop at 63rd Drive-Rego Park, and continue onward from there. Speaking of actual train service, I do have other plans for the service to serve the RBB, but I'll discuss this at another time. Finally, for the last part, an infill station at Linden Blvd/Centerville, it sounds like a good idea, since its near residential homes and would allow for the residents to have a closer alternaitve to the subway than walking to Cross Bay Blvd and taking the Q7/11/21/41 from there. I will look into this and possibly incorporate this into my own plans as well.
  13. I decided on my locations of the proposed stops to allow for better coverage for Richmond Hill. In addition, the Union Turnpike stop was added to allow for better access to the Forest View Crescent Apartments. However, I did not account for some of the stop spacing concerns you bring up. Maybe if I drop Liberty Avenue and Fleet Street stops, as well as consolidate the Metropolitan Avenue and Union Turnpike stops into a single station between Metropolitan Avenue and a point north of Union Turnpike as well, maybe we can accomplish both while allowing for adequate speeds. Final stops from South to north: 101st/103rd Avenue Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn Manor-Jamaica Avenue Myrtle Avenue Metropolitan Avenue-Union Turnpike Yellowstone Blvd What do you think?
  14. With the exception of the B64 going up Shore Road, these ideas were actually bought up a couple of times by both BrooklynBus and myself, and we even discussed one of them heavily (the B2 extension) early this year. They are all still very good. For the 13th-14th Avenue routes, for the endpoints, I would have one of them be at 4th Avenue and 86th Street to preserve a direct ride to the 86th Street station for upper 13th Avenue customers. Speaking of preserving service, last we argued about the service on Bay Ridge Avenue, one of your concerns was a lack of service to Coney Island from the Bay Ridge Avenue corridor. Looking back at it, I do feel guilty of not offering an alternative to the B64. However, I have come up with a new route to replace B64 service to Coney Island. The new would would supplement B2 and B9 service on Bay Ridge Avenue and be called the B72. The B72 would start at Bay Ridge-Shore Road, then run along Bay Ridge Avenue to 4th Avenue, where the B9 would split off as it would do today. At this point, the bus route would make limited stops. It would then follow the B2 route, running along Bay Ridge Avenue, 13th Avenue, and 65th Street to Bay Pkwy, stopping at major transfer points (8th Avenue, Ft. Hamilton Pkwy, etc.) At Bay Pkwy, local service would resume the B72 would then run along West 6th Street to 86th Street, then vía 86th, Shell Road, Neptune Avenue, and Stillwell Avenue to the Mermaid Avenue loop at Coney Island. This route would increase service along 65th Street while allowing for Coney Island access for those who still need it. It would also provide an alternative to notoriously inaccessible subway stations in Gravesend (between Church Avenue and Coney Island, the has ZERO stations with access for those in wheelchairs. How they were renovated with no elevators is beyond me). As for frequency, I do recommend running the routes at 6-8 minute frequencies (at most) to garner ridership. Finally, for the B37, I would keep the portion between 53rd Street and Atlantic Avenue for local service in Gowanus alongside the Limited stop B103 LTD.
  15. It least it was better than what I was initally proposing for my NYC Subway Grand Master plan (SAS using the RBB and Queens Bypass). Good thing I dropped that from my plan. Also, I'm surprised that they did not consider additional stations on the lien for better bus connectivity. From south to north, I would've proposed these stops for better connectivity: Liberty Avenue (Q112, ) 101st Avenue (Q8) Atlantic Avenue (Q24) Brooklyn Manor-Jamaica Avenue (Q56, /) Myrtle Avenue (Q55) Union Turnpike (Q23) Metropolitan Avenue (Q54) Yellowstone Blvd (QM12, QM42) Fleet-Dartmouth Streets That would've given more opportunities for Richmond Hill residents to ride the new line as well.

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