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  1. Malls, movie theaters, and gyms were originally included in phase 4, but were yanked from the phase 4 list last week due to being unusually riskier from a health standpoint. These will open at another date.
  2. At this point, we should just do some full scale deinterlining. More specifically: : unchanged. : Unchanged. : Norwood-205th Street to Euclid Avenue. Concourse Local/Peak express. 8th Avenue Express, Fulton Local. No *overnight service. : 168th Street to Coney Island. 8th Avenue Local, 6th Avenue Express, Manhattan Bridge, Brighton Local. *Overnight service to Norwood-205th Street. : Unchanged** : Unchanged** : Unchanged / : All Service will operate as trains. No skip stop service. : 71st Avenue to World Trade Center. Queens Blvd Local, 53rd Street, 8th Avenue Local**. *No overnight service. : Unchanged : Unchanged** except all *overnight service to Essex Street. /: 96th Street to Coney Island. Broadway Express, 4th Avenue Express, via Sea Beach, via West End. *Overnights to 96th Street vía Bridge, to Astoria-Ditmars via Tunnel. /: All trains operate as trains. Astoria-Ditmars to Bay Ridge-95th Street. Broadway Local, Tunnel, 4th Avenue Local. *Overnight service Whitehall to 95th Street. The IRT would remain mostly unchanged, absent new switches on the Eastern Pkwy Line, as would the shuttles. *1 AM to 5 AM subway service restored systemwide. **This plan is unperfect due to the end to retain Queens Blvd local and express service to Queens Plaza on existing tracks. This new subway service patterns would allow for more frequent and with less merging. However, as mentioned before, this plan is not perfect due to the pattern of the Queens Blvd services (the ), since it was based on preserving local and express access to Queens Plaza. However, I am willing to reevaluate this, and with some long term changes related to the Second Avenue Subway plans and the 63rd Street Tunnel, the pattern will definitely change. Though, with any deinterline plan, there’s going to be some controversy and negative feedback over the plan.
  3. M125? Really? Are they doing early implementation of the Bronx bus redesign?
  4. Weren’t some cars put in work service after retirement? And are you suggesting taking them out of work service and putting them back in passenger service? (Apologies for the extra questions). I was only concerned with the and train assignments, since and service is what concerns me. If they were to put the R32s back in service, how many would you suggest be on the ?
  5. So what you are saying is 144 R46 cars on the route, and 100 R32s alongside 210 R46 cars on the ? Will that be enough for both the A and Rockaway Park Shuttle?
  6. Two cars had a link bar break, splitting the consist apart during a run on the route at Chambers Street.
  7. I thought the city is still on track to reopen on June 8th, despite all of this.
  8. At this point, I’m praying to god the R211s do much better than the R179s.
  9. Isn’t the maximum one can put out with CBTC 36-40 trains per hour without deinterlining and 30-32 with some interlining (barring other issues such as terminal layouts, power issues, etc)? In addition, if we are looking for service increases with CBTC, I believe it’s high time to start working on deinterlining to juice out the maximum potential of CBTC. We ain’t getting 36-40 trains with excessive interlining.
  10. Found it, though I’m surprised they didn’t include 96th, 86th, and 72nd Street on the . That would’ve completed basically all of the Broadway services north of 34th.
  11. Where do you guys propose the portal can be placed for this to happen?
  12. True, though I still believe that Second Avenue could allow for better service coverage between 63rd and 42nd. While the transfers would be much easier, I feel that much of this can be better served by both the Northern Blvd Line and the SAS being hooked up with the Queens Blvd Line to replace current service on the local tracks (concurrent with building a new Queens subway from the 63rd Street Tunnel for the , and the SAS below 63rd Street being 4 tracks). The Northern Blvd Line would provide an alternative to the Flushing Line and the connect with the SAS at 72nd Street, while the Queens Blvd-SAS connection would provide an East-West Midtown pairing on the QBL, with the SAS on the local tracks to 71st Avenue and providing express service to West Midtown. With both, passengers can avoid the Lexington-Queens transfers altogether, and simply use the SAS instead between work and home (in the case of Queens Blvd, they can take one SAS train between home and work). The transfers at 42nd and 55th Street should be built as planned, though with the new connections and lines, I do foresee them being little used by riders travelling to/from Queens as most folks will use the SAS instead due to convenience of access in Queens, but that's just my take on things. For those that may insist on using Lexington Avenue, they should see trains less crowded since the SAS won't take all the ridership off Lexington, but rather take off a large chunk of riders to a point where there is breathing room on the trains. I may reevaluate that option if possible.
  13. It's working. Now that I see it, I would like to offer some of my own feedback. For the Second Avenue Subway, I've seen some of the discussion for the lower end of Second Avenue, and I don't know if I'm in the minority, but I do disagree with the SAS below 63rd Street routed along 3rd Avenue. My reasoning for it is because of its proximity to the Lexington Avenue Line to be useful. Yes you would have easier transfers to the current Queens-Manhattan crosstown lines, but the Third Avenue routing leaves much of the East Side east of 2nd Avenue a bit of a hike from the subways. For me, I'd rather keep SAS 3 on 2nd Avenue to allow for better access to the United Nations on 42nd Street and to residential areas east of 2nd Avenue. I also would've preferred to see the Jamaica Avenue elevated hooked up to the Fulton Street Line instead of going along Broadway to the Lower East Side. This would provide a more direct access between Jamaica and Lower Manhattan and actually save 20 minutes travelling between the two. While I do understand the concept for this is to provide express service to Midtown, this service could be provided by a cross-platform transfer to the and express, since those lines would make few stops in Brooklyn and Midtown and would now have faster service due to less merging (I'm assuming that the map you have assumes that the (P) would take over service on the local tracks). Also, how do you get that link to your custom map to work?
  14. The link doesn’t work. Also, is it me or is Google MyMaps acting very funny lately?
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