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  1. service will continue operate during the busiest times. I do anticipate almost all of the work to be done during overnight hours, when the shuttle isn’t running.
  2. Where is the motivation for them to improve their maintenance? There needs to be some incentive for them to improve maintenance.
  3. There is no point of having trains cross over when the trains are going from point A to point B with no stops in either direction, so the two tracks will operate independently of each other.
  4. Yes. The shuttle will from three and 4 car trains to 6-car R62A (and eventually R262) trains to allow for the reconfiguration of Times Sq to have an improved traffic flow, increased train capacity, and ADA Access. Track 3 would be removed and the bridge over track 4 would permanently be removed so that a train on track 4 needing to be serviced won't have to wait for the bridge to be removed in order to go through. However, say goodbye to the view of the Broadway-7th Avenue Line tunnels from the end of the platform.
  5. Commercial vehicles, such as buses and trucks, are not allowed on the Brooklyn Bridge, so buses usually take the Manhattan Bridge.
  6. They have had it for a while now. I even rode it on the same route from Junction, and it glitched out during my ride.
  7. Not even as a lovely shuttle around Co-op City with outer routes meeting up with the Bx23 at various places? Because with the current plan for the Bx23, Bx26, Bx28/38, Bx29, and Q50, they could use a free ride. However, a three-legged transfer does sounds like a good compromise for them (I could use one of those).
  8. I didn’t not mean every Select Bus route. I meant make a select few routes free, such as the Q70, Bx23, etc.
  9. Or make it free, along with any select routes in the damn borough. Not that damn hard to do, right?
  10. Not enough cars and demand supposedly. That was from when they were initially discussed it before the Second Avenue Subway. It was not well loved by passengers, since it replaced an express service (the ) via 53rd Street, and merely duplicated said line from 71st Avenue to end of line at Second Avenue. Also did not go into Brooklyn. The replacement line, the has more passengers on it than the once did.
  11. I agree that they screwed over everyone. However, the Northeast Queens Bus Study of 2015 did include a recommendation for a Downtown Flushing Bus Terminal as a long term solution for the areas traffic woes. New land would have to be found, but I believe that they could include a possibility of the local businesses to move in there. If the MTA would allow the local merchants to move into this new bus terminal with the same rent they currently pay, then maybe some of the complaints can be quelled.
  12. I believe merchants killed it because they feared that they would lose business if subway and bus passengers were able to transfer conveniently between the two underground without having to go through the streets and sidewalks.
  13. QV is also getting a generous order of 64 LFS buses to replace the 2003-04 units as well, with a fleet expansion of one bus (if one additional bus added to the roster even counts as an expansion lmao).
  14. If you are talking about the whole Orion VII original fleet in general, they will be replaced by a mix of new and displaced buses. The 2003-04 Orion VIIs and supposedly the first 158 2004-05 Orion VIIs are to be replaced together with the RTS (which has since been retired) by the current order of 367 XD40s, 251 LFS units, and 10 XDE40s. That is 628 buses total, enough to retire all of those buses, since 350 RTS + 125 Orion VIIs + 158 Orion VIIs equals 633 buses to be replaced. 628 buses should be enough to retire all of those units. The last 42 2004-05 Orion VIIs and all 216 2006-07 Orion VIIs under NYCT (6690-6905) are to be replaced by the upcoming order of 275 diesel-electric hybrid buses. 42 of the 2004-05 units + 216 of the 2006-07 units equals 258 buses needing to be retired, and 275 units is actually more than enough to replace the 258 units. If you are talking about the 2003-04 ones specially, read @Calvin‘s post.
  15. I also read that old article of yours and it is great. I like the idea of having a light rail replace the buses on Fulton Mall and Livingston Street. Light rail could be perfect for a shopping corridor like the Fulton Mall. I was also thinking of the same thing you are talking about, and DOT even recommended a bus terminal in Downtown for the routes. However, the difference between your idea and the DOT recommendation was that the DOT was proposing a bus shuttle to Tillary Street while you were proposing a light rail. However, DOT also proposed truncation of routes running along the Fulton and Livingston corridor to the new terminals, which is similar to what you want. However, the benefits are the same: reliability of the truncated routes now that they no longer have to deal with the Downtown congestion, which is something I have personally witnessed, especially along Jay St. As far as land is concerned, I know that there may not any be suitable spaces available for a bus terminal you envision today. However, this situation is not unique to Flushing, as even the MTA also recommended a bus terminal in there, but no suitable space is available. Just like Flushing, I do believe there will be available space in the future to build the terminal. And finally, the routes that should terminate there are the B25, B26, B37, B38, B41, B45, B52, and B67. All travel on Fulton and Livingston and will be able to terminate at the terminal, with the light rail providing replacement service in Downtown. However, the northern section of the B67 through the Navy Yard should be replaced by another route that can serve both Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard all at once (the initial goal of the B67. An extension of either the B61 from Fulton Mall to Williamsburg Bridge Plaza or the B32 from the Plaza to the Mall should be studied. The northern end of the B25 can also be served by the light rail as well. However, with the truncation of these routes to the terminal, bus service on these routes can be several times more reliable in the area most people are traveling (outside Downtown Brooklyn). The extra buses left over from this can be used for extra service. More specifically: Enhanced B25 bus service between Broadway Jct and the terminal Short turn B41 service operating between Nostrand Junction and it’s southern terminals. Better B41 service in general Better B67 and B69 service on 7th Avenue Those are some of the ideas that can be done with the extra buses. The B103 can continue to operate into Downtown via Livingston.

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