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  1. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Do you suggest it terminating at Flatlands/Fountain or building a bus stop at the Mail Facility? Also, I may have a better idea to serve the facility and the surrounding community: Extension of the B14: Service to the Postal Facility Loop would be discontinued. Once the route reaches Stanley Av, it would head east along Stanley, then south along Forbell before reaching the back roads of the facility. It would make one stop at the back road, near Forbell Street and Cozine Av, then proceed through the facility internal roadways to Flatlands Av, then west along Flatlands Av and follow the routing of the routes there to the Gateway Center Bus Terminal. This proposal may require the cooperation of the facility to work, but it can be done. Passengers for the eliminated route can walk one block or transfer to the B13 or B20 at Stanley Av or Linden Blvd. One benefit is that it would provide bus service to the small community bounded by Flatlands Av, Cozine Av, Grant Av, and Forbell St, improving travel out of their small isolated community.
  2. JeremiahC99

    MTA Eagle Team Will Ride Local Routes In Future

    I agree with the entitlement. They think that they are immune to being caught because they are students, yet don’t have any idea on the cost of their actions later on if they get caught. The Eagle Teams should force students to comply and actually use their MetroCard whether they want to or not.
  3. JeremiahC99

    Q70 is free ALL Thanksgiving week

    They should’ve made the Q70 free in the beginning. Doing so would’ve generated more money for the than they do with the route now.
  4. JeremiahC99

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Also first Cuomo-schemed bus to get in a REALLY BAD ACCIDENT and first bus in general to suffer MAJOR DAMAGE since 7430 was involved in last years collision in Flushing Chinatown. According to the daily news, here is the damage to the front: And you would think that these LFSA "Smart" buses would be able to withstand frontal collisions after claiming to exceed APTA's White Book crash worthiness requirements, but I guess not. Looks like the Smart bus name was a little bit exaggerated. Time to redo the crash-worthiness test APTA.
  5. B17 and B46 traffic on Utica Avenue in Crown Heights was at a standstill as well. Took me 10 minutes to go from Eastern Pkwy to Empire Blvd, maybe even more. To add to that, 10 buses going southbound and almost no one going northbound in Crown Heights. Total trip time: 30 or maybe 40 minutes from Eastern Pkwy to Flatlands Av. At least I made it home for a consolation birthday party with my family after initial plans were cancelled.
  6. To add on to that, I would also like to se those buses with the plug-style doors bus 5311 has. Better than the doors we have.
  7. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    My mistake. I read that post and it mentioned the part that you had an argument with the Service Planning department who insisted it was eliminated. I misunderstood that part. The bold part was the part that I misinterpreted.
  8. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    And they did not want to have the route go too far from it’s regular route? Do they care about the students?
  9. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Why would they eliminate that school tripper?
  10. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I’ll take that into account, but thanks for bring up the school tripper. I forgot to take that into account when making my map. And speaking of that, do you know of any schools in Brooklyn that COULD use some school trippers?
  11. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    What a great idea. Not to mention that more of your proposals would've complemented this, such as the combining the B64 and B70 via VA Hospital and 95th Street station, through routes along both Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and 13th/14th Avenues, bus service on 65th Street, and splitting of the now defunct B23. I have modified some of them to better suit current riders: Your proposed B86 along 86th Street would become an extension of the B1. All buses would operate between Shore Road and Manhattan Beach Your proposed B1 route along 65th Street, Avenue P and Avenue R would become an extension of the B2, using the route you proposed. Service on 16th Avenue and Cortelyou Road would be provided agin as follows: The Proposed B21 would carry the B23 designation. It would operate from 86th Street station, via the route you proposed, but instead of ending at Kings Hwy and Beverly Road, where nothing exists, it would head east along Beverly Road, Avenue B, and Remsen Avenue to Canarsie Plaza, improving travel to that shopping center. One modification I made was for 86th Street-bound buses, once they reach 60th Street, to head east on 60th Street, south on New Utrect Avenues, and 14th Avenue, and west on 61st Street to 13th Avenue to resume the normal route. This would improve access to the subway by directly serving the 62nd Street/New Utrecht station, which serves two subway lines, providing redundancy if one of the two subway lines there are out. Service on 16th Avenue would be served by extending routes on McDonald Avenue to operate along 16th Avenue. There are other mods I made to these proposals, which by the way are a piece or art and ingenious, and most of the system to suit riders of 2018, but my map has not been complete yet due to timing issues. Once that is done, there will be a visual representation of how the proposals look.
  12. JeremiahC99

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I agree with you. The more service, the better. On that end, I would like to propose both an extension of the B14 to Gateway Center Mall via the back roads of the Postal Faciltiy, stopping once at Forbell St near Cozine Avenue, through the back roads to Flatlands Avenue, then continue to the Gateway Mall. Service would not serve the Postal Facility Loop. The Postal Facility loop is one block away from Elderts Lane, so nothing would be lost. Additionally, the route would be rerouted to serve the Euclid Avenue station on the lines. Note that this was proposed by you in 2004 in this site: http://brooklynbus.tripod.com/id20.html. That page also contained a few other changes to serve gateway that have since been implemented (Proposal N: B83 to Gateway, Proposal O: Q8 to Gateway, which was modified before implementation).
  13. JeremiahC99

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    And to think that the Allison vs BAE competition was about to begin. Looks like the hybrid bus bloodbath will have to wait.
  14. JeremiahC99

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Apologies for asking about all this engine and transmission stuff since I not that much of an expert about the inner workings of a vehicle, but how do you configure a transmission on an Xcelsior bus or any vehicle, and what transmission configuration do the new XD40s and the 4800s have? Speaking of Xcelsior buses, does New Flyer offer the plug-style doors (like what Nova LFSA 5311 has) as an option for the rear doors rather than the doors we have now on our Xcelsiors buses? I feel that they could be great for our buses.
  15. JeremiahC99

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    So where’s the sound difference between the EPA 15 ISL9 on the 2015 XD40s and the EPA 17 ISL9 and EPA 17 L9 on the 2018 XD40s then? I thought the 2018 XD40 configuration was better than the 2015 configuration.


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