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  1. Was it supposed to be a joke, because somehow, I have a hard time not taking things seriously. That does sound correct. The ride from Ditmars to 34th Street making every single Astoria Line stop on the map does not take that long anyway. It would be different if the line went out farther east in Queens serving LaGuardia Airport and even parts of Northeastern Queens with no subway service. If that were true, then we would have express service to cut down on travel time between NE Queens and Manhattan. However, this is not the case, so no express service for them.
  2. Why would the elimination of a not-beneficial Astoria express cost them dearly? After all, nobody used the when it ran express between Queensboro and Astoria.
  3. Very true. I believe this is the reason why some of us shouldn’t be relying on the forums info, though I remember you saying this to me in the comments of one of your videos: And that comment came from this video:
  4. I was just asking. Apparently, East New York took down the section from the first page that detail the orders and deliveries through 2022. That’s where I found the plan for change.
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s 30 extra XD40s for MTA NYCT, plus the 25 for MTA Bus, correct? Also, What happened with that option they had on the table to change the MTA Bus order to diesel-electric hybrid? Is that not going through anymore?
  6. Well I was thinking of it since both the B6 and B103 would be serving almost the exact same areas, and it would be nice to have all of them on the same streets to increase convenience for and subway riders. Also, I felt like it would've been a big opportunity to introduce some brand new services and rework our limited stop service. In the report, it mentioned that the problem with Limited Stop (LTD) and Select Bus Services (SBS) is that they both require longer walks to the bus stop. Otherwise in some cases, they would be forced to take a slower local. As someone who does that longer walk everyday when taking the B46 SBS at Avenue K, even though I live closer to the local B46 stop at Avenue L, I can tell you how tiring that can be. What if there was another type of service that doesn't require you to walk very far and have a faster service to the subway? The solution is simple. With the B6, B6 LTD and B103 LTD all on Avenue H and Avenue L between Flatbush Avenue and East 105th Street, we can have three tiers of service to cater for the large crowd for the and trains. The first one is your basic B6 Local service, making all stops. The second is the basic B6 LTD service that stops at select stops and major transfer points, connecting with bus routes. The final tier of service is a service that makes all stops to a certain point, then non-stop straight to the subway. I call this the SUPER Rapid Bus Service (stylized as SUPERapid). A SUPERapid route is a type of route that make all stop up to a certain point on the route, then past that point, the bus makes no stops to the nearest subway station. This type of service would work in transportation deserts and for routes that travel a considerate distance between the start of the line and the first stop it intersects. The B103 would be a perfect candidate for SUPERapid service. Under my plans for such a service on the B103, the route would make all stops between the first stop at Williams Avenue, and the intersection of Ralph Avenue and Flatlands Avenue, which is the border of the Canarsie neighborhood, for which this route will serve. From this point, the line would then make no stops to the Flatbush Avenue station of the and trains. The route would run every 5 minutes. Since all service would be under the SUPERapid livery, The B6 LTD would make any stops the B103 makes now as a Limited but wont do as a SUPERRapid, while the B6 would have local service for those who still need it. However, the B103 SUPERRapid route would provide a faster service to ALL of southern Canarsie without the long walking the traditional LTD and Select Bus Service routes entail, the walking that some people CAN'T handle, such as elderly folks. Another candidate for the service is the B82 and the recently-launched B82 SBS on Flatlands Avenue and Kings Hwy. The route serves Spring Creek Towers, and the nearest subway is at Rockaway Pkwy . In Canarsie, many people also ride the B82 and B82 SBS to the Kings Hwy station, and this service is immensely popular. As the B83 and potential B85 also serves the complex, and travels a considerate distance to the nearest subways as well, either one of the routes would be converted as a later date. However, for the B82, this would actually be TWO SUPERapid routes in one. To do this, the proposed B82 SUPERapid would start at the current B82 terminal at the Spring Creek Towers loop, and will not travel to Gateway Mall. From here, the B82 would serve every stop in the complex along Pennsylvania Avenue to Flatlands Avenue. From here, the bus makes no stops to the busy Rockaway Pkwy stop, where most people transfer. After serving Rockaway Pkwy, the route resumes making stops along Flatlands Avenue to Ralph Avenue to sevre Canarsie. After Ralph Avenue, the line exits Canarsie and makes no stops until the Kings Highway and station. After this point, the route would terminate at Coney Island Avenue. This would speed up service to the Subway for riders living in Spring Creek Towers and in Canarsie. The idea for such a service is not new. A similar idea was introduced in the Northeast Queens Bus Study in 2015, when the MTA proposed a "Limited-Zone" service for some routes in Northeast Queens. NE Queens is not served by a single subway line, compared to some parts of Brooklyn, and those living there drive or rely on bus service to get around. The Limited Zone service for its NE Queens lines consisted of a combination of Limited and Express service, in which buses make limited stops along an outer part of a certain route, then non-stop to the nearest subway stop, such as Flushing-Main Street. Refer to page 68 for details. A similar idea should be tried for routes in Brooklyn as well, with Canarsie and Spring Creek routes as the testing ground. As far as the B49, the replacement for the Rogers Avenue service is the B44. The line would make the same stops as the current B49, so nothing is being lost. The section of Ocean Avenue north of Foster that the B49 will now travel on really could use a bus service. After all, rerouting the B49 to Ocean Avenue and east along Empire Blvd not only improves travel, but closes two service gaps in one shot. Its a no brainer. All the B49 does on Rogers and Bedford is steal clientele off better performing routes and deny easy travel for everyone in the neighborhood. For example, if one wanted to go from Midwood to Costco or Industry City in Sunset Park, one has to needlessly travel east on Foster Avenue then up Rogers Avenue before reaching Church Avenue. This unnecessarily adds about 15 minutes to their trip. With the new B49 on Ocean Avenue, one can travel north on Ocean Avenue directly to Church Avenue and hop on the B35. The 15 minutes saved from not having to needlessly travel east would be reinvested for more shopping time in Industry City. Essentially, its a 15 minute head start shopping there. In addition, residents on Ocean Avenue between Foster Avenue and Parkside Avenue no longer have to walk far to catch the bus as well. New York Avenue will be covered by the B40 and nearby B43 (the latter north of Empire). Somehow, there is a side benefit to this proposal, as well as a few proposals here. The side benefit is that some of my friends actually live along some of the proposed routes. How is this a side benefit, here's the thing. My girlfriend lives on Cortelyou Road, where the proposed B23 would travel on going between 86th Street and Canarsie Plaza. Another one of my friends lives on Ocean Avenue, along the route of the proposed B49. In comparison, I live two blocks from Utica Avenue, near the unchanged B46, as well as Avenue N, near the route of the proposed B9 and B10, Avenue K near the proposed B11 route, and Flatlands Avenue near the existing B82. With all of these proposed changes, it would be much easier for me to reach them. For example, if I wanted to go visit my girlfriend at home, I could take the B46 to Avenue D, and ride the proposed B23 to the stop nearest her home. Similar with my other friend, if I wanted to visit her (or her brother as well), I could take the B82 to Ocean Avenue and ride directly to her apartment, simple as that. I could have out with them more. Looks like Allan just made my life easier. Anyway, the reason why they have so many routes to JFK Airport and Gateway Mall is that both of those locations are poorly served by bus routes coming from the Southern Brooklyn area. This is why many people take cabs and car services or drive to these locations. One time, a family friend had to drive to the airport to pick up a friend. The multitude of proposed routes would get people out of their cars and onto the buses as trips that currently require three or more buses can now be done in less than two buses. Sure better than walking along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway or Grand Central Pkwy to reach LaGuardia.
  7. Agreed. It gets very nauseating, and tiresome.
  8. At this point, with all the restrictions on where they can run, such as depot and route clearances, wouldn't be just more logical to have the entire 307 express bus order go to MCI the MCI D45 CRT LE coaches and call it a day? They can run them on any route without any clearance issues.
  9. I also find your work impressive, though I would've done a couple of things differently. The Kosciusko Bridge congestion I'm also aware about, since I've been down there a few times, and especially at night, it does get very slow. The Belt Pkwy does the same thing, having an HOV 2+ or 3+ lane on parts of the Pkwy between the Verrazano Bridge and the Airport. I also recommend possibly looking into one for the Kosciusko Bridge, as well as one some other highways with bus service. In addition to the feedback I posted yesterday, I do have a few other concerns for other routes: 1.) For the B6 and B103, I do see that the B6 would be on Glenwood Road and the B103 on Avenue H. Both would meet to serve Avenue L together before splitting on East 105th Street. While I do like this idea, since it preserves access to the Breukelen Houses at Williams Avenue, I do have concerns about the B6 being on Glenwood Road, and B103 one block south, while still serving the same areas. The problem I do see is that the B6 would actually miss the major transfer point at Utica Avenue and Avenue H. While the new routing does serve the B46 at Glenwood, the SBS or the northbound local does not stop near the intersection, requiring riders connecting between the routes to cross the wide and dangerous Kings Hwy to do so. I understand its for coverage issues, but still, it would be somewhat of an inconvenience. The same also goes for the connection to the and at Flatbush Avenue. This is also a huge transfer point for the B6 and B103, but in the current plans, the B6 would continue to stop one block away and the B103 would continue to be at the more convenient spot in front of the station. What this situation does is force riders coming off the train to pick a bus to take and hope it comes first, risking missing the other bus if it comes first. To me, having to deal with the situation with the Q35 and B41, that does sound like an inconvenience, especially for Canarsie riders along Avenue L, where the B6 and B103 would be going. What I do recommend is having the B6 rerouted off Glenwood Road and onto Avenue H with the B103. Both the B6 and B103 would share the same travel path between the and trains and East 105th Street/Avenue L, where the routes split off. B6 and B103 LTD would share the same LTD stop pattern, stopping at the major transfer points and destinations. B6 local service would be increased as a result. This change would allow for Canarsie riders who are coming from the and trains to get off the train, exit the stop, wait at the bus stop, and be able to take the first bus that comes at that same spot, increasing convenience. The only drawback would be that riders on Glenwood Road would have to walk one block south to Avenue H to reach the buses. A similar proposal should also be looked into for the Q35 to also do the same thing, without congesting the area too much. On that note, with the multitude of buses serving the Flatbush station, this should be one of the candidate locations for installation of overnight holding lights, to ease connections between the buses and the at this location, especially if my recommendations go through. 2.) A similar problem currently exists with the proposed B69 route, since the proposed reroute back to 8th Avenue/Prospect Park West would cause it to miss that connection to the 7th Avenue stop (those two are faster to reach midtown than the and the ). However, since the line will serve the western end of Prospect Park, it would be better to keep it there to make it more convenient to reach the park. However, there should be somewhat of a compromise to ensure that the B69 continues to serve the 7th Avenue , while allowing for restored service to Prospect Park West. What can be done is possibly have the route "loop" to serve the stop, similar to what the B82 does now at the Rockaway train stop, and what you propose for the B14 at the Euclid Avenue . I honestly feel that with the B67 rerouted from McDonald Avenue, those passengers would still want to have bus service to that station. Buses going northbound would turn left at Union Street, the right on 7th Avenue, then stop at the station. From there, it would go via Grand Army Plaza to resume the regular route. For southbound buses, after Grand Army, the route would merge onto Union Street rather than Prospect Park West, then head west on Union Street, and follow the same routing as the northbound alignment, still stopping at the station, before going to merge onto Prospect Park West at the Grand Army. This would allow for the B69 to continue to serve the station like today, while still having the route back on 8th Avenue for park access. This also allows for some redundancies in the system, so that in the even the and are delayed, like what was the case a while back due to network problems, B69 passengers coming from Manhattan can instead take the and to 7th Avenue instead and still have B69 access. They could also use the B67 as well, further increasing options. 3.) For the routes serving the Navy Yard, I like how the B69 serves the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza, something the B67 extension failed to address. This allows for new access. However, the new proposal fails to connect the Brooklyn Navy Yard with Dumbo and Downtown Brooklyn, which was why the B67 extension was implemented in the first place. Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, and the Navy Yard are all growing residential and commercial communities, especially with the Navy Yard and the tech sector. What I also recommend is that some of the B62s serve the Navy Yard as well, preserving that link through the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. The B69 would remain to allow direct access between Fort Greene and the Navy Yard for potential workers. Either that or an extension of the proposed B24 through the yard, or maybe a standalone route would do. 4.) For the B23 to Remsen/Foster Avenues at Canarsie Plaza, that was something I came up with a while ago, though I would've done it by having the route go east on Avenue B and south on Remsen Avenue to get there. I believe I posted it here on the forums a while back. Otherwise, great work. I also recommend having the B33 LTD go on Avenue D to allow for B23 customers looking to reach JFK to transfer to the line as well, avoiding a double fare for 13th Avenue residents looking to get to JFK, but overall still good. 5.) I like having a short run B46 operating between Williamsburg Plaza and Church Avenue during the rush hours. However, I've seen Broadway at various times and I've heard that its one of the lower use segments of the line, with 9% of the routes ridership travelling along it. Its also one of the slower speed segments as well. This is why the SBS terminates at DeKalb Avenue. I do recommend splitting off the short route into two routes: The B46 route, operating between Kings Plaza and DeKalb Avenue A B96 route, operating between Williamsburg Plaza and Church Avenue (the B46 short route). This would ensure that during most times of the day, B46 passengers in Crown Heights and Flatlands do not get delayed due to traffic issues on Broadway, especially during middays and weekends. During nights, the B46 would continue to travel on Broadway, with no B96 service. As a daily user of the route, I did think of an idea while back to improve this route, which was to truncate all B46 service to DeKalb Avenue, with another route replacing it on Broadway, preferably a Q24 extension. Do you think its a good idea? Does that cause more harm than good, especially to other routes? What do you think. 6.) For the B71, I recommend having it also serve Red Hook, ensuring that area also has bus service to Manhattan as well, given the long commutes to Manhattan, despite it being nearby. These are some concerns and feedback I have on the proposals, with some ways to improve them to make it more conductive to bus-subway transfers and direct access. I also do recommend looking into ways to adequately serve the Resorts World Casino in Ozone Park from Brooklyn (especially from the southern part) as well, as well as more routes connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. Otherwise, its very impressive, despite some of the disagreements with it.
  10. It’s NIMBYism at its finest. I bet we won’t see any end to this. And look at that. More coverage on this. It’s the ruling heard round the world. And in this case, Arthur Schwartz is the definition of annoying.
  11. Breaking news: 14th Street busway on hold indefinitely due to appellate court approving an appeal by residents. Link: https://abc7ny.com/traffic/14th-street-busway-plan-put-on-hold-indefinitely-dot-confirms/5456338/ There should be more coverage on this soon, but seriously, does this ever end?
  12. Washing ones face does result in sensible changes, NOT wet dreams. I mean who doesn’t want straighter and more direct B16 and B49 service.
  13. Interestingly enough, I may have gotten it from this video: And this is actually a video from Cait Sith's second YouTube Channel, ShaneAkACaitSith810. In the page for this video, he adds in the description: Now I know that I shouldn't trust YouTube as a credible source, but seeing that Shane is a moderator here, I will trust them. I also know that circumstances have changed since that statement and video has been posted, but we will see.
  14. I beg to differ. A straight B49 route along both Ocean Avenue and Empire Blvd, coupled with other improvements in the Bedford/Rogers area to maintain service are no-brainers. It IS a sensible improvement. That route closes the service gaps in the area and makes travel more simpler for everybody. With these changes, those looking to go from Midwood near Ocean Avenue to Kensington via the B35 would no longer have to go 15 minutes out of their way just to catch the busy Church Avenue route. Its a straight shot up Ocean to Church and your home free. Even on Empire Blvd, just ONE block of no bus service on Empire Blvd makes bus travel difficult by 10 fold. This B49 change successfully rectifies this mistake. The same can be said for changes to the Fort Hamilton and 13th Avenue corridors, where gaps in service also make bus travel difficult. By having the B16 stay on Fort Hamilton Pkwy from 86th Street all the way to McDonald Avenue, and having the B23 take 13th and 14th Avenues all the way to McDonald Avenue, connecting to Canarsie Plaza, the bus travel in this area becomes more simpler and direct, like it should be and the way its supposed to be. Nobody should have to sit through needless turns, unnecessarily adding time to trips, time that could be better spent elsewhere, like more shopping (I feel that these two changes to the B16 and B23 could bring in more people to the 86th Street corridor, which means more shopping, and more business, and more commerce, especially during the holidays). This all has nothing to do with "wet dreams".
  15. I've been looking at your proposals and they are great. I do like that you incorporated some of your old proposals from 2004 and incorporated them into your new proposals of 2019. It does look better than what I was coming up with, but its still impressive. I do have some feedback for the proposals: 1.) To me, the changes to the B9 and B41 are the most obvious ones I should look at first. Under your plans, the B9 would be rerouted from Kings Plaza to Bergen Beach via Avenue N and reducing the Bergen Beach Brand of the B41 to a rush hours and overnight shuttle to the and trains at Flatbush Junction labeled the B10. I was thinking of a similar idea when making my proposals. However, I would've called your B10 route the B91. Either way, I like it, especially the B41 Bergen Beach changes. As a commuter who frequents the B41 during rush hours, I can't begin to tell you how delayed this bus is due to traffic uptown. I mean, why should passengers along Avenue N be delayed due to a traffic issue in Flatbush, especially in the center portion of the route? It makes no sense. By shortening this route, passengers of this line like me should see more reliable service, all without any delays. In addition, during middays and weekends, these B41 buses carry virtually nobody. On my most recent trip, I boarded a B41 Limited at my nearby stop on Avenue N and East 55th Street, and a local passed it. During my entire ride to Atlantic-Barclays, both buses were nowhere near a seated load. rush hours is a totally different story. I believe that a B9 reroute would create a perfect crosstown route through this section of Brooklyn and draw more passengers to the route for non commute purposes, especially to Bay Ridge. An A+ in my books. I do recommend you increase B41 service to every 8 minutes and have your proposed B10 at every 10 minute headways. 2.) The B11 extension along Avenue K to Ralph Avenue is another obvious change I've looked at. I live one block from Avenue K and I do see the route as one that I would frequently use on my adventures. I also was thinking of the same thing, except the turnaround would've been different. In my proposal, the bus would operate in two directions on Avenue K, like what you have on your map of the proposed B11, but as I said, the turnaround at Ralph Avenue would be different. At East 59th Street, the B11 would turn right, and operate along East 59th Street, Avenue L, and left on Ralph Avenue to a layover spot about 200 feet from the current B47 bus stop. Going to Sunset Park, the B11 would operate on Ralph to Avenue K, then turn onto Avenue K to resume the normal route. While this would've forced the bus onto residential streets, it would better serve the Georgetown Shopping Plaza. It appears you proposed to have the route turn around via Avenue K, East 72nd Street, and Ralph Avenue, which is still close to the Georgetown Plaza. However, no matter the turnaround, I like this as well. Personally, this route would actually reduce my walking distance to reach the bus, and allows me to get to not only the and , but also to the and the , etc. Another good one in my books. 3.) For the B2, B31/B81 and B82, I'm going to collectively review together. I like how you kept the basic concept of the B2 and B31 the same as what you proposed in 2004, with one route going east from Kings Plaza and another going south on Gerritsen Beach. The overlap on Avenue R to the Kings Hwy where they again split: one route goes up along 65th Street to Bay Ridge, while the other goes across town in Southern Brooklyn to the Gravesend Bay. With this modified proposal, the B2 would continue to be on 65th Street, and the B31 now goes on Kings Hwy right through the heart of it all. Very impressive. However, I'm concerned that you didn't include that deviation for the 65th Street route you proposed in 2004, which would allow for the 65th Street route to better serve the 62nd Street/New Utrecht Avenue station, which was just upgraded to include elevators for the disabled. I would suggest having that deviation to better serve the newly upgraded complex, since I fear that this will drop off elderly riders at the Bay Ridge Avenue station, which was renovated without elevators. The B31 extension across town is also a good one, though I would've done it (or any extension of the B31) without renumbering the route, but its still a good proposal nonetheless. The drawback is that most riders on the B82 would have to transfer at Coney Island Avenue to continue their trip, but how many people go from Gravesend to Canarsie? Is it that significant? However, I would personally trade that for a more reliable B82 route (I'm not interested in accessing the train on the B82) 4.) The changes on for the B44, B44 SBS, and B49 are obviously a no-brainer. A straight route along Ocean Avenue and Empire Blvd all the way to Utica Avenue, closing gaps on Ocean Avenue and Empire Blvd in one route. It couldn't get any more simpler than that. That's a great one. I like how the B44 local and SBS are on the same route, with the B44 SBS to Kingsborough added as a branch as well, which is a plus, but I would've done it a little differently. Under my plans, I would've incorporated the old B5 Coney Island-Kings Plaza route from 2004, since I wanted to allow easy access to the Mall from other parts of Southern Brooklyn. Here, the B4 would be truncated to Sheepshead Bay Station. However, as the route serves Plumb Beach, and the Sheepshead Bay stop is the most preferred stop for the area, there would be some significant changes. Under my plans, all Nostrand Avenue service to Plumb Beach would be discontinued. B44 local service would terminate at Emmons Avenue and Nostrand Avenue. The B44 SBS would be rerouted to Kingsborough College, just like what your proposed branch, but I would've added some additional stops to expand its usage beyond transporting students, unlike other ideas. The B5 would then operate every 8 minutes. However, your new plan is good too. Like I said, its a no-brainer. 5.) The only thing I can say about the B16 and B23 changes on Fort Hamilton Pkwy and 13th Avenue is that its another no brainer. Straight, direct, simple. Couldn't ask for anything more. I also like how you have the B23 serve Canarsie Plaza. That's a good one. I'll continue to look through the proposals tonight and tomorrow, but for now, great job.

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