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  1. True, but if these people are going to spend like 20-30 minutes on a non-SBS bus route, at least make it worth their time by including premium amentities, like WiFi and USB charging.
  2. Flatbush is receiving 10 year old outdated garbage (no offense) from Thr Bronx ans SI, while everyone else is getting state-of-the-art buses. How fair is that? If FB were to get additional new XD40s to replace the RTS, that would've bought the number up to 69. 48 for B46 SBS and 21 for Local service. Combine that with 63 2014-15 XD40s 7304-7365 and 7483, that would've been 84 relatively modern buses for the local routes, alongside the 61 NGs. They are treated unfairly because they are currently NOT receiving new XD40s in the local scheme while everyone else in Brooklyn is. As a taxpayer, it is really unfair that this is happening Yes, some of us are sad about the RTS being retired, but I'm not happy about the whole XD40 situation with buses (especially the 2014-15 units as of late) going hot-potato all over Brooklyn. Really, because it looks like we have an administration that is favoring more affluent and richer neighborhoods over less privileged. Nope. This war started this morning. Call me a bus fan all you want, but I'm more than that. I am a Old Mill Basin resident that have lived here since I was two years old and have braved buses all my life. I've been around to witness multiple changes to the bus system, to the delivery of the new XD40s to the implementation of the B46 SBS. My profile picture is actually the front of a B46 SBS bus at Utica Avenue and Avenue K, the nearest SBS stop from my house. My main issue here is that Flatbush is continuing to get stuck with old 10-year old buses for their local routes, while everyone else in this division is getting new local routes. Manhattanville is in the same situation, but these new buses delivered now to Manhattan are diesel, which they're not interested in in the long term. But Flatbush is a bus depot that can take anything except CNG buses, so this is unforgivable. My point is that FB should deserves new local buses as much as everyone else in the city and as I've stated many times, its totally unfair for them to not give them to us. after all, we pay taxes as much as everyone else in the city, so we deserve better.
  3. But that’s for SBS service on the B46 SBS. Meanwhile we ain’t getting jack shit for local routes in terms of new buses. That’s unfair.
  4. The NG Hybrids were so 2009. It’s 2019. The technology has changed since then. What year are you living in? True, but FB will still be mostly outdated NGs until the new XDE40s. What I am wishing for is at least 21 of the current 2018-19 XD40s to be for FB local service to give tax-paying riders on the non-SBS routes new buses. Hopefully with an extra 30 buses added to the order, there should be some fairness for FB by giving them 21 local XD40s.
  5. Bro what are you talking about? Flatbush Local riders deserve new buses as much as everybody else in this city and the fact that this depot was passed up for new local buses is just totally unfair. Why do more affluent neighborhoods and Depots get new local buses while the less rich and affluent Flatbush Depot doesn’t? It’s total discrimination. What bus lines do you live by and/or take on a daily basis, and what Depots are they dispatched out of? If they’re not from Flatbush, then it’s easy for you to tell FB folks to cool down. Until FB has a newer fleet of new scheme XD40s and XDE40s for local service, the I will still believe that there is something against FB.
  6. I know, right? The people who take the Flatbush local routes pay the same taxes as everyone else in the whole city, so they deserve new buses as much as everyone else here.
  7. No wonder I have the belief that there is something against Flatbush. All the other depots have started to take all the good fleets from us. First when the new 76xx XD40 buses came in, they take 1/3rd of our 73xx XD40 buses from us when in reality, they could’ve just retired the RTS direct or moved the ones in best shape to another depot to replace deteriorating RTS buses there (like to EN and UP), then Quill cuts in to our XD60 order for the upcoming M14 SBS when they should’ve just waited for 61xx buses to come back from bus company and kept 6109-6125 for the service, and now we are not getting anymore new XD40s for the local routes which will result in the the SBS routes getting to enjoy new buses while the other local routes will be stuck with hand-me-down hybrids? And UP is also stealing the 2014-14 XD40s from everyone else in Brooklyn as we speak? Hello!!! There are routes people utilize called the B2, B31, B41, B44 Local, B46 Local, and B49, and they exist for people to use them. Those routes riders (as well as myself since I take the B41) pay taxes as well, and as taxpayers who use this system, deserve new buses as much as everyone else in this city.
  8. Are you saying that it’s okay to have the B44 Local and SBS to continue carrying 12 passengers per 61 foot XD60 while the B1 and B49 local and LTD continue to be packed to the gills due to student dismissal times? The situation at Kingsborough is unacceptable and needs to be fixed, and making more unnecessary B49 LTD trips clogging Ocean Avenue is unacceptable. Besides, if you’re insisting on adding more B49 LTD trips, you’re just better off rerouting those B44 SBS trips to Kingsborough so they can put passengers on those trips and make some money. Nobody is getting hurt by this proposal, since south of Avenue X the B44 local and SBS are virtually empty. That way we can split the B49 LTD into a separate route since there would be no need for a LTD service on Bedford Avenue. It’s 2019. Time for a change.
  9. For GH and KB, I have a gut feeling that the remaining NGs not displaced by the LFS will be displaced by the next hybrids that are due in the future, since they are potentially in line for the next hybrid order.
  10. The route ridership went up 29 percent between 2005 and 2010, according to an old article of yours: https://bklyner.com/now-is-the-time-for-the-mta-to-investigate-alternate-fare-structures-sheepshead-bay/. Now that its 2019, it is high time for them to consider restoration of this service, as it has potential for massive benefits in Crown Heights, Park Slope, and others. I propose that the route be restored in a similar fashion to what Council Member Brad Lander is proposing, with the route running from Crown Heights, via Red Hook, and the Battery Tunnel into Lower Manhattan at the Fulton Street subway station. However, the difference between what I am proposing and Lander's version is that east of the Brooklyn Museum station, the route continue east to Bedford/Rogers Avenue, then use those streets to shift onto St. Johns Place, and continue there to Ralph Avenue. This would also serve more of Crown Heights, but I believe it may be overkill. In addition, the Red Hook section would be eliminated in favor of a direct route via Hamilton Avenue to the entrance of the tunnel. In its place, I am proposing a restored B77 route that would overlay the B61 from Park Slope to Hamilton Avenue, then via the Battery Tunnel to the Fulton Street Subway Station. This would allow for a direct, and quicker bus ride from Park Slope into Lower Manhattan in favor of the / to the move. An extension of the route south along McDonald Avenue would be studied as well. If the whole route may not work, then Lander's B71 Red Hook route holds.
  11. With a growing enrollment at Kingsborough CC and the other CUNY Campuses, I feel that it may not be enough. This is where the B44 SBS comes in. South of Avenue X, the B44 SBS carries at most 12 passengers on a 62-foot long LFSA, which are being phased out of B44 SBS service as of this post. Meanwhile, B1 and B49 service is packed to the gills every time the school lets out due to a high surge of students leaving the campus. To mitigate this, most of those B44 SBS trips to Knapp Street, and all short turns terminating at Avenue U, would instead be rerouted to serve Kingsborough CC. This would bring relief to the B1 and B49 route, and provide faster service between Kingsborough and Flatbush, where most students live. Service would be more efficient because with buses rerouted to serve areas of need, those 61-foot long XD60s (the new fleet for the B44 SBS) will that is displacing the LFSAs) be filled on both branches, and B49 riders still needing that service would be less crowded, rather than cramming everyone onto 40-foot buses jamming, and creating a conga line on Ocean Avenue and on Rogers Avenue. The B49 LTD on Rogers Avenue would no longer be needed, and would be split off into a separate Limited stop route running along the length of Ocean Avenue and Empire Blvd (which would serve another ridership base) to Crown Heights. For the B1, extra service would be provided as well between Brighton Beach and the College. To do this, NO buses would deadhead from the terminal to the college after these shuttles make the shuttle trip to the station, thus allowing the availability of extra buses to cover service.
  12. God they are so damn arrogant. If the public wants a B51 from Grand Army so they can avoid , then GIVE THEM THE DAMN ROUTE. What is so hard about that, since local bus routes to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge or the Carey Tunnel have potential to be successful?
  13. That is NOT enough during Kingsborough dismissal times. The B1 and B49 is one hell of a crap-shot service during those times, with buses becoming instantly full at the first stop and making a grand total of ZERO stops in Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, and Sheepshead Bay. Having B44 SBS service serve Kingsborough as a branch running from Fulton St would relieve crowding on the nearby buses and subways by providing passengers an alternative to crowding onto the already-overwhelmed B1 and B49 and piling onto the and . And if you think that was bad, you should read up on the Memorial Day fiasco from several years ago.
  14. B44 ridership south of Avenue X during the off hours is very light. Meanwhile, B1 and B49 service during the class dismissal times is a total shitshow, with buses becoming instantly crowded at Kingsborough and not even stopping in Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach. By having the B44 SBS serve it, with fare machines over there, and having some B44 SBS buses serve the stop, crowding can be reduced on the B1, B49, and the and by diverting those subway riders to the parallel and trains. Those going to central Flatbush would be able to have a faster ride, while those needing the and would enjoy less crowded conditions on the line. The B49 LTD would then be split off into another route running the length of both Ocean Avenue and Empire Blvd. The idea is not new. Allan Rosen, a Manhattan Beach resident who goes by @BrooklynBus came up with this very ingenious ideas. The plan has been discussed on Sheepshead Bites (now Bklyner) a few times when the B44 SBS was being planned, and also when the crowding conditions on the B1 and B49 during school dismissal times became so severe. It was also briefly bought in November as a suggestion in attracting Bus ridership when redesigning the routes. It’s 2019. Let’s start improving service in Manhattan Beach.
  15. What I meant was that the might have had surplus room for extra people to board, so I though they should’ve rerouted all the go via 63rd to pick up more people there. But nope, what ended up happening was this ended up blooming into a commuting nightmare. L And given how I feel that what happened at the cheery blossom festival might happen with the weekend service under the new train plan, there must be some explanation for all the shadiness from the .

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