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  1. W4ST

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    That’s why I would send the there. Due to the limit 10-car trains are needed. The could run 15 tph with 3 tph terminating at 179. The could run 12 tph the whole way or run 15 tph with 3 tph terminating at 2nd Avenue due to the Williamsburg Bridge Bottleneck (this would be after the L train shutdown.)
  2. W4ST

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I agree with this except I think the should go to Jamaica Center and the should go to Jamaica / 179 because Jamaica Center is busier and needs all the train cars it can get. I also didn’t include to LGA or a third track on the in my plans but those could work.
  3. At least as I interpreted it only Broadway Local trains would go to SAS and only Broadway Express trains would go to Astoria. It wouldn't be about time savings, it would be about the merge with the . If all Broadway Express trains go to SAS as well as the , it is limited to 15 tph because of the . If all Broadway Local trains go to SAS, it would be the same, but Broadway Local only needs 15 tph, while Broadway Express needs more due to a higher demand to cross the Manhattan Bridge. Plus, Broadway Local is more flexible due to Whitehall Street.
  4. True but this will be more direct. It will connect many neighborhoods directly, and will allow people to avoid going through Manhattan, or using the , which is a bit indirect and lacks connections.
  5. It is true that going from the Bronx to Brooklyn is fairly direct, and doesn’t require the Triboro RX. However going from Queens is a different story. It is quite difficult to get from the Bronx to Queens via transit and going from Brooklyn to Queens is fairly indirect as well, at least between some places. The Triboro RX would make those kinds of trips easier. Even if only the part from Queens to Brooklyn is built, it would still help.
  6. For the 74th Street Jackson Heights station money could possibly be saved by sending the Airtrain into the open cut currently used for freight trains and fitting 3 or 4 tracks into it — 2 for the Airtrain and 1 or 2 for freight. A 500 foot tunnel could connect this to 74th Street. I really like your idea. I think it would be the best solution. My only question is: how would the Airtrain get to Woodside? Would it run next to the 7 or underground? Thanks
  7. W4ST

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I don't know, I feel like it reduces selectivity while still keeping some interlining. Personally I would go with this... Begins at Inwood/207th Street, CPW Express, 8th Avenue Express, Fulton Express Begins at Bedford Park Blvd, Concourse Local, CPW Local, 6th Avenue Express Begins at Norwood/205, Concourse Express, CPW Express, 8th Avenue Express, Fulton Local Begins at 168th Street, CPW Local, 6th Avenue Express It still has a little interlining but still gives both branches express and local access as well as 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue Access.
  8. That could allow them to send Broadway Local trains to SAS and Broadway express trains to Astoria, which would be good because after SAS Phase 3, more Broadway trains will be needed going to Astoria than Second Avenue, and Broadway Express has more demand than Broadway local, due to the Manhattan Bridge.
  9. W4ST

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    That would be too close to the Lexington Avenue Line, and wouldn’t really cover new areas. The center of Manhattan already has lots of service, the eastern edge needs more service.
  10. W4ST

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I caught the R46 yesterday. I was lucky and it happened to come. It came at 6:48 PM approximately at Court Square. I think I saw the other one while riding but I am not sure.
  11. W4ST

    RPA's "Save our Subways" plan

    If possible, platform extensions could be built out to the express tracks. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a there, although there would be alternatives.
  12. W4ST

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    IMO a line to Staten Island would be best off if it came from the Manhattan Bridge, as it would bring passengers to Midtown faster, as opposed to Downtown, which is easily accessible via the Staten Island Ferry. They could work to create a track connection such that a line to Staten Island merges with the 4th Avenue Express at 59th Street. Then, the West End line could become part of the 4th Avenue Local. (This could be controversial though) The new line (probably the or , with the going along West End) would have 15 tph, although if more is needed a tunnel under 3rd Avenue could be possible. This line could be used to reactivate the North Shore Line.
  13. W4ST

    RPA's "Save our Subways" plan

    I don't really like their plan because I feel like it focuses too much on increasing the amount of service on specific lines, and not enough on helping riders actually get where they want to go. For example, taking away express service from the Hillside and Concourse lines, ending service on 6th Avenue, cutting the to Brooklyn, cutting off QBL local access from Long Idland City and making the express in Brooklyn. The list could go on. Instead of doubling the service of lines, they should keep some of the branching, while removing some interlining. For example on CPW the could run express and go to 207 and Norwood respectively while the could go local to Bedford Park Blvd and 168 Street respectively. That has a little interlining but it still keeps express access and keeps options. Instead of having a 30 tph they could have 15 tph each and . Also, I just realized the express on QBL has 15 tph in the plan and the local has 30 tph. That's a bad idea.
  14. I know the plans are moving forward, but could they have created a line to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue instead, going over the Grand Central Parkway and 278? It could go over those highways, and then a third track could be created on the trackway already in the area so that the trains could terminate around 72nd Street and Roosevelt Avenue. (I am not sure if this is exactly how this would work, but it is an option they could explore.) It could also stay aboveground, but I don't know how feasible that would be. From there riders would have much more options. The trains would still probably be crowded, more crowded than the for sure, but riders would have many more options, and could take the local. People could easily go to Queens as well as to more western locations, and it would be easier to get to JFK as well. If they used the tracks for Triboro RX at the end (and also added a third track, possibly through a new tunnel) and built the trains for the Airtrain to FRA Requirements, it could provide a starter for Triboro RX. (Actually never mind I just saw this in the link but this is my opinion on why it should be used)
  15. W4ST

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I like some aspects of this plan, but I'm not so into it, for 2 reasons: the would become a bit of a winding line from 168th Street to 42nd Street, as opposed to the more straightforward , and would have more stops. This would increase the time taken a bit. This isn't as big, but there would be a bit less flexibility in the region, as riders from Washington Heights or Inwood would almost be directed towards 7th Avenue, so if something goes wrong on 7th Avenue, it could be worse for the area.


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