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  1. Hello there! I am new as well!
  2. Which means for trains to run via the to 6th then on the to Manhattan.
  3. STATION REHABILITATION 9:30 PM Fri, Feb 1 to 5 AM Mon, Feb 4 service between 36 St and Stillwell Av in Brooklyn is replaced by trains and free shuttle buses. trains run via the line both directions between 36 St and Stillwell Av
  4. I'm not going to answer your questions because as you can see, there has been enough arguing,
  5. @Train92 if you don't have to then dont. Simple. Just missing a certain train is acting it's the end of the world?? Eeeshhh, something MUST be wrong.
  6. Like I said calm down. R62As have ran MANY times on the and once in '01 on the . Even if you thought about it, was the marijuana comment even necessary? I'm gonna take it as a joke that you have feeling over trains and an opinion.
  7. Ok, thanks. Question: Would you get offended over someone saying the R62As ruined the line OVER AN OPINION?
  8. Something must be wrong with you if I "smoke marijuana" beside you don't have to necessarily ride the and for the trains to switch signs. I honestly don't care for when the train switches their signs. If you have a problem with me saying that the 62As ruined the line it's MY opinion. You're getting offended over an opinion. Calm the f**k down please? Thanks.
  9. First of all, latters isn't a word Secondly, when will the R262s be expected?
  10. to Rockaway Park, Leff Blvd, Far Rockaway to 21 Street- Queensbridge to Bowling Green \ And the be ready already... late nights the can go up to 96th and go down to Hanover Square
  11. The R62As are heavily missed in the railfan community on the and they obviously ruined the because of CBTC on the . I personally don't like 62As on the and they should put them on the and and swap NTTs for the because lots of railfans will be interested in R142s officially take over the .
  12. Ok, yeah I'm mad. There is plenty of R160A-1 (8 Cars) because the and are getting R179s which displaces R160 trains to the line. The is most likely to get 10 cars. R32, R160, R68/A will be the for swaps. I also agree with you for extra service, because Fresh Pond and ENY can get more R160s for , , , and from the .

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