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  1. This is exactly why I find the various arguments for deinterlining problematic. Aside from 8th Avenue and Fulton Street (the connection should be rather obvious), there aren't many notable instances of the IND failing to think ahead, whereas the IRT and BMT routinely failing to have produced issues like Rogers Junction, the , Chambers Street...
  2. You're missing a crucial element.
  3. That's assuming there's much of any in the first place. What, exactly, warrants dedicating a route to Knapp Street? Everything about the street hinders any potential for one. Yes, because that totally addresses the fundamental issue.
  4. I honestly wouldn't even bother having it do anything else in Brooklyn. As it is, it already has a decent run when traffic is good, but because we're talking about a route on Flatbush Avenue (with a small stint on Nostrand Avenue), things can easily turn sour. Sending it to another area with traffic issues (and one that is ill-equipped for turning buses, to boot) would pretty much kill it. The route has three camps worth noting: 1. Brooklyn College 2. Floyd Bennett Field 3. Compensation for shortcomings of other routes (read: B41 and Q22, even before restructuring)
  5. Put simply, much higher than what they've been running at.
  6. Would you like a laxative? Perhaps an enema would be more suited for you?
  7. They'll really be holding that . I'll see myself out...
  8. Slopes... At present, the is scheduled to run every 4-6 minutes on weekends. Cutting it back to 6 trains per hour (10-minute intervals) with single-tracking won't be enough, especially if when something craps out along the only available track. At least the full shutdown left the door open for consistent 6-minute intervals on a daily basis with little trouble.
  9. Okay, that's more than enough for me. Single-tracking -- especially for longer stretches -- decimates capacity, and with the number of trains that will also be serving every Brooklyn station save for Bedford Avenue (because having only half of the weekend trains serving it is somehow smart), cutting the frequency to an abysmal 10 minutes east of Lorimer Street is the easiest way to ensure that merges don't conflict. Not even a switch east of Third Avenue will do much to help.

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