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  1. Okay, but that doesn't refute my statement.
  2. That sounds more like an attempt to get more people on the bus than anything else, especially with that bit to/from Stew Leonard's to consider.
  3. I'd prefer an elevated light metro line, though I have no idea how crazy the portion west of Fordham Plaza would theoretically look.
  4. That means someone is really bad at math. The 75 cars for Staten Island technically amount to a stock-equivalent shrinkage (enough cars to directly replace 60 R44s, which is less than the total number currently around, and that shrank from a somewhat higher number). The amount to fully replace the R46s is just barely covered by the rest of the base and both option orders. Worse, there are fewer R68As than R68s, and even that won't be adequately covered if added to the current R46 total.
  5. It helps to avoid overloading the in Manhattan (well, beyond what it's already handling, anyway). It's easier to understand when comparing normal loads, as opposed to pandemic loads. Rockaway Park gets a small amount of peak service to/from Manhattan, while Franklin Avenue has its own niche of connecting people between the southern and eastern parts of Brooklyn, as well as some parts of Queens, all without touching Manhattan, a bus, or the LIRR. Any Lenox Avenue shuttle proposal would lack unique connections or the ability to substantially offload crowding. As such, the only thing it would be good for is setting it up for permanent closure, save for a limited amount of non-revenue moves.
  6. I was vague because any part of another situation like this one (either the incident itself or the aftermath) could be worse. Some things that could be worse during another incident are the point of impact and the severity of the casualties (casualties in general are bad, but there's a sharp divide between minor cuts and bruises and death). Going forward, those in charge of operating vehicles will need to bear in mind that even seeming to refuse or delay a mandatory drug test will paint a grim picture both with the MTA and the public. As for the MTA, if it actually is the case that Everton Beccan did his due diligence in the proper time frame, the scorn will shift away from him to his employer, thus making any statement of the sort much harder to accept in the future, which is especially bad for a state-run entity.
  7. Dude, just hold this. On a different note, I hope that everyone keeps this debacle in mind, because the next incident of this sort may be even worse.
  8. If someone thought to make the argument that any plan with intermediate stops would merely have the side benefit of improving general travel in the process (including the potential to open up job opportunities at the airport), only to be laughed at, or if no one's attempted to make said argument in fear of such, then as far as I'm concerned, both the funding structure and the law surrounding said structure are pure bullshit that reinforce each other. The same applies if we're talking about obtaining funding exclusively for the portion on airport grounds. Yeah, something needs to be done about MTA costs, but that only does so much.
  9. That's one law that I'd readily kill if I had the power to do that.
  10. Then don't put it there. Willets Point is a thing, as are the many parking lots, some of which could be converted into multi-story garages if parking is really that much of an issue.
  11. Did this really warrant a separate thread, especially since you should already know the answer?
  12. That's probably because the app is just the new website.
  13. Refusing to take the MTA-mandated test may result in quicker dismissal. (That's just basic logic.)
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