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  1. I'd still pick the bus. For one, the transfer over there would be more optimal (upon reaching the transfer point, everything's in one place, unlike the pie-in-the-sky 15 tph that, knowing you, you're assuming for Franklin Avenue). For two, not many are really willing to go through a whole bunch of up-and-down just to reach their destination when they have something more straightforward. For three, Nostrand Avenue trains will already be handling Manhattan-bound crowds, whereas the buses are far less likely to (between Flatbush Avenue and President Street). To go further, thanks to how the population is distributed (and how transit is distributed, partially due to how the population is distributed), accessing LIC from points south/west of Fulton Street and Throop Avenue not already served by the is of least importance.
  2. Oh, sure, they'll totally get off the bus to transfer to a train/gun straight for the train, only to have to transfer to another train instead of just using the bus to reach Lafayette Avenue or wherever the hell they're going.😏
  3. It may be an okay (at best) alternative to the B48. It'll do precious little for the B44.
  4. North-south buses (which already connect with the , to say nothing of the ones already serving LIC) and Manhattan connections (damn near everything on Broadway, along with the 6th Avenue locals, Flushing, and the ) already exist. Aside from Park Place, the primary purpose of that shuttle (thanks to not serving Downtown Brooklyn) is to provide a shortcut between points south of Franklin Avenue and points east. The absolute most I'd be willing to do with it is send it to Williamsburg Bridge Plaza, particularly since there's no north-south rail connector between points south of Franklin Avenue and points north and west of the Crosstown bend.
  5. Because Franklin Avenue is so full of potential and relevant to LIC...
  6. Sure, they should've rebuilt the line to be in line with Brighton proper. It only would've meant considerably more expense for a service change that happens quite infrequently, while the regular demand would remain well below potential capacity even with an extension somewhere.
  7. Great, Mosholu Parkway isn't skipped. That changes very little, especially since the ridership at several of the skipped stations still comes out higher.
  8. Those buses have ZF transmissions (TopoDyn). The problems with LBSS could probably be addressed with DynActive Shifting (the Allison equivalent of TopoDyn used by ZF EcoLife).
  9. For one, redesign the damn thing (hell, I'd go so far as to say the Eastern Parkway Line from Franklin Avenue to its end, especially since local trains sometimes turn at Utica Avenue).
  10. That only skips most of the ridership... If you said these were additions to the schedule, it would be somewhat more palatable, but it's clear that they're not. Considering how biased Brooklyn ridership is toward Lexington Avenue, the last thing we should be doing is leaning into reducing it (and Nostrand Avenue service, unless trains will somehow fill those slots, at which point we've instead robbed everyone at all stations between Franklin Avenue and New Lots Avenue).
  11. Aren't the tanks rated for 20 years? For that matter, which of the Orion VIIs are 12 years old? (And if NICE is trying to replace them, it speaks volumes about how shit the maintenance of those buses has been.)
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