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  1. You address poor infrastructure by either fixing it or replacing it. Shuffling the deck chairs doesn't do that. With the existing design, any connection to the line placed between Franklin Avenue and Ralph Avenue would be forced to a single pair of tracks, as we see today. Moreover, we don't even have a remotely decent place to turn trains in Manhattan (for all its flaws, Bowling Green has at least some means to turn trains without stranding large crowds), and nothing serving Lexington Avenue should be stuck with more than they're currently dealing with between Franklin Avenue and New Lots Avenue.
  2. Because we totally shouldn't address the IRT's inherently poor planning skills...
  3. If we are, that'll make 336 cars, enough for one more 8-car train and one more 10-car train. Chances are, you saw the 18 that were already added as some form of compensation for the gross incompetence.
  4. Out of sheer curiosity, how difficult would it be to retrofit certain depots with multi-story garages? I think depots like Flatbush and Ulmer Park could benefit from them, especially when facing situations like this. I can't help but wonder about that...
  5. The proverbial gate is west of Beach 169th Street. It's more akin to the situation the B36 and B74 face, with the only difference being the lack of a physical barrier to the entire thing (and the stops not being adjacent to it, proverbial or otherwise). Hell, neither the Q22 nor the Q35 actually go up to the gate a short distance west or the checkpoint well beyond that. NST bus service is limited to the QM6 and QM36, and they're given the authority to pass through the gate to reach their stop(s). Edgewater Park has a similar setup, albeit with a local route in the mix.
  6. There's a difference between a stop on the edge and any number of stops within.
  7. At least they didn't try this with the old design...
  8. Because the people there totally want big, noisy buses on their property...
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