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  1. I know. The fact that he completely failed to consider a southern merge is why I said it.
  2. Also, even with the low number of local stations between Canal Street and 59th Street, if the crowds on the existing trains are any indication, a reckless shift to the express tracks would create even more dangerous situations, which is only exacerbated by the psychological aspect of express/local services (where the latter is at a greater risk of being considerably emptier than the former even with virtually nonexistent savings, all because the former is considered faster).
  3. What does that even say? It's nowhere near clear enough to read (aside from the text at or near the top).
  4. I'm seeing nothing on the MTA's website about this (and this is one of those things people need to know about in advance). I seriously doubt that's going to happen.
  5. If we're going to talk about upgrading to Windows 10, then literally the only reason to do so is for support (the competent 7 is going to be orphaned soon, so it won't make sense to bother with it). I'm anticipating a lot of problems because of it...
  6. Let me put it a different way. Look at the B25. Now imagine that route coming out of Ulmer Park. You would immediately question why that's being done, particularly since it has almost nothing to do with anything else over there. You would instead have it come out of a depot that it would have fairly easy access to. Of course, you wouldn't want it to be in a position where it would require specific access at all hours (in case 💩 hits the fan or general storage/maintenance are needed) and trying to perform those related moves puts it at high risk of delaying other routes along with potentially delaying the relevant one. (Before you say anything about this, I'm well aware that buses are not limited to certain paths and facilities in the same way that trains are, but the point is that what you're trying to push is going to combine several problems at once for no reason, including the fact that it would require certain service patterns to begin only after the moves are finished.) If you really want me to support anything of the sort, then we would need a storage and maintenance facility in Astoria as well as ample storage space in Bay Ridge in order to be able to facilitate ample service on the route without risking whatever integrity that and surrounding routes have. I will accept nothing less, as that is the only way to keep it from being a cop-out.
  7. That's not it. The problem is that we have all of these proposals to try to deinterline everything and reduce delays (and/or increase service due to a reduction in scheduled merges), but the people pushing for such are trying to act as if there are no low bars that any such proposal would slam into.
  8. Keep in mind that we're talking about a route in constant operation. It would need to be able to deadhead to a poorly-placed yard for its route with no hope of access from the south without backtracking (and creating more delays in the process, meaning that put-ins can only somewhat work in one direction). If this is under (generally) increased frequencies, then that only creates a situation where moves would need to be flawless in order to avoid delaying everything (and even under optimal conditions, that's asking a lot, as anything can derail said conditions, creating a mess). Hell, it's bad enough that we've had a more limited form of it by virtue of using 38th Street as a satellite facility for Jamaica, but turning that into a major pattern (or reverting to the way things were done during those periods the didn't serve Queens Boulevard)? Hard. Pass.
  9. With the way everything is set up (Brooklyn yards being in all the wrong places, Broadway Line stations along 60th Street needing service, no decent places to turn trains in Midtown in addition to merging conflicts at QBP, etc.), getting it off of Queens Boulevard is an exercise in futility. Considering that this was in response to the IRT reclaiming the Astoria Line, you can imagine the impact that reversion would have.

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