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  1. In what way? Considering the AirTrain's asinine off-grounds terminus (Willets Point, which is a bunch of f***ing nothing), I can't see many going for it. It falls short of everything, depriving it of anything resembling decent transfer opportunities. Even the redevelopment plans will do little to soften the blow.
  2. Hey, if the daytime B11 can do it, I don't see why the overnight B99 would have a problem.
  3. I call bullshit, especially when considering the daytime B11.
  4. At what time do you think the B99 operates?
  5. Do you recall how the route ran during the B37's absence?
  6. That's another issue. Though my iPod can connect to the Internet, I first need WiFi, or that's out of the question. Some may lack even that.
  7. There's no disagreement about the poor marketing. The only good thing is that unlike how WMATA handles rail schedules, the B99 has an actual schedule available to the public. (Even so, it's considerably undercut by how hidden it is, thereby needlessly complicating matters.)
  8. The MTA is conveying it based on the beginning of the first trips and the end of the last. This is actually normal for the MTA. The issue here is that the MTA's choosing to either advertise the departure times or the overall span (probably in an attempt to say that buses are still in operation after the last departures).
  9. That's a tall order for the party. As long as the inspectors keep "For Want of a Nail" in mind, we should be okay once the R179s return.
  10. Considering the fact that the doors would need to open and close without scraping everything, I wouldn't expect it to be airtight. Plug doors (like the ones on planes) would actually be useless, as they rely on significant pressure differences to remain sealed.
  11. "Metrop" Avenue? Even the B38 got it right...
  12. For one, the Q70 is a thing, and it was just shifted to artic operations. For two, LIC is great if you don't live in Queens. If you do, you run into a worse take on AirTrain JFK's Jamaica Branch (thanks to odd funding rules, it literally can't be used by anyone between the terminus and the airport, even if the people at intermediate points would be looking to reach the airport). The best way to connect LIC to LaGuardia by train is to extend Astoria (/) there.
  13. There's one small problem with that, and it's not too different from why the B11 uses Avenue J.
  14. For the record, any price for the project (as planned) is too much. If anything, LGA AirTrain isn't ready for MTA ridership. (If it connected to Woodside, Jackson Heights, or even Flushing, maybe we'd be singing a different tune.)
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