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  1. I have a screenshot, I just don't know how to get it up here!
  2. They were not those. Are those D4500CTs? Nope. I'm seeing them en route.
  3. wWhat's with the orions on the SIM4C? I've seen 5 today on BusTime!
  4. Yes, I guess that's true, however, they could move the 96/Lex stop to 96/5th
  5. This might be what @78 via Stew Leonards proposes: From HRD (southbound): Get off at 106 St, right on 106, left on 5th From Triboro (Southbound): Get on to FDR, Get off at 106, right on 106, left on 5th
  6. Could anybody make one for me? @Lance @IRT Bronx Express If yes, could it be a Prevost or MCI (whichever is easier) bus sign with the route number not changing, route XME13, saying: Eltan Transit Center via 9 Ave via Jolad Rd via Redan Hwy via Mydral Airport Thanks, Jonah
  7. @Via Garibaldi 8, How did you get that BxM2 GIF on all your posts?
  8. There are *2* Orions running on the SIM4C now! Why?
  9. Hi, Could anybody tell me some good places to film some buses (preferably in Manhattan)? I'm interested in all sorts of buses, but would love to get some Xcelsiors and LFSA/LFS' Thanks a lot! BrightlinerNewFlyer
  10. Post anything about Columbia Transport (and the Public Safety Evening Shuttle)
  11. I have heard stories of B/Os being unhelpful with SBS fare-paying, but if you explained how to pay, then for sure a ticket.
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