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  1. my power is back on as of 5pm today, thanks for the concern :)

  2. I cant do anything untill my power is restored at my house, all the files for my site are on my desktop computer.

  3. the site hosting them is down, they arent on the current version of my Subway photos website.

  4. they were taken off the site when i changed my subway site around to be more about train photos. I probably should find a way to put em back up

  5. Not sure, it just worked for me ^^;

  6. what sorts of things are you looking for on the map?

  7. hey, it was nice meetin ya on the R9 :)

  8. thats because the long island railroad and the express subway routes are faster than any express bus route. The express buses are at the mercy of whatever the traffic is on the road.

  9. I was planning on making a little website with my transit related graphics and maps and stuff.

  10. I really like the R160 Find display graphic you made

  11. PM me your email and ill e-mail you the font files, they are in a wierd file format, not the usual TrueType but Adobe PostScript, I got em a while go while browsing round the interent somewhere, I forget where. I have Univers too if you wanna do Montreal Stuff.

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