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  1. Canada - Sound testing I do not know what the hell that means lol
  2. 8000-8014 having LBSS Removed and other misc. Vendor work done.
  3. Not really a move but 2285 to QV From MHQ (Idk) 2252 to Zerega, not sure it came back...
  4. Under the impression that 126th street and FLatbush don't like queens With the exception of 9642 & 9652, every single RTS we got from both depots has had to be to worked on, or taken oos. 9426 -> Transmission, Air bags/suspension & AC Fan belt 9638 -> forgot why it needed work 9639 -> AC Fanbelt & leveling valve needed to be fix'd 9640 -> .... 9641 -> transmission takes forever to go into 2nd/no power 9651 -> Slow as hell, was written up three times in the past two days by operators 9653 -> Transmission & some engine work 9654 -> when in reverse just revs at high RPM and slightly moves 9655 -> was oos for a day I don't remember what it was 9657 -> uhm missing lights, or burnt out lights. Needs some electrical work too
  5. Interesting here, some of the remaining in service Orion V CNGs at CP are ACTUALLY assigned to LGA, as in on LGA's roster. 9836, 9871, 9889, 9891, 9902 also at CP it seems only 9849, 9860, 9880, 9899, and 9919 are left active...
  6. 6439 came back in the new scheme from Zerega a week ago
  7. Mileage swap between them and Stengal they're swapping Orion Vs basically
  8. 6301 @ QV for Maint. It's going to Stengal when done 6305 @ JA for maint.
  9. Interesting... I wonder why... Think I'll check em out later
  10. Are The MTA Bus guys transferring over put on a list? Or the ones first to be hired when an opening is available?
  11. Never knew corrections had a few MCI Classics And yes they're reported to still be in active service Not my photo
  12. Sure you cna't see it? posted the img link and the pic is displaying. http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd389/DeAndre_Walters/Staten%20Island/IMG_0127wc.jpg
  13. Lol... I just noticed 9352 is back home at Qv after its life in Brooklyn
  14. Was running around for the past two weeks running errands, delivering files and parts and stuff. Took a few pics in my off time so meh enjoy
  15. So 8000-8015 are having some work done to them... 8000 was on the pit today getting programmed and some work done to it
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