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  1. Hello guys im currently recuiting for Ingress (GPS Based game) that fits perfectly with this community. Im going to share some links and if you are intrested in playing please help me out. Im currently trying to get an award (in game) for getting players to join, for more details about the award use this link ( http://www.androidcentral.com/google-wants-reward-you-medals-adding-new-players-ingress ) Here is some other info about the game ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingress_%28game%29 ) If you decide to play please email me at yesflexdo@gmail.com so i can send you an invite so i can get credit. My agent name is KiIIer19KiIo ( all spelled with the letter i) and im on the Resistance Faction. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer ASAP. Once you email me with the email address you will use to sign up with, I will sended an invite which will have a link to download the game. The link with have either apple store or goggle play store depending on what Smart phone you have. Once again thanks
  2. If you know anything about the Bus Only lanes is that they are enforced with cameras. This seems like a money grab for the city with all the violations that are going to happen.
  3. Anyohe have a clue as tp what happened here???
  4. Hey fellow Transit workers. you can make things happen with the union. What i mean is if your RDO's are normally a Monday Tuesday but you need a Thursday Friday for one week you can submit a change of rdo slip. You can also use a vacation day (AVA), personal day or overtime you banked to cover your work. I notice you guys talked about sick day. You will be extended for sick time used but I’m not sure that you understand the difference between a sick day and a sick intense. 1 day = 1 intense, 4 days sick consecutively = 1 intense. 2 days sick then calling out sick again for 1 more day the next week is 2 intense. Your probation will be extended how may days you called out sick. After 2 intense they can extend your probation 3,6 possible 12 months depending our you and your work habits.
  5. Loco i used this same guy for the MABSTOA Dispatcher test and he is great. it is well worth the money I paid. I recommend this to everyone who wants to become a Bus Operator for transit.
  6. i know for a fact that at fresh pond we have a few.
  7. Lance what I'm saying is that they pay an arm and leg for printing cost. After a passenger grabs it and uses it. it most likely going to toss it after use or going in there home very to be used again. Offering the maps on a screen would eliminate that. I wish the MTA partner up with NYC tech schools and let them do a station over as a pilot program.
  8. This is pretty cool but the MTA should never spend a dime on printing one of these. Instead they should take the money that would be used to print these maps up and buy LCD monitors that are hook up to computers that can display the current map at that time. They can even run ads on them and give up to the second information for the line(s) that is running threw the station. The MTA needs to stop thinking that we live in the 70's and actually need paper maps. granted there is always a need to have a map but with the population with internet access in there pockets and the LCD monitors showing the maps near the Station Agents booths.
  9. This is one of the hardest jobs to get in the entire state, good luck and knowing someone at the top tiers of management will definitely help.
  10. Do the new Metrocards still say " Subject to applicable tariffs and conditions of use. " on top of the signature area. Because technically you are borrowing the cards from the MTA.
  11. They give us 12 minutes from the depot to myrtle wyckoff. 15mins is way to short.
  12. Print out a transfer for them and flip it over there is an information on the back where they can contact e fix and hopefully they can resolve the issue.
  13. Keep check this site for updates on exams http://www.mta.info/nyct/hr/appexam.htm
  14. Two of the busws are at Fresh Pond depot right now. If you look in the photo, the buses on the far left are them.
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