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  1. So it looks like the q53 is out and 19, 23 are to college point. So I guess I will see you guys on those lines!
  2. Bike lanes everywhere are a high priority! You all are going to have to go buy a bike this xmas! Sorry but it's the only way to speed up your commute! Don't worry they are working on heated seats, umbrellas, etc. it's the commute of the future!
  3. The q19 goes non-stop to mainstream from 108? That's gotta be like a dream, even if the Bo said I don't stop here. The bus is suppose to make both stops by the junk yards and the one stop on the other side going to LIC. When it came out of college poinr, we made the stops!
  4. For me it's this big push for bike lanes everywhere. They think we live in Europe, so citibike, and regular bike ridership is way up. Also a lot more in the way of farbeating. All day long if they don't do any kind of policing, the fare beating will keep increasing, and this sbs...to me is a joke. The eagle team..pfff.
  5. I know it seems like a theme, but if I can help make a difference in somebody's life it is well worth it. This link is for a cousin of mine living in NC. If you read her story you will know what a strong person is...if her story does not move you, you have no soul...anything helps. But most important is that she will feel as if she is not in this fight alone! I can't thank you enough, Anything helps.... https://gofundme.com/x65y3k4
  6. Here is a link to a kid that needs our help, it's a friend of my wife's family...anything anybody can pitch in would be greatly appreciated, it won't bring back his parents, but will help his grandparents bring him up. Check it out http://dt.gofund.me/2fhshf4s&rcid=32028b940b4f11e6bf77bc764e04c5a7 Thank you all.... CPBO
  7. Does not matter....that whole area is congested....by the park is good...until you try to cross into 59th by the end of the park....all the way to the bridge....stuffed....its just part of the commute in nyc....the day you retire or work from home will be the best day!
  8. 59th street is a nightmare....double parked trucks, construction, at some points you have to crawl from one side to the other, like a maze...but QM20 does have high ridership and I wonder why no 3rd ave service...at least 2 am and 2 pm, they did that trial run on Astoria Blvd, figured out it saved no time...I wonder who got that to go thru for a bit? Hell I work there and I have no clue who does scheduling and route adjustments etc. but then again....when you work there you have to just go with the flow....
  9. I'm just saying pulling into a stop with all the service is tough some times...utopia is like crazy, cars parking and double parking at that location, and all the busses...but the buses running super on the lie after fresh meadows....not sure anybody would like that idea, I've driven the qm8 super and the LIE is no fun during rush hr...more like a crawl...but you do have some interesting points....get buses off of union turnpike!
  10. To much redundancy on union turnpike....try pulling into a stop with a qm5, 6, 1 46 local n limited....then a qm8 pulls up,qm7 yawn....they need to put a qm20 3rd ave 2 trips am 2 trips pm and then put 2 trips wall street am and pm, this would eleviate some of the people taking qm7,8, parking around fresh meadows..... And I was talking about the trips out in the afternoon.....the am commute I would not touch....leave it the way it is....but again too much redundancy....
  11. Hello, part of the problem with guys not being able to get back to do a second trip is the carrying into the city and having to sit in that awful traffic on 6th ave, crawl all the way to 57th street and 3rd ave, and than after dropping off the last passenger having to make their way back to sixth ave to do another trip, all trips should do like they use to do and terminate at 6th ave, and 36th or do like some guys do if they time it right catch a bus leaving 6th ave to queens and go around to set up for thier next trip. It depends on the dispatcher, some will help with the transfer of passengers to a queens bound bus, others just let you snail thru the traffic and be late, and what's funny some people hate having to get off a bus and catch one that is going down 6th verses taking it all the way around and not worrying about what the bus does after, just that I was Inconvinced, this me me me attitude has to stop. It's not so bad to go from one bus to another. Ok back to what I was saying, if I've Been driving all the way down 6th and back again, been in the bus 2-3 hrs I need to use the rest room and stretch my legs, so I will get out of the seat and do that, women have a more difficult time and need to handle thier business, but all this adds to the lateness, if they just had us terminate at 6th and 36th and gave us 30 minutes to get back around use the rest room, stretch our legs and get ready for the next trip....seems to easy... Also for me the union turnpike corridor has to much redundancy, the northshore towers guy will wait for the qm5 guy to leave first or the qm1 will wait for the qm5 guy to leave, and viva versa, so that's how you have a bus loaded and some half full and some with 10 passengers. Make the qm5 start dropping off east of Chevy chase. Call it a super express or something, You aliminate this crap that way and people still hit the transfer point. Qm6 same and make qm1 drop off from main street all stops, it's make things faster, in the beginning it will be a little bit confusing, but over time people will get it. And if someone does not ask does this bus stop at 164th, or wherever, they get off at Chevy and take a local back across the street. Then they will not make that mistake again....this is just an idea and is up for debate. Maybe someone Has brought this idea up before, but it SHOULD BE DONE.
  12. Most people get off for the subway...the 52 stops same spot.....
  13. Hello all, You guys have a lot of good points...I can say from driving the q53 that ridership is at a all time high. It seems after I pull into Libety ave the bus is almost filled to capacity, and I'm heading to Roosevelt ave, every stop after is a struggle. It seems to me the q52 does not want to do any of the work, they lay back let the q53 pick up. Once in awhile you will get a 52 that will work with you down the line, but that is far and very few In between. This whole interlining thing the mta has with unrealistic time points is part to blame, as well as traffic etc. Seems more and more people have walkers, these little carts to go shopping, not having your metro card out when the bus pulls up...looking for change, all this adds up to a longer commute...some people to get on the bus and pay seems like a week, I will say you should've had your self ready when I pulled up, to a dirty look, but oh well...be ready, stop holding up the line! And for whatever reason people have to get on the first bus that pulls up, when an empty 52 is a block behind...like what's up with that? Trucks making deliverys in the bus lane hold things up...access a ride parking halfway in a spot and sticking out in the bus lane...no help, need to have cameras in the bus lane and a dedicated traffic enforcement agent giving out hefty tickets...and in some cases have the vehicle towed..if there is no stiff penalty of any kind people will just keep on doing what they are doing.....like ups and fedex they must get 4 or so tickets a day and it does not to seem to phase them. The whole right turn thing, intersections needs to be addressed, I say make underground passage way so people can get from one side to the other...without having to worry about getting hit, I mean people cross the street like they have no care in the world or that they are holding up traffic, especially kids, they think it's cool or funny to inerfere with traffic, and hold it up. An overpass I don't think that is doable as most intersections are not wide enough and long enough to errecting one. Ok I need about a week to keep writing but I have my little one needing attention....to be continued ...
  14. The other day somebody got on my q65 bus and showed me a paper.....I was like what is that? The fare is $2.75 was the next thing out of my mouth....so she swiped a metro card that had a transfer, and went and sat down....so if you have a transfer why show me the receipt?...
  15. My guess is with all the interlining they have going on....when they keep buses in on a snow emergency....some lines will have a big gap with no buses and some would have a more normal schedule....
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