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  1. Leave the safe sex at your home or someone else place you know.. I've never seen couples having sex on the train (except photos), but surely have witness "folks" playings with themselves... Disgusting.. Looks like with lack of enforcement, these things are bond to continue to happen...
  2. The Bx28 also runs 24/7. However, after like 11:30 or something, the bus no longer heads to Fordham. The route ends at IND 205th Station, which you would use the instead. The route runs normal to Co-op, but, doing the whole Co-op City Looping. For the Bx38, that doesn't run 24/7. Bx28 replaces it late.
  3. That 3rd and 4th one is what I'm into. Awesome work! What was the cause of the derailment?
  4. Does anyone know if MNCR will ever repaint one of the 22x Gennies which still uses the old Silver/Strip scheme? I believe 220 and 222 are the ones?
  5. I'd like to see a Euro style train one day in life. Of course Railroad...
  6. LOL Well depends on my mood. But I don't just go on a train route to joy ride, I sometimes gotta get out of the system, especially when I have something to do.. Now if it were an extremely rare sighting of my fav fleet, and time is permitted, then that changes it. But of course, even with that gotta get out sometime.
  7. Don't care how it looks.. Just need something to take me where I NEED to go. (Maybe some sort of teleporter would be nice to zappppppp me where I wanna go hehe)
  8. 1) New Haven / Harlem Service service to the game has been around since about 2009, when the Station opened. 2) Trains are stored up at High Bridge Yard, until the game is pretty much over. No Harlem/NHL train provide Hudson line service. Not sure about GCT being used to store the Yankees Game service, but surely HBY.
  9. If you don't mind, heres a PDF version of the map: http://www.mta.info/maps/night_map_Sep12.pdf
  10. I'm a Windows 8 guy, even if I don't have touch.. And I love it Besides, the Desktop option is still available, even though Metro is default. I have a 3rd Party app installed to bypass Metro at boot. So far..... Waiting to see If I can dual boot Win8 on my Droid tablet. Gotta wait for RT.
  11. Where did you hear about the NHL being involved into the Tappen Zee project? If a rail line were built, the PJL would connect with the Hudson and Harlem lines, at Tarrytown and White Plains. For the BRT service, maybe an extension to Port Chester would be nice. This would give customers access to the NEC and area, instead of using the 13 bus. Of course, the run would operate via i287 so the 13 wouldn't be totally affected.
  12. Does anyone have any update for Westchester 's Central Ave / Central Park & Jerome Ave BRT service for the w20? Or is the financial issue still present? The only BRT discussion I'm reading about is related to the Interstate 287 Corridor (TzX pretty much).... Which is from Aug... http://planning.westchestergov.com/bus-rapid-transit (And yes Queen Bee is the planned name for BRT as I've read before)
  13. Nice shots! Those ConnDOT Genesis are the P40DCs
  14. I need to head as FAR as that AND get me some nice RR+ Foliage action, like I use to do!! EXCELLENT WORK SIR!!
  15. Forget it... I pass....... Just continue.... -.-
  16. You guys are jumping the gun. I still haven't gotten anyone to answer my own question above^^^^...
  17. R142/R143s have some sort of sensor as well. When the door is pushed inside. I'd rather just not bother. People have been told, NOT to run and catch the train nor hold the doors.... Yet people will do it, even with a sensor. If they get dragged.... Whos fault is it? The or the passenger? As always... If you missed your train or bus, there will always be another one. Of course, if you DON'T want to miss it (especially if it could be the last route o of the night), be there on time, have a schedule on ya... For the older cars getting them... Don't bother. They will be sent to train haven once the R179 eats em up....
  18. This game is slightly confusing... Originally ..... it was suppose to be one, till I mistakenly made it two. For the sake of it..... Ill combine it as ML R26/28 and WF R33/33. Anyways to make it easier (Body wise on the side) there is a difference between them...
  19. This game NEEDs rules as b35 says... Totally confusing......
  20. Well this System is pretty old... Once its fixed, it all goes to the bad end again. Sewage in this system is one of the major issues around. It will cost a lot of $$$$ to fix that up.
  21. Q46 has a Local BTW... But the others don't, I agree. Why delete it? lol
  22. Well, I'm sure the is doing it cheap in ways. This agency is cash strapped.
  23. No... I'll make it easier a bit. Has to do with "Body feature" differences. And no, has nothing to do with the Redbird decal or its previous decals. Remember 2 are the answers.
  24. TBH, I had a feeling this plan wouldn't proceed. I've remembered in the passed, the has brought up this or a similar idea for like the M34SBS (And other SBS?), and even THAT never happened. I'm sure the default plan will always be having the lanes to the right. Regardless of how many times they will bring this up. This so far is the cheapest way for them. Well, you could still send the Bx41 +SBS to Wakefield. Ether... Continue the Bx41 up on Webster (after E. Gun Hill), and turn it at 238th Street, continue to Baychester Ave/241st St. Lay over, back down White Plains Road, right turn on 238th to Webster Ave and normal. OR If via Gun Hill/White Plains Road, just have it mixed with traffic. It I'll only add about 10-20min commute, between GH and 241 (Via 238th & Baychester, like the original route). Machines will be at the sidewalk.
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