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  1. Like if that R62A is leaving the 6 so fast after that run........ Sheeh... But what a crowd... I see a few I know..
  2. Besides quoting issues, I'm also being logged in every time I log out and returning to the site. I don't know if I'm alone with that. Already cleared the Cookies/History, nothing...
  3. I'm very curious if this change COULD possibly hint a Bx15 +Select Bus Service with the change. The M16 became the M34A... Now you got the Bx55 becoming the Bx15 Limited, similar in ways, even though there was no M16/34 LTD. Of course just a guess.. Unknown.
  4. I don't see that getting BusTime. Besides BusTime is for NYCTA/BUS CO, HRL is under Metro-North, while still under MTA, but different. Frankly the Hudson RaiLink goes by the MNCR Hudson Line Schedule. People on the Hudson Line should already know about the connections. Its just like Bee-Line's Commuter Shuttle Buses, same thing. But thats Westchester's, not NYC.
  5. Was gonna go, but couldn't. But looks like they took SOME of the suggestions from the first Open House.. The Bx55 to likely become the Bx15 Limited.... Hmm... Sucks thats may happen, they should just leave it as is. But likely the change is wanted since they may not want the Bx15 to be replaced by the Bx55 in Manhattan, while the Bx15 runs Local in the Bronx. The Williamsbridge portion, no comment at the moment. Question: When is the Bx15 LTD / Bx55 LTD elimination going to occur? And I'm sure the Local only Bx15 will head into Manhattan during the time LTD isn't running?
  6. Enjoy! and........... this on the M60 Videos: #4718 M100 > #5622 M60 >
  7. Timetables have been updated for some routes.. http://www.mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/bkln/b004cur.pdf B4 http://www.mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/bronx/bx013cur.pdf BX13 http://www.mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/bronx/bx034cur.pdf BX34 http://mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/bkln/b039cur.pdf B39 http://www.mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/queens/q036cur.pdf Q36 And others...
  8. That Website your linking is missing a Domain Name (.com, .org, etc) ... You mean: sky.prohosting.com/tptsm/rollsign/ Likely the owner took down the site, since its not working...
  9. If you were around in the last 5 Years (as you claim), you would already been know what the hold up was....... (If you have been monitoring this thread or similar)
  10. Thats still gonna cost the MTA/City money with more Transit Police... Even if Transit Police officers were around, People can still 12-9 themselves in front of them.
  11. Fatalities like this will never end. It has to be reduced, thats for sure. Even if Platform Screens were installed, not every Station will see this.
  12. As long as You can understand that person, thats all that Matters.......
  13. There is, but the numbers are very light. I'm talking General. For the forums, I've only seen up to like 4-5 active females in this forums, since I joined years ago, vs the males here. Even that is very light.. Extremely! _________________________ Anyways, some people say here and out there they will never hit a women, but I'm SURE when the time comes someday, and it gets really worst, some sort of act will be taken to keep the lady from going way off... Just like the RTA driver who got attacked by a female... So many supporters out there, even BY males! Personally, What I've been taught years back, is that if you hit a women, your considered a f*g... Just let the women chop you into pieces and you do nothing. I say, bs. If you feel your life is in total danger, and the women goes way off the limit, do what you feel is best.. Just like when a man attack you as a lady or as a man, put your safety out there, and do what you gotta do. I understand Women are much more weaker then men, but that doesn't mean at any point, you stand there until your in death mode. Unless it isn't going to get way off, then no need to do anything, that will make it worst. Some ladies do act like men (or even are men, if you know what I mean..), as mentioned. If your being threatened, just don't do anything. Just monitor the situation further, and if it escalates to a point where your gonna get attacked, make your decision on safety. Pretty much, I actually don't support any sides hurting each other. Peace is needed in this world... But that will never happen... Some folks out there just do the fighting/attacking for competitive reasons, just to show out their toughness... No good!
  14. @OP, Just make sure you have the proper drivers installed, and make sure its compatible with your system. As Brett states, download the software off Logitech Support page, for it to properly work.. But of course, depends on compatibility... -____-... If he can see / hear himself as stated, how can his Lens be broken...., or the cam itself? For refurbished or used... Ain't nothing wrong with having it. I got a used Lens for Camera... Works like a charm... 2 Years and still working! As long as you have tested it, and/or have been told it works..
  15. A List full here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_formatting_and_storage_bugs But these are mostly Computer related..
  16. New York State Transportation Commissioner Thomas Madison says the state will choose a $3.14 billion project to replace the Tappan Zee bridge in New York City's northern suburbs. Madison announced that the state Thruway Authority is expected to approve the least expensive of three options when it meets later Monday. Tolls for the heavily used commuter bridge between Westchester and Rockland counties are expected to nearly triple from the current $5. The state is waiting on a decision from the federal government on a request for a loan that could cover $2.9 billion of the cost. The Obama administration rejected New York's application a year ago, but invited the state to reapply. That was viewed as a positive sign in Albany. Source: www.nypost.com/p/news/local/cheapest_tappan_zee_bridge_replacement_fUjj8KcIuSsySNOJUz5I1J
  17. Here we go again with another step down out of the MTA. As much as I know he wants to compete for 2013 Mayorship... But will there ever be an MTA Chairman who will stick with the Company for more then 3 Years+ and not drop out in less then 1 to 2 years??? (Aside from those who have stayed long in the way past..) Lets see what happens with Mr. Prendergast as Chairman or who ever..
  18. Had a feeling about the complaints since the Bx12. I'm just curious of what lights can be used instead of the blue lights...
  19. I doubt Commuter Rail system would replace Amtrak completely and go to different states. Commuter rail is short distance... Amtrak is long distance service.. If i'm understand you... If lets say.... Amtrak was out of the State of New York... I'm curious if the state would have the MTA take over the states Commuter Service... Heh Metro-North of course...
  20. Oh give me a f9cking break... People are confused about it being an Emergency Vehicle..??? Thats just stupid... In the Bronx/Manhattan territories I don't see people complaining on my rides on the SBS... Some even tell others that the blue lights mean the SBS is coming.... If it was soooo much of an issue, then why wait sooo late to complain? I mean I think before there was complaints, but I can't remember.. But regardless, don't have any problems with the lights... These people need to just shut the hell up and get use to it, like the rest of us up here... Heh what about School buses and its Yellow/Red Blinking lights? Not EM enough..........?
  21. I don't know. Those cars are much more premium looking then the Regional's Amfleet + AEM7/HHP8 set. Don't know if Amtrak would wanna put them there. They could probably put some use to them on the Keystone Corridor, which is a High Speed Corridor. What I still don't get is why are they saying these cars are good for about 20-25 Years, yet the Amfleets and AEM-7 has been here a lot longer then the Acela.. And THOSE are much more older in technology compared to the Acela I sets.
  22. Already expected this since 2008, since I have heard about this. While it seems very odd for these cars to be retired so fast, Amtrak wants the Acela service to be way faster. While it is 165 MPH max for the cars, Amtrak wants a much higher speed, to cut down on the amount of time from Boston to DC. Heh... they even wanna make it 1 Hour between Philadelphia and New York City. Its like the HHP-8s [new looking] (along with the AEM-7), those are expected to be retired with the upcoming ACS-64 order. More info on the project: http://www.amtrak.com/ccurl/453/325/Amtrak-Vision-for-the-Northeast-Corridor.pdf
  23. But here is a question for you.. How does the train noise affect service? Frankly, there will always be a buff out there (Not just one, but some) saying that they the noise bothers them. ESPECIALLY when it comes to HVACs... The R142s is a target.. Thats why I hear buffs saying they favor the R142A over the R142s, ONLY because of the HVAC system being loud, and the R142As being shiny over the R142. Yet not worrying about bigger issues then that. Not saying you favor over ether car or not, just keeping it general. Yeah its loud, but its the way its built. Gotta deal with it. Same for any other components that bothers you or anyone. As for regular passengers, yeah there maybe some who feel its loud, but don't think they will complain over it... I personally love the R142s regardless of noise, etc. But aside from that, every other car/fleet out there don't bother me, as long as its working well, and I can get where I need to go.
  24. Even tho its a safety hazard and maybe illegal [if the law applies, gotta be careful...)... A lot of interesting things happen in Europe... A lot.... Lucky them! I can't complain... It ain't as worst as this I'll tell ya that lol: (sorta looks like the Amtrak Hell Gate Line, even though it ain't) Gotta check out Europe someday...
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