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  1. i laughed and wondered, what is this picture of osama doing on my profile. LOL

  2. lol, you saw the achmed video?

  3. ACHMED!!!!!!!!

    I love Achmed. No homo. lolol

  4. LMAO WUT.



  5. LOL portmanteau of douche and jerk. wow they're behind our vocabulary.




  7. I really don't want to pick sides in a conflict I don't know about. But I want is, no drama in the public. It's just air polluting. I'm glad the storm is gone.

  8. lol the internets, dont worry man, i cool quickly just as quick as i get pissed

  9. I tried handdrawing them, but I don't got the time. I'm going to open a new thread soon about suggestions, because I am planning to get one done using the computer. But I'm not going to update the map, seriously.

  10. Both maps are cluttered

  11. Sup sophomore and the game.

  12. lol, just cant help losing. iltg.

  13. OMG LOL!!!!!!!!! Yo, epic post

    Shit, I lost.

  14. Sup Joe, how would you like to play THE GAME?!

  15. Yo, the game is here!

  16. Shit now you made me think about the game.



    Son, you're old now

  17. Been knew about it. Been losing it.

    But June became the epic game month. We were all making each other lose the game. Then I was over at DC and I wore my name tag with "I LOST THE GAME"



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