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  1. If you think about the game, you lose the game. You're always playing the game. It's a silly Internet meme.

  2. Not much, just losing the game

  3. Sup Dave, ready to play the game?

  4. Happy early birthday dude, your present is "THE GAME"


  5. I'm not sure on this field of forum politics. Harry has his reasons

  6. Ha, but it is true that one mod here isn't enough

  7. LMAO, I fear if I am I'll get premature hypertension

  8. I will note that when the case is definite

  9. Oh no, not tomorrow. I'll be translating the sheet into French and update the website

  10. Ah, je suis en train de traduire en français, le "datasheet" du matériel roulant du métro de New York. Voulez-vous aider moi?

  11. I don't know who is "behind this" or whether or not "this is a conspiracy". But according to Harry, the main reason for her ban was because of her age and to reduce the risk of her meeting up with some of the members here. Some of the member assumed her threads got her banned, I don't know. That's just theory. Only Harry knows fully.

  12. It's alright. I'm fine with manual translations. The only problem is the actual uploading.

  13. my sn: goldcoinleopard

  14. alright man, because we have a lot of members here who have AIM. we regularly have chatrooms every night and discuss every whim of life. thought you might enjoy it, ha.

    and of course, it would be more convenient to talk about certain subjects regarding this forum.

  15. Hey man, you got facebook or aim?

  16. I am honoured to be a contributing member, but being a moderator is too much work for me, lol. I think someone else could be a better candidate than me.

  17. As for the programmes... I uploaded them to two websites: Scribd.com and docstoc.com, the problem is, the characters happen to be "blown up". Like they got bigger, however, in the process, all the strokes were messed up. Some of the words were unintelligible. Do you know of another website that does uploads without these problems? Because I am sure, if people on the other side of the world could do it, why can't I?

  18. Traditional Chinese is actually more universal than Simplified Chinese, yes, more people use Simplified, but people in the Mainland could understand Traditional (but they can't write it). My target market is Hong Kong, because I do understand there is a growing railfan community in Hong Kong (based around the MTR, the systems in the Mainland etc...), by allowing them to understand the full logistics of the subway cars here in New York, they can make comparisons and gain knowledge. They may of course read the English version, however they would not be able to understand English technical terms such as "bogies" or "dynamic braking". I also do not understand Simplified Chinese much, therefore I am not willing to translate the document to that.

  19. Nah, I don't think that is the reason.

    I'm trying to get the Traditional Chinese version of the datasheet up online. But everytime I upload it, something happens to the characters.

  20. I was, but when I heard about the latest crusades, I thought I will pop in before I head to DC

  21. lmao, I came, I saw and I will conquer.

  22. Lol yea, seems like the forums haven't changed much since I left. I was depressed last month and it just messed me up. Then there were the Regents and everything. After that, I began translating Kris's datasheet into Chinese which was finished as of last night.

    Today's my last day in the city. I'll be in DC for 11 days, say. I'll return on the 14th to kick some butt here.

  23. oh thanks. what are they?

  24. not much, just moping around I guess.

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