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  1. they put justin beiber in that shit my ___! THAT GOT ME TIGHT!
  2. A thread to talk bout 2k13 or 2k in general...
  3. - yea i meant to delete this wen i found out about the chat. im not gonna be on this as much thou.
  4. - nah trust me i changed OD. im not gonna be on this as much but wen i am imma be a hell of a lot better than i was before. real talk.
  5. so im bored at home right now an i decided to sign bacc into my account for a min. it's been mad long but im bacc. in that order!
  6. *Friends*.... what would I do without them!
  7. Flatbush! For me the closest route with actual RTS's and Hybrids is the B41/B41 LTD since I live in the slopes. Plus they have the most 5xxx RTS's in Brooklyn. Plus If had to say two more, ENY and Ulmer PK. but @ the end of they day they're just buses so w.e.
  8. *RTS's @ Gleason(even a suburban RTS that I took on the (B75) once) *5xxx RTS @ FP(even though I never took them:(. but they looked good on the routes that run along Fulton Dwntwn((B26), (B38), (B52)). *Orion V CNGs w/ Cummins and NO top exhaust pipe and grey or silver wheels. *RTS's with grey wheels and ppl clinging to the back of buses. that isshhh was way scary.
  9. *Wandos Depot D4(also split with neutronic), D7/D7 LTD, D17,D18,D19,D21,D33,D45 and D114 1999 NovaBus RTS 06(4997-5000, 5000-5468, 5468-5772, 5772 5987 and 5987 5999) 1996 NovaBus RTS 06 Cummins(9143-9149) *Danwarp Depot D5, D12, D14, D15, D25, D26, D46, D60E/F 1999 New Flyer D60HF(1000-1457, 1457-2668, 2668-2794, 2794-2941) 2009-2010 Orion VII NG Hybird(3000-3999) 2010 NovaBus LFS(11123-14657) 2009 DesginLine eco saver VI hybrid (778-994) 1999 NovaBus RTS 06(5441)[mostly for D26 service only] 1996 NovaBus RTS 06(8071)[also for D26 service only] *SquarePants Depot D6, D10, D22, D42, D44K/R(coming soon) D51/51 LTD, D54/D54 LTD, D57/D57LTD, D58/D58 LTD, D59/D59 LTD, D70 1996 NovaBus RTS 06(8068-8101) 1997 NovaBus RTS 06(9231-9888) 2009-2010 Orion VII NG Hybird(22399-33188) *Neutronic Depot D1, D2, D3, D4(also split with wandos), D16, D20, D30, D32, D38, D50, D67, D99 1994 Orion V(221-316) 1999 Orion V(66000-69997) 2007 Orion VII Hybrid(11000-11012)
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