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  1. I'll upload it to my photobucket, then save it to your computer because I'm going to delete it in a few minutes...I'll give you the link.


    BTW, in Paint, I used Arial font, with the route letter being size 32 and the destination sign being size 26.

    I animated them using iaza.com

    Open this and save it:


  2. As I said in the other thread, the W is badly placed in your signs.

    BTW, should I send you the template for my signs?

  3. I made it myself, because I got tired of waiting for IRT Bronx Exp (no offense):o I'm not planning to make a thread because I really don't have the time to make requests all day.:(

  4. Yes!


    By the way, do you like my new sig? I made it all by myself!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Yes but a different route!

  7. Nice profile pic! And yes, I know GTL is back.

  8. FYI, it's Paint-edited.

  9. I only took a pic of the sign with part of the window, but then I cropped the window out. I didn't get a full-train image.

  10. A full picture of what?

  11. The photos were Paint-edited from my R160 (G) train pics. I chose the O because it's easy to make from the letter C, which I easily created from G.;)

  12. Look what I found!



  13. Check out the smilie changes. To select a train route smilie, click on the arrow next to "More Emoticons" and choose Train Routes.

  14. So...can I remove some?

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