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  1. I just had a short chat with an operator at Inwood - 207th and she said the R211's are expected to run the (A) and (C) when they start service. Probably because 8th Avenue is next in line to receive CBTC upgrade.
  2. I can see what the MTA is doing. Shortening routes. I'm a Co-op City resident and based on these changes, the MTA wants commuters to make more transfers which would require some to pay a second fare. For example: Instead of Bus-to-Subway transfer some commuters will have to do Bus-to-Bus and then a second fare onto the subway. Sneaky way to make more money.
  3. You may experience longer-than-expected wait times for 205 St-bound trains because a train with graffiti was removed from service at Coney Island-Stillwell Av. Please allow for additional travel time. Posted: 3/10/19 9:59 AM
  4. I am very excited about this because I hate the current Metrocards. I ALWAYS have trouble swiping. It keeps telling me to swipe again. I swipe slower, faster, smoother, etc. Ugh. And this happens with different Metrocards and at different stations. There have also been five instances when I was supposed to get a free transfer but it took a second fare off my card. And back when I used unlimited Metrocards I sometimes faced the "Just Used" message even though the turnstile never let me through. I really hope this new card will solve the problem.
  5. What's going on in our subway? There has been a rail condition at 57th Street / 6th Avenue and 34th Street / Herald Square all day. All the signal problems, mechanical problems, and rail conditions have gone out of hand the last few weeks.
  6. I use Google Maps. Go to the map, click on a subway stop, click on a route, and it shows when the next train will arrive in each direction. But it only shows the next train in each direction. Doesn't show when the following trains should arrive. I can can click on a bus stop, select any route, and it will list when each route will arrive and in which direction. Works great for me.
  7. My commute on Monday January 9th sucked too. I waited 40 minutes for the Bx12 Select Bus (8:08am - 8:48am) which is supposed to run every 6 minutes. No delays or reroutes about it posted on MTA.info. I'm surprised I even fit into that one bus that came. Later I waited about 15 minutes for the Coney Island bound at Jay Street. Ended up 30 minutes late for work. Lucky for me I got a friendly supervisor and nothing important to do that morning. I agree that some people overreact to these kinds of events. It's not like they happen everyday. Do they think other transit systems don't have problems like NYCT does? And many commuters don't even look or pay attention to service changes and things like that. I often get asked how they can get from point A to point B. Especially on weekends.
  8. I have not posted or read anything in the "Random Thoughts Topic" thread so sorry if this has been discussed. Question: I have a basic Metrocard because I only use 6 trips per week. The card has an expiration date (December 31st, 2015). If my card still has money on it but I am not planning on using it until 2016 can I walk up to one of the station agent windows in a station and ask him/her to transfer the remaining money onto a new Metrocard? Thanks.
  9. I bought a 7-Day Unlimited local bus and subway MetroCard on 5/12/2015. Everything was great, but on 5/15/2015 I got a message that my card is invalid when I tried getting a ticket for the Bx12 SBS. I walked to a subway station, went to the vending machines to "Get Card Info". It said that my card expired 01/01/90. WTF! I'm supposed to have 4 days left on it. Turned out to be damaged. How do cards get damaged? It was either in my pocket or in my wallet since I got it. After talking to an employee at a station I got an envelope with a form and told me to send it to customer service or whatever and they are supposed to ship me a new card. Any of you ever done that? If so, did everything work out? How long did it take? Note: I don't have a receipt if that matters.
  10. Okay, it has been 24 hours. The answer i was looking for is: Livonia Yard because it is the only yard that is located after the terminal station rather than before or alongside.
  11. Well, not what I was looking for, but okay. Isn't the 239th for the and ?
  12. This is my first post in this thread. 240th Street yard Corona yard Livonia yard 239th Street yard
  13. You can upload pics here: Photobucket. Free account is all you need, and you can upload pics there, and link them here. :tup:

  14. I remembered that i did not delete the photo of the 11 train from my camera, so i reuploaded it onto my computer and onto transit forums. YAY!

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