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  1. You're right, I didn't think of that. In that case it makes sense for them to start enforcing the new rules in Q3/Q4 instead of March 30th
  2. Vistausss

    NICE March 30th service changes?

    I'm not blaming it on privitization per se, but the reason Jack mentioned seems utter bullshit to me. And I and may others have experienced this once before over here a few years ago, so I know what that e-mail feels like and what the meaning of the e-mail is. Man, this is crappy...
  3. Like I said last year: here in The Netherlands and since Q4 2013 also in Germany, Transdev started enforcing new, strict rules about running on schedule in their companies. If you're too far behind schedule and it's something *you* as driver could've prevented, you get a warning. If you're running early (even as early as 3 minutes early - they measure it via the black box), you have to wait at the next stop (or sometimes next timing point, depends on the route) until you're back on schedule again. If not, you'll get a warning. 3 warnings and you're fired. IIRC, Transdev wanted to enforce this on NICE as well starting Q2 2014. But maybe they've changed the date on that (wouldn't surprise me, sometimes they're quite unpredicatble ), I'll ask them next week. Oh, I just received word that those new rules are to be put into effect on NICE at or around the final rollout of 'the new system' (by which they mean the first day of Clever, which was Q4 IIRC?). Well, better late than never, I'd say, although for image sake they should've put the new rules into effect by March 30th IMHO.
  4. People being unfriendly doesn't say anything about satisfaction. Ratings over here in my city are pretty good every year yet a lot of people are unfriendly to b/o's. I've noticed it in videos of Express Buses as well. It says more about the people being rude (and sometimes obnoxious) than it says about service, really.
  5. Vistausss

    NICE March 30th service changes?

    They could always reinstate that trip once the warm weather hits and they see ridership on the n27's going up. I mean, they could just make that 6:25 PM trip a summer scheduled trip only and then all is okay (gathering from your 'warm weather' statement).
  6. Given the fact that is dropping MetroCard before 2020, I don't see them spending anything on new machines outside of the city or retrofitting existing ones. Unless adding a refill option on LIRR ones is cheap and easy to do, then I'd say "why not". Even if only a few, like in Mineola and Hicksville.
  7. Vistausss

    NICE March 30th service changes?

    On a different note: the new one-seat ride from HTC to Glen Cove on the n27 seems like a pretty good idea to me, esp. with the added stop on 60 Charles. What do you guys think about that addition?
  8. Qj has some good posts around the forums as well but as soon as he starts to foam with his proposals, I can't help but wonder if he's related to Wallyhorse somehow...
  9. It's good to see that at least one Orion VII is getting a repair job They can do better still but hey, one fixed = one problem less at least.
  10. Vistausss

    NICE March 30th service changes?

    There's nothing wrong with privatization. In fact, it *can* be a breath of fresh air. But not when you don't fund it right. It's funny how there's still a fuss about the privatization. Meanwhile, LIB wouldn't have done any better. And don't quote me out of context. I'm speaking from a Mangano "save money" POV. For what he wanted to fund LIB for (only slightly more than NICE), service wouldn't have been any better. Maybe a bit better OTP, but no drastic needed improvements, that's for sure. I clearly remember a few of PinePower's vids from the months before LIB called it quits. Something with abysmal service while waiting in the rain, almost empty buses and stuff. You get what you pay for. LIB or not. Either way: Mangano's clearly off his rocker, treating bus commuters like crap. He needs to step up the game and up NICE's funding.
  11. I accidentally hit the -1 button on your post. I'm sorry Was supposed to be a +1
  12. I know the Clock Tower has a bus shelter. But a bus shelter could be added to Mineola Ave. If they just place a simple one, it's fairly cheap to do so. But I was asking how many people use Mineola Ave, not Clock Tower. What do you think of my suggestion about running every other bus to Mineola Ave instead?
  13. How many people are using Mineola Ave for the n20? If there are people using it but not enough for the current headways, then it may be a better idea to send every other bus there. So it becomes Clock Tower, Mineola Ave, Clock Tower, Mineola Ave, etc.
  14. If did so well with maintaining buses, then why did even the newer bus not pass the inspection? Yeah, good maintenance ! [/sarcasm] Conclusion: both LIB and NICE are no king of the hill when it comes to maintaining buses.
  15. Where did I say it's justified? I'm pretty sure I said they just need to get used it whether they like it or not. It's for their own good. In other words: I totally agree with what you just said.


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