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R62A 1991

Shots from Jamaica

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If you looked at my R160 reroute photos just now, you'll see that I got sick of the riders complaining when the posters were all around them. And yes, some F.I.N.D.s weren't working, but the majority were. So I decided to get a cityticket and just take the LIRR to Flatbush. Great decision:



I think the above train was going to Huntington.


And I think this one was going to Babylon.


Now approaching: the train to Penn Station.





Do you see it? There's an M3 there.


My train was coming, so no time to take further pics of that.


This is the train to Flatbush Avenue. The next station is Nostrand Avenue. Enjoy the ride on the Atlantic Av Viaduct:


And then I ended up right on a (3) train home. Hope you enjoyed! I can't continuously afford the LIRR, so the next time I'll take pics is when Flatbush Av is officially converted into the Atlantic Terminal Station.

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Perfect view in the video! LIRR did a good job in reconstructing the viaduct by extending certain ties to allow the installating of a railing and yellow path on the sides. Before, I was really afraid to fall over in the case of a derailment without the railings.

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