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What kind of fan are you?


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This is an excerpt from a post from another website that talked about the two different types of bus & rail photographers...



"In effect, there are two styles of bus/railfan related photographers. One is the "no people included what-so-ever concept"; while the second category is "people tend to enhance the picture".


On balance, all-too-many individuals who photograph buses/streetcars/trains and the like are photographers first and transportation enthusiasts secondly. My own experience over the years is this group lacks "people skills", and are chronic bores! The photograph is all that matters. And the pix under no circumstances will include - horrors - a person or persons.


The remaining body of photo takers is somewhat more intelligent, and realizes people and background scenes enhance a "shot". This class has graduated from the roster shot mentality, and overall their concept of photography is far more interesting than that of the "no people, no way" contingent."



Now i'm curious, does anyone here fall into either of these categories?

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I'm a bit mixed in this. There are some photo ops I like when there's no one around or in the photo, depending on the location. And there are others where I find people in the photo is somewhat artistic, depending on the location of course.


What I dont like in my photos are cars/trucks getting in the way.


As for subway pics, people in the photos is much more artistic, especially on the underground platforms.

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For me, I prefer nothing obstructing the view of the fronts of the bus or subway that I'm taking pics of. I don't mind people or cars on the sides. But usually I prefer nothing/no one around the bus so that nothing will spoil the shot.

I hate it when someone or thing just pops out of nowhere at the last moment spoiling an otherwise great shot. That's my main gripe. Otherwise I have no problems with anything else besides the main object in my shots.

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