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Photo Time - A - Div Stuff


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Heres my A-Div photos from today


The R33 Interior



R33 Signboxes, old vs new





While I was taking the photos, there was a guy there with his son, he was explaining to him about the old trains and how he grew up riding them, he was there when I was in the R15 taking photos too. Imagine that there will be a generation growing up that hasn't ridden anything older than an R62...


This next photo I like, Its thru the R15 window into the R33



R12 Interior, the R15 had half its lights out so it was difficult to get a good photo




Ext. View of the R15, that thing mustve looked really cool in the 50s...



Interior of either OR or IR, i forget which one



A photo on the (4) of an R142 that actually looks decent, normally I can never get good shots of these. There was a cop at this station at the one end, he didnt bother me, I walked up near him since he was near the end where the train comes in and actually asked if I could take photos of the train, he said "sure" so definitely it depends on the cop. I actually wound up not taking anything since it didnt go in far enough for me to get a good shot of the back while it was stopped.




Thats all for this year! Next time I go to Manhattan will probably be next year.

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Great shots of the IRT! And I'm glad you didn't run into any confrontations with the cop. :P


im not sure what everyone else is doing, i happen to get my photos casually as im riding around the system, only once did I stake out a spot in a station, that was to catch the R42s on the (V) at 47-50 Sts. If I see a cop, I politely ask first.

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