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More of my collection


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More subway cars I added to my collection


R-21 and R-12 I purchased on Ebay

(r-21 2 car set and R-12 4 car set)







I didnt have time to take the rest of my collection out, plus Brighton Local puts everyone to shame :P

My collection; R-12 R-21 R-62 R-17 work train Metro North M-7 & LIRR M-7

Thank you.

p.s Knight Rider, dont hate the playa - hate the game :cool:

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(W)ell it's time to play the game




I am the (G)ame and you better neverrr (E)vvvvverrr forget it pal :)

(N)ice set (D)an wanna trade up one day let me know;)(K)<R>


LOL your the best. I like your set. Next up for me is either a 38 or a 40

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