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Photos from today Jan 13 '08


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Before i show you the pics, if any of you are planning to take the 7 train to 61st Woodside, take the shuttle bus to 74th, then transfer back to the subway DON'T DO IT! I ended up paying an extra fare today coming from the shuttle bus to 74th, they were not giving out the papers like they did on the A so i had to pay a extra fare. I don't know what was the deal with the LIRR was though since i did not go into the LIRR. Also if you take a look in the brochure they have about the buses/trains, there is absolutely NO MENTION AT ALL of transferring to the E/F/G/R trains. so just a little warning for those who plan on going on the 7 line.


anyway, here are the photos. i didn't take alot today, and i didn't even dare to take out my camera at the shuttle bus since it was literally a mob on the street.










videos and a recording of a hilarious door chime coming soon!

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