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02-08-10 New Haven Line - New Haven Milford and Bridgeport

Fred G

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Hiya, I had assignments on this side of the state so we all get some pics out of the deal. Enjoy!



Layed up test train



Waterbury train in Milford at Plains Rd defunct crossing. The gates still close, even though no cars cross anymore.



Bridgeport, as the rest of the pics are.



SLE train deadheading into BRP to become MN Waterbury train.



BL20GH 115 bringing back the Waterbury train. He'll be replaced by the SLE set for the mid afternoon run.



Waterbury train heading out of Bridgeport



P40 838


Thanks for looking.


your pal,


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Saw em and im in love with the GENESIS! :P


Sweet man!


Thanks, I know you're a Genny man :)


Slammin pics Fred!




He shots,(H)e scores ;) Whatta play by play (F)red (H)oly Cow:p

Great MNRR pics:tup:


Haha, thanks Phil Rizzuto! :D


Great as always Fred! BTW nice catch of the M8s:tup::tup:


Thanks, Gregory!


Love the first photo,Great Stuff (F)red (G).


Thanks (E)


Nice Fred! :tup:


Thanks Dan!

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