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Hello everyone


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I am the former FutureMotorman from BusTalk, Subchat, and Transitstuff. I hope to spread some knowledge of the NYC DOB, and eventually subway. Some of you know me, for those who don't, I am a MaBSTOA bus operator.

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Welcome! I actually plan on being a SEPTA (or NJT) bus driver in about 2-3 years.




Remember, if you plan on driving as a career, pick which one has the most stability, offers best benefits, and has a decent amount of overtime. NJT usually starts one off part-time, and you have to collect fares, know zones, and make change, etc....I was told that is what I would have to do at Rockland Coaches (aka Red and Tan Lines), which does NJT, and Rockland County transit work.


Septa starts off full time.

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