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Today's Transit (Mis)adventure

Forest Glen

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Today I headed to the city to buy some sneakers. I went to the Modell's on 42nd Street near Grand Central but they didn't have my size (12 was too small. 13 was too big. There was no 12 and a half. Go figure). Rather than waste a trip to the city I decided to take some pictures. I took pictures of Rockefeller Center and the Macy's Flower Show (all of the pictures will be posted on a future date). I proceeded to board a QM1A. I made a video of it going over the Queensboro Bridge.


I took the QM1A to Main Street. I then took the Q46 back to Queens Blvd. Since I had an Unlimited Card and not enough time passed since I boarded the Q46, I walked to 71st/Continental. I entered the station and saw a R160 (R) train. I took some pictures and got on. I saw this husky guy with a NYC subway t-shirt. It was Sea Beach Vinny. He was with some other railfans. We chatted for a few minutes. I got off at Grand Avenue since I still had to do some shopping. Although I got off the train, the fun was only beginning.


I stopped by Target and bought some supplies. I then walked to Queens Center Mall. I walked down one of the side streets adjacent to the mall (forgot the name). I saw a former Bee Line Orion V on the Q29. It was stuck in a mini traffic jam. When the bus arrived at a stop I took a few pictures. The bus started moving but then it stopped and the doors opened. The B/O shouted, "Are you going to get on or are you going to take pictures?". My heart started racing. I wanted to flip him the bird but after everything I've been through this year, the last thing I needed was to be arrested over some stupidity. I got the hell out of there.


I hastily walked until I was on the other side of the mall. I then took a deep breath and bought a can of Coca-cola. I've taken hundreds of subway, bus, and commuter rail photos since 2007. 95% of transit employees are either cool like Trevor Logan or simply do not care if you take pics. However, there's the 5% who treat you like a terrorist or criminal for taking a freaking picture of a train or bus. I'll reiterate that I was not interfering with the operation of the bus. The B/O was simply an @sshole with a chip on his shoulder. Forest Glen fans do not worry: I will continue to take train and bus pics. This was simply a rite of passage all transit photographers have to deal with.

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forget about "1/2" sizes when you reach double digits in shoe size....


hell, just finding size 14's, period (in somethin I actually want, not those dusty a** clown shoes that's been sittin on the shelf for god knows how long) is a hassle.... I shouldn't have to go online to order sneakers when there are a plethora of sneaker spots in the boroughs....



Far as the b/o goes... I could see someone that's a novice (well let me say, just starting out taking photos of buses, etc... don't wanna make this about skill levels) reacting like that.... but as long as you've been takin pics, I wouldn't think some'n like that would phase you - to the tune where you had to get a drink to get your pressure back to normal....


The bus started moving but then it stopped and the doors opened. The B/O shouted, "Are you going to get on or are you going to take pictures?".

Exactly what that sounds like... someone with a chip on their shoulder... lookin to take out his frustrations on other people (growing up, that's one thing I'm glad I learned to get out of... quick.)


if he pulled out the stop... then hit the brakes, and opened the doors to tell you that....

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When the driver shouted, was it in a sarcastic tone or a 'wtf' kind of tone? One time a b/o asked me in a joking manner if he should get ready to pose for the shot and was cool about it. Another time a b/o on a B11 yelled at a group of us [not at me] for taking a pic of his bus.


And it's a good thing you didn't flip him off. That's not a solution and would just make things worse. Just take it and leave, don't make the situation worse. It's not the end of hte world you get yelled at. I got yelled at by cops in 2 occassions, but kept my cool and nothing more came from it.

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Yeah...I remember taking a picture of an MTA Bus RTS in Far Rockaway. The bus driver was like "why you takin' pictures of my bus?" I was like "I'm a train/bus buff" and he said " ok whatever". I was basically rail/busfanning in SLUM territory (no offense to Far Rockaway residents) so jumping at me was, IMO, baseless, should I say.


Just don't be hostile to them, that's the last thing you need...more pressure and needless tension.

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