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Greenville new nabi's


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Hoboken wants suburban buses, not transits from what I hear from the hoboken-ers. they're tired of being on buses with no luggage racks and etc.

You know what, those people in Hoboken need to STFU. Why do they need buses with lugguge racks and whatnot? Thats not needed on a high-capacity line such as the 126. That line needs local buses. Sorry but just because the line goes into New York doesn't justifiy use of suburban buses on that route (and same goes for many other lines). But as for the 126, it needs transit buses to keep the line moving because what makes buses late outbound is people trying to get off the bus, and it's more cramped on a suburban bus, people barely squeezing by to get off. On a good day with flowing traffic, the 126 is 25 minutes from end to end. Most passengers on the 126 are not on the bus for more than at least 20 minutes. And if theres traffic, well suck it up. The lighting isn't that bad on a transit bus that you would need a suburban bus with lugguge racks and reading lights to read some pages of a book or a few articles in the newspaper.


Those people in Hoboken who ride the 126 don't hear their neighbors who ride the PATH train about putting in lugguge racks, suburban seating, and reading lights.


They're like those spoiled brats who ride the express buses in NYC, especially the ones who ride the College Point routes, when a suburban Orion V CNG pulls up and they prune up their face and catch an attitude with the driver why he or she is not driving an MCI (and I've seen this for myself, KnightRider knows what I'm talking about).




Rant end.

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